Sightmark pistol boresight with crimson laser

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  • make sure this fits via coming into your version variety.
  • <1mw 632-650nm class ii crimson laser
  • fastest gun zeroing and sighting device
  • lessen wasted cartridges and shells
  • precision accuracy
  • easy to p. C. And journey
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sightmark pistol boresights

sightmark pistol laser bore attractions offer the most handy and accurate approach for sighting in pistols unique to the bore sight’s caliber. Really chamber the bore sight like a ordinary bullet and a laser dot will display exactly where the pistol is aiming; it’s easy to sight in your firearm or scope with out firing a single shot. Live fire is simplest needed to best track the firearm being sighted to atone for inconsistencies, which includes bullet drop due to distance. Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters and le professionals, the sightmark pistol laser bore sight is sure to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any pistol. The boresights are clean to apply and could fast store each money and time by way of fending off prolonged stay fireplace tests at the variety; use the greater ammo for honing those shooting skills and for the quest.

sighting-in a brand new scope or double-checking 0 on our favorite rifles, handguns, and crossbows? Sightmark boresights are the primary, exceptional call in boresighting tools. From ordinary barrel-mounted to caliber-specific in-chamber products, our boresights are designed to get you on track quick without losing ammo.

  • pre-calibrated for precision accuracy
  • quality adjustment for actual middle
  • durable brass production
  • largest choice of calibers
  • reduces wasted ammo
  • compact and light-weight
  • clean to % and tour
  • carrying case and batteries protected
  • a light-weight carrying pouch protects the laser for convenient use inside the discipline and makes it easy to p. C. And journey.

    sighmark boresights use a visible pink laser with a laser wavelength of 632 – 650nm and <1mw electricity.

    the pleasant adjustment screws along the perimeters of the boresights permit the laser to maintain a true center.


    .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 9mm Luger

    6 reviews for Sightmark pistol boresight with crimson laser

    1. Gaberham

      I love the idea but there does not seem t be any QA for this product. I received two sets and neither laser was aligned corrrectly. Unless the laser is aligned perfectly within its housing, the laser will not point straight. In my photos you can see how you must check your laser before a) using it to zero your weapon and b) before giving a review or getting rid of the packaging. 1) Remove the barrel from the weapon and clamp it to a flat surface (I used a metal table leg.) 2) Mark part of the back of the laser and consider that part “up” for now. 3) Insert the boresight into the barrel wth the mark in the up position 4) 5+ yards away mark with tape and a dot of ink where the laser hits a wall (this will be the reference point) 5) return to the laser and carefully rotate the boresight (or remove and reinsert) so that the mark you made in step 2 is in the opposite position (down if it was up). 6) walk back to the wall with the tape and see f the laser dot matches up woth the existing mark. 7) Repeat steps 3-6 as many times as you want to validate the result. As long as the dot is in the same position when the mark on the back of the boresight is in a specific position you will know that the barrel has not moved during the process of you removing or spinning the boresight. The point to all of this is that for the boresight (any boresight) to work properly the red dot on the wall should always be in the same exact position no matter how the boresight is rotated in the chamber/barrel. If the red dot does move (in my case it moved about an inch for both boresights) it means any “zero” you were to get by using this thing will be off.. and not even close. If you don’t check your boresight like this and you are still getting OK groups after zeroing your sights there is a good chance that you are not shooting consistently or that you are cheating yourself out of even tighter groups. This test only takes a few minutes and is a great way to ensure your boresight actually works properly. Unfortunately for me, after two separate shipments, each product failed the test. 🙁 Also, if there was some way to adjust the alignment of the laser and it’s housing I am confident that using my testing method we would be able to align the laser and have a great boresight. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the tiny screws actually did anything but maybe hold the laser inside of the housing Read more

    2. JeHa

      I purchased this to zero in a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm. It pointed incredibly high and to the right leaving me to believe that my sights were way off. Upon further inspection of the product, the laser aperture itself was visibly off. A friend purchased the .40 version and had the same issue. The batteries that were supplied, though in working condition, were also corroded. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t trust this product for my needs and wouldn’t purchase it again or recommend it to anyone. Read more

    3. Michael Morgan

      Bought a Sight Mark in .223 several years ago and it was properly aligned so I was willing to pay the premium price again to get a quality boresighter in 9mm. Upon receipt I tested the alignment of the laser by carefully rolling the boresighter in a fixed barrel while observing the laser dot about 8 feet away. I was disappointed to find that the dot traced out a circle with diameter of about two inches. At 15 yards the circle would be about 10 inches in diameter. Upon inspection of the laser it became apparent that it is visibly askew but was packaged for sale anyway. This is poor to zero quality control at the factory and the current reviews show this with 10% giving one star (meaning zero stars). Many, many reviews cite the same issue of a misaligned laser. There are many of these devices for sale at much lower prices than is charged for this brand and they are probably just as good, or better. Read more

    4. KMANICK

      I bought this to zero in a couple of red dot sights I have , one on an M&P 9L and one on a G34. I have them zerod pretty good already , wanted to see what the laser says. In both guns the laser is about about 2 inches high where the red dots currently showed, which caused both guns to shoot low almost off paper at 50 feet. It’s nice and bright , but way off. had to use a bore cleaning rod to get it out of both guns as well. Very disappointed with this thing. Read more

    5. ss

      Good, bright boresight. I tested its’ “center” by taping a barrel to a chair leg and inserted the boresight. Pointed it at wall about 20″ away and put a target dot where the laser hit. I put a piece of tape on the back of the boresight and turned it a 1/4 turn. Checked where the laser hit and turned it another 1/4 turn. And again and again until it was rotated 360. The laser didn’t drift for any of those. Next test was to insert it into a gun that is sighted in. Note: you need to remove the ejector or it will push the boresight and throw off the laser projection. With the ejector removed and the boresight pushed into the chamber, the boresight and gun sights lined up well. Not sure if these things are hit or miss, but the one I got is spot on and will serve me well. Read more

    6. lt118436572

      As everyone else has already stated, this this is way off! The reason? The extractor on your firearm puts pressure on the back of the laser housing, causing the laser to point to the right. It’s honestly a design flaw. Read more

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