Spalding again atcha ball go back schooling aid

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  • make certain this suits by means of entering your version variety.
  • returns at 90° arc
  • well matched with fashionable, seasoned slam, area slam and slam jam rims
  • designed for out of doors residential play
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best your capturing skills with the spalding lower back atcha ball go back education resource. Designed with solo exercise days in thoughts, this schooling resource attaches for your rim and serves the ball proper again to you after your shot is going down.


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8 reviews for Spalding again atcha ball go back schooling aid

  1. B. Williamson

    This works as expected. The only caution I would say is make sure it will fit your goal. We have a Goaliath and it did not fit. The area that it attaches to the back board is different and there is no way to “hang” it. That being said it did attach to another, older goal and it works great. I hope this review was helpful, if so, please click yes! Read more

  2. EJ

    After install, the ball got stuck on the bottom of the net and the device… I have an easy hack… I took six zip ties and attacked them from the bottom of the net to close to the top of the net near the rim. I left the zip ties loose, but they moved the net high enough so that the ball, net, and the plastic ball rebounder didn’t jam the ball so that it got stuck. I was about to return this device, cut the net, remove it, or buy a metal net…there’s no need to. Grab a few zip ties and you’re good to go! When we want to remove the rebounder, we can cut the zip ties and reinstall when we want to. Please see the pictures for details. I hope this review was helpful. Read more

  3. stacey

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Doesn’t return the ball 9 out of 10 times. Do not suggest buying Read more

  4. Jeff

    My driveway is flat but surrounding my driveway is a sloped backyard. Every time I make a basket (or miss) I’m running after the ball. After purchasing this Back Atcha product, I can now say, every other time I make a basket I am running after the ball. The product works best if you shoot in front of the basket. Shots from the wing or that hit the backboard awkwardly or with high velocity still end up behind the hoop. Unfortunately, there is not much better on the market to remedy this problem, so in the mean time, I will continue to use it. Read more

  5. H. Stewart

    This fits on a Lifetime 1269 Pro Court goal. It’s only been up for 4 shots but it does work. Seems to gently drop the ball down and give it a moderate forward motion. I’m only 10 feet from the goal so it’s fine. For $13 it’s great, Were not trying out for teams or anything. Might not accurately pitch it to the free throw line but it’s better than nothing. Nothing means the ball could go anywhere or nowhere. Extremely annoying. The plastic seems to be consistently flexible and I’m guessing that it will last a while. If there were stiff parts I’d guess the plastic was inconsistent but I think this is a good one. That said I would probably remove it in colder temperatures. It may be brittle when ice is outside, perhaps I’ll test that theory and come back with an update. Read more

  6. M. Reverman

    Product was only ok at actually returning the ball but after only 8 weeks of only sporadic usage the thing broke. Guess I’ll see if I can get my money back Read more

  7. Jaret V. Aparo

    I have a 48inch wide lifetime basketball hoop. While shooting perpendicular to the backboard (free throws), A low % (5-15%) of my makes would fall and hit the front left/right corner of the base holding up the hoop which forces the ball to careen sharply left/right between 20-50 feet. I first set up chairs to block any wild careens with limited success. The time it took to chase down my wild makes ate up a lot of my practice time. I bought this ball return system hoping it would solve my specific issue. I am happy to report it works 100% of the time with my problem. I had to adjust the attachment to to fit on the coil spring due to the ball getting stuck on the device. Took under 1 minute to initially set up and 1 minute to adjust. My basketball hoop easily adjusts with one hand from 8ft to 10ft allowing me to easily install, remove or adjust the attachment in seconds. I read reviews that were both good and bad on this product. The attachment is perfect for my issue of wild careens on made baskets. However this product is not a device that perfectly returns the ball regardless of the distance you shoot from. Don’t expect 3 pt attempts to return to you. 15 ft free throws will not return to you reliably either. This device is below $25 and prevents any wild made baskets to careen wildly. If you want a device to return balls perfect to you then you must spend $300 or more NOT < 25$! Last thing, people in reviews talked about the product breaking. Not sure if my model is newer (improved?) but it seems like it won't break at all. The quality is a thick plastic that seems highly durable. Some people spoke about adding a price of wood and duct tape to ensure a better return and prevent the ball sticking to net/device. Since my device was able to lock on to rim AND fit on top of the coil spring I don't have that issue. But if your hoop doesn't have the coil spring then using a piece of wood and duct tape should prevent any issue with ball getting stuck after a made basket. Read more

  8. Julia Colon

    Sadly this didn’t fit our basketball net as we have a very large base attached to the backboard so my husband had to make some adjustments to make it work with our hoop. It is now slightly crooked but it does the job. I guess we needed to read more about how it attached to the net as this didn’t work with our current one the way it was intended. I would suggest checking where it will attach to your hoop before buying it. Read more

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