Sightmark ultra shot m-spec reflex sight

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model wide variety.
  • rugged 6061-t6 aluminum frame and defensive defend plus a patented integrated sunshade
  • advanced anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant lens gadget
  • parallax corrected optical device and night time imaginative and prescient brightness modes
  • interlock inner locking adjustment device
  • 12-hr. Automobile shut-off
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sightmark extremely shot m-spec fms reflex sight crimson dot attractions

  • advanced double lens layout
  • patent-pending incorporated sunshade
  • advanced anti-mirrored image covered, scratch resistant lens machine
  • parallax corrected optical system
  • digital switch, 10 daytime, 6 nv
  • slotted w/e changes
  • cr123 battery powered with low battery indication
  • movement activation with 12 hour shutoff
  • – neoprene cover.

    – adjustment tool.

    – battery.

    – manual.

    promises repeatable accuracy, extremely-rapid target acquisition and rugged mil-spec reliability. The top class extensive-angle lens with scratch resistant, anti-reflective purple coating, integrated sunshade, illuminated sixty five moa circle-dot reticle, night vision brightness modes, parallax correction (beyond 10 yards) and unlimited eye relief supply a crisp, strong field of view and uncompromising reliability.

    the m-spec fms reflex sight is shockproof, dustproof, ip68 water-resistant, balk-rated as much as . 50 bmg and constructed of a rugged, lightweight magnesium alloy frame and aluminum protective shield. 1 moa windage and elevation adjustments with up to 120 moa of tour get you heading in the right direction fast while the interlock internal locking adjustment machine and a unmarried cr123a battery with a two hundred-2,000-hour lifestyles maintains you there. Capabilities locking fixed picatinny mount, low-battery indicator, movement sensing vehicle on/off activation, virtual transfer controls, and 12-hour automobile close-off.

    reduces reflections and glare in bright out of doors conditions and improves ability to look reticle.

    prevents rain and debris from falling into optical route, possibly distorting the reticle.

    incorporated design eliminates time doing away with and storing external sunshade. (us patent 10,139,197)

    sixty five moa circle dot crosshair

    (60 moa circle w/ five moa subtension, 2 moa principal dot)

    energy is extra than 6061 aluminum alloy and weighs much less than aluminum alloys.


    – multiplied sturdiness.

    – reduced weight.

    the interlok adjustment machine is a inner retention gadget that ensure windage and elevation changes stay zeroed in the course of recoil. Competitor reflex points of interest commonly require the adjustment machine be unlocked the use of a screw or set of lock screws. These designs can be damaged or wreck if the purchaser forgets to loosen the locking screw. The interlok adjustment gadget removes the want of a locking screw so shooters could make changes on the fly.

    – 2 hour low battery indication – each press of a button the reticle will blink four times.

    – 10 minute low battery indication – the reticle will continuously blink until a brand new battery is established.

    powered by using a single cr123a battery, the m-spec reflex sight has the potential to run up to two,000 hours.





    4 reviews for Sightmark ultra shot m-spec reflex sight

    1. Amazonk4te

      This review is for the M-spec FMS model. So far this site has exceeded my expectations at this price point. After comparing quite a few different sights, I pretty much came down to selecting either this, or an EOTech sight (which is about 3x the price). I have little doubt the EOTech is better, but not 3x better (your mileage may vary by your perceived needs & budget). First off, I discarded most tube style red-dot sights because they are not truly paralax-free, even though they are typically at 1x magnification. This means they aren’t ideal for use with both eyes open. Both eyes open gives you a dramatically improved FOV, as the sight’s body is “ghosted” over the target area because your other eye does not have this obstruction. Closing one eye while shooting with anything other than a magnifying scope is generally a bad habit. I also wanted to avoid the issue of shifting zero when the reticle is not centered (a common problem). Lastly, I didn’t want a sight with relief restrictions. So I only considered “HUD style” sights. It pairs perfectly with a Vortex 3x side-flip magnifier (with the vortex’s small included spacer). I’d recommend the vortex much more highly than the magnifier amazon tries to pair this sight. If you want this sight + a magnifier + some 45 degree flip-up backup sights, you’ll need more rail space than an upper has by itself. The sightmark has no eye relief though, so it works well on the back end of a hardguard rail. Without backup sights, this + a magnifier will all fit on an upper rail. The Good: – This is the updated and improved version of the M-spec FMS. There is an older version which has a rounded outer housing, while this one has a more beveled shape, and numerous upgrades. – external housing stands off from the inner glass, providing excellent drop protection. – so far, .556 recoil has caused zero issues – same reticle as EOTech, small precise dot for longer range use, with high visibility outer ring for quick acquisition, and small bars at the top/bottom/sides for visual cues of your gun’s vertical alignment. – excellent weight for a fairly rugged build (9.6oz) – the integrated sun/rain shade fits into the gap between the sight and it’s protective external housing. There is enough play in the space to maintain the drop protection. It’s a clever place to stow this added feature. Some have said it looks fragile, but I disagree. Although I wouldn’t deliberately drop it onto the shade while extended, it’s made of a slightly flexible plastic of respectable thickness. It’s much like a rigid TPU, like a hardshell phone case. It can be a bit finicky adjusting, but it doesn’t rattle or shift on it’s own. I use it, if just to keep my thumbs off the lens. – cr 123 battery is very common and puts a lot of power into a compact package. Lithium-only battery prevents use of lead acid or rechargeable batteries which lose charge on the shelf much more rapidly, and are much more temperature sensitive. (replace ‘included’ batteries on any electronics, they are typically bulk-purchased paste-date overstock) – good assortment of brightness settings suited to any lighting (I’m unable to test NV settings) – weather resistant (not ideal for navy seals, but will certainly stand up unplanned showers, spills, etc) – tethered, thumbscrew battery cover – quick press to turn on ‘quickly'(ish), long press to turn off avoids accidental shut off – saves last brightness setting – FOV is excellent (for those who shoot like a pirate) – FMS version is a bit cleaner & has less to snag than QD version. It’s also cheaper, and 1oz lighter. Allen wrench attachment is simple & easy. Assuming you do not have a need for QD. – padded neoprene zippered case has a bottom zipper, and it stays in place very well as a slip-on sight cover while storing/transporting. – Texas designed & sold The Bad: – there is a blue-green hue in the glass. This seems to be caused by the anti-reflective coating on the front (tradeoff) – buttons are a little hard to press (could be considered a good thing) – the zeroing adjustments could stand to have a more positive click detent. With hearing protection, it’s not easy to count exactly how many clicks you’ve made. In a mechanical scope this would be a huge issue, since weak detents are moving heavy glass & would result in an unstable zero under recoil, but I don’t think this is an issue in this type of device. But it is annoying. – there is in fact slight paralax distortion at the edges, but it’s not nearly enough to interfere with smooth 2 eye use. – brightness of the reticle varies as you move the edges of it closer to the sides of the FOV (its brighter at the edges), though I did not find this bothersome. – light does bleed from the front. In some highly scientific kitchen hallway testing, it’s quite difficult to see when the brightness is adjusted appropriately for the lighting, and is only visible when facing into the sight from precisely in front of it. It could be more noticeable in a light amplification type NV though. It is far less light bleed than a typical red-dot tube. – I think slightly fewer brightness setting levels would allow for quicker adjustment. – It’s big. Lightweight, good FOV, but it’s not compact. Granted, EOTech is a bit bigger. – would love to know what the recommended torq for the allen wrench screws is, but there’s no mention. – though Texas designed/sold, it’s made of chineseum. It’s arguably much closer to gopro chineseum than to plastic scissors that break on the first cut …but it is chineseum. The Ugly: – Nothing yet. I’ll let you know if it breaks Verdict: A little substandard for Afghanistan, but good for short to mid range hunting & law enforcement use. So far it performs above it’s pay grade. Read more

    2. Stephen Farkas

      I couldn’t justify paying for an over-priced Eotech but wanted a holographic optic of good quality. Took a shot with the Sightmark Ultrashot and I absolutely love it. The reticle is sharp and the lens is crystal clear. I bought it for my Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf and straight from the box, the Sightmark didn’t even need to be sighted in from 25 yards. After 150 rounds it has not lost it’s zero and I have been nailing steel 6in targets of up to 150 yards. I love this optic and would reccomend it to anyone that doesn’t want to fork up hundreds more for an Eotech. My only small complaint is that the sunshade is pretty flimsy, but I don’t use it. This thing is awesome! Read more

    3. Ivan Infante

      I ordered two of these a few weeks ago and was surprised by the useful features it had to offer. However, quality control is a big issue. I’ll remind you that I purchased two of them so I was able to compare one with the other and I had to return one because of the following issues. – The locking quick detach straight out of the box didn’t work as advertised. It wouldn’t even lock. I called the manufacturer and after some troubleshooting (tighten this, loosen this), they agreed something was wrong so they asked I return it through Amazon. – The power button took some force to turn on. There was no clickable feedback like the other one I received and I figured in an emergency… I’d be sitting there trying to push hard enough to try and turn it on. It defeats the purpose. Now, I ordered a replacement and received it 3 days ago. The replacement had the LQD working perfectly and the power button functions as it should. I thought finally I have two that work but it stopped there. I turned on the replacement and now I have a halo ring when I turn on the sight. I didn’t have a problem with the other two but this one is very noticeable on the brightest setting. In low light situations, it’s noticeable but not as much. This is going on one of my home defense shotguns so I can live with it. It’s just a hit or miss with these but I can’t complain too much for the price. I have Trijicon’s & EOTech’s for my high end stuff and I can admit I’ve had an issue or two with those as well. On the other hand, their customer service was helpful and walked me through step by step as we were troubleshooting the LQD. I’ve shot using both sights and they held zero round after round. So in the end and for the price… it was a minor nuisance but worth sharing. Read more

    4. JerrBear Tactical

      This is an amazing optic I have it mounted on my 300 AAC Blackout pistol and it works amazingly. Absolutely no issues or problems with recoil. This was very easy to sight in and has held zero with no issues after 500 rounds. I would definitely buy this optic again ! Read more

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