Sport reaper winchester 70 – lengthy movement – medium mount

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your model number.
  • the sport reaper one-piece scope mount from dnz merchandise is light-weight and rugged, with intense accuracy. It is also the handiest, easiest scope mount to put in within the firearms enterprise.
  • no lapping required
  • machined from a stable block of 6061t6 aluminum
  • completely american made and packaged
  • up to 4-instances more thread length-a complete half inch
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one piece precision mounting device



8 reviews for Sport reaper winchester 70 – lengthy movement – medium mount

  1. wildcatgoal

    I was secretly hoping this would fit a Montana 1999 action because those call for Winchester 70 scope bases, but apparently only 2-piece. Ohwell. Otherwise, I almost always use DNZ mounts and if you have a Win 70, go for it. Read more

  2. Maria

    While this one piece mount is undeniably strong and well made, it has a glaring flaw. There are no flat, level surfaces anywhere on the unit for use with a scope leveler. Most bolt action rifles have round receivers and do not provide a flat, level surface either. The connecting bar is far too narrow (much narrower than the photo) and unlikely to be machined level to begin with. A flat, level surface could easily be provided on the unit without adding any real size or weight, but it’s not. I’m struggling to level a scope on this mount with no true flat surfaces on the gun or the scope mount and that’s just silly. Read more

  3. Dakota

    I have completely switched over to DNZ game reaper mounts on all my rifles. I have never lost a zero. I frequently take 2+ hour car rides with a fully loaded trunk and my rifle stuck in a soft case back there (going back and forth to college). Frequently lost zeros on my rifles with the standard weaver mounts (2 piece deals, usually the $30 set). Once I switched to these, never lost it again. This feels like it is made of A+ quality material, with A+ design, A+ grade 8 screws, and super light weight! Use it on a Winchester 70 chambered in .270 with a Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10×44 scope with excellent minimal clearance. Read more

  4. DRob84

    I have DNZ mounts on three of my rifles and they are the best I’ve dealt with. The mounts are very well made and simple. I decided a few years ago that anytime I needed a tapped receiver scope mount DNZ would be the mount. The Game Reaper is a DNZ Mount. Read more

  5. Adam C.

    Awesome scope mount! Scope holds zero out to 400 yards. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very good Read more

  7. david s.

    Best solid on the market. Read more

  8. Jill Hardekopf

    Wrong size rings , Need 1 inch!! Read more

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