Sporzon! Olympic barbell widespread weightlifting barbell

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  • ensure this fits by way of coming into your model range.
  • 1-inch or 2-inch diameter bars at the duration and shade of your preference: five-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot
  • bars are chrome plated with stable metal creation for repeated use and durable
  • multiple knurling positions and lengths for your comfort and safety. All bars are rated 700-pound potential
  • 0. Ninety seven” or 1. 97″ bar give up diameter to ensure bars suit all widespread plates with holes 1″ or 2″; may be used with dumbbell plates too
  • bars only. Plates and collars are not included
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barbell physical games are a form of resistance education. Resistance schooling is the use of your muscle tissues to transport resistance, commonly weights. Examples of barbell resistance education are squats, bench press, barbell row, shoulder press, deadlifts and curls to name some. Barbells assist you to pass more weight than you can with a dumbbell due to the fact you have arms on a fixed object. This makes it safer to examine new sports.

sporzon! Strong olympic bars


chrome, five-foot: 5 toes lengthy (60-inch), 1″ or 2″ bar cease diameter; chrome, 6-foot: 6 feet long (seventy two-inch), 1″ or 2″ bar stop diameter; chrome, 7-foot: 7 toes long (84-inch), 1″ or 2″ bar end diamete;

weight potential: 700-pound.

bars most effective.

  • multiple alternatives
  • 1″ or 2″ bar give up diameter
  • five, 6, 7 feet long
  • strong bars
  • chrome plated
  • select from 5 feet, 6 toes, 7 ft long, 1-inch or 2-inch diameter stable bars.

    bar and ends are not separated. One entire layout makes the bar long lasting.

    designed with multiple knurling positions for safety, higher managing and convenience.


    1-inch, 5FT, 1-inch, 6FT, 1-inch, 7FT, 2-inch, 5FT, 2-inch, 6FT, 2-inch, 7FT

    8 reviews for Sporzon! Olympic barbell widespread weightlifting barbell

    1. Jspur6

      I attempted to cancel this order on 3 separate occasions with no luck, the order took over two months to arrive and I had already replaced it by the time it got here. They won’t let you cancel this item, even after the delivery date changed several times. The customer support was plainly awful. The clips on the bar also don’t hold very tight. That all being said, the one saving grace of this product is that the bar is indeed quite sturdy, most one inch bars are rated for 250lbs, I deadlifted 430 off the floor with this bar with minimal bending, however the inability to have the clips stay tight makes me not want to use it for squats. Read more

    2. Chey

      I was disappointed because for some odd reason I just assumed it would be 45lbs. After research it’s about 25lbs. It’s a beautiful bar but isn’t what I wanted. I would personally still buy this in addition to what I actually wanted so if you’re looking for a light bar this is a good buy. Read more

    3. Kimberly M. Garca

      This bar is the best product out there, not just for the quality but for the value as well. We needed a 6’ bar to go with our new bench in our home gym. This is perfect! Our 6’ weight bar weighs 25#’s. The dimensions in between the sleeve collars is approximately 49”. This bar is rated for up to 700#’s!! Not only was it the least expensive option out there, it is the best quality I could find!! Shop no more, you’ve found your next weight bar!! Read more

    4. Angelo S.

      Yup Read more

    5. A M Saharia

      This bar holds 400 lb easily. I bought this Sporzon 1 inch 6 ft bar for home gym, and wanted to test it before workout, because most other commercial 1 inch bar has maximum limit of 250 lb. Though this bar claims to have 700 lb limit, I tested it only up to 400 lb weight. I loaded the bar with 400 lb for 5 minutes (pic attached). Though I was scared initially but for my surprise this bar easily held 400 lb. That’s a great feature for any 1-inch bar. Though I will recommend everyone to test it yourself before loading with such huge weight. This review is to only share my experience with this bar. Thanks. Read more

    6. Timazon

      I’m new to barbells, so I didn’t want to spend a lot. Ordered the 5-foot (60-inch) as an Amazon Warehouse deal, only $59, and am very pleased with this bar. The sleeves rotate on brass bearings, and the bar, although 2 feet shorter than the official Olympic spec, is long enough for a beginner planning on light use. The bar grip is wide enough for me , although I’m sure it would not be adequate for someone looking for serious weight training. It’s also about one-third the price of a full-spec 7-foot Olympic bar. The 5-foot bar weighs 24-1/2 pounds. I have a few Olympic weight plates I use with an existing bench/exercise machine, I’ll use those plates on the bar, with a total weight of about 100 pounds. While this isn’t much, it’s a lot more than the twin 25-lb dumbbells I’ve been using. If and when I start bench pressing over 100 pounds I’ll consider buying more weight plates and upgrading this bar. If I get into weight training this bar will quickly prove inadequate, but for now it’s an inexpensive way to try out using a barbell. Many weight sets come with 300 pounds of weights, I have no expectation of ever wanting or needing that much weight. One note: Many reviewers are complaining about long delivery times, late, or non-deivery. One tip is to click on the seller to check the seller rating, if it’s below about ninety-five percent that’s an indication that the seller is unreliable and should be avoided. I’ve always had good luck with any Amazon Warehouse deal. Also, avoid any brand-new sellers with little or no buying history. Read more

    7. Lancer888

      (ATTENTION: Resolution/Assistance available on undelivered merchandise! Contact “Amazon Help & Customer Service” and arrange a session with a LIVE customer service representative. Solutions include product replacement or refund on order. PRODUCT SELECTIONS: Lengths = 5-ft, 6-ft OR 7-ft bar. Diameter Size: 2″ Olympic style OR 1″ Standard type. Weight: 7-ft Olympic = 45 lbs; 5-ft Olympic = 26 lbs.) The 5-ft, 1-inch diameter, standard size barbell appears strong and sturdy – tested with 350 lbs of weight plates. Rated capacity of 700 lbs provides some re-assurance on durability. Most standard bars have recommended load of 250 lbs. Have no intentions on upgrading to an Olympic bar and require replacement of my existing standard-size weight plates. Bar features longer distance between the inner collar-stops (shaft grip area) – measured at 41 inches. Typical 5-ft standard bars have 37″ between collar-stops /shaft grip area. This bar has adequate clearance for the upright support racks of a Medium-Width bench (38″ wide) to fit between. The wider grip area allows better form & less discomfort, especially for bench/shoulder presses. (An option is the 6-ft, 1″ diameter bar.) Ideal for a home gym set-up, particularly in confined space. Good construction: (1) Uniform, attractive chrome finish. (2) Solid, smooth bar ends, chamfered edges & WITHOUT center indentation holes at each end (neglectful workmanship). (3) Diamond-patterned, knurled grip areas provide good friction yet not abrasive. (4) Smaller size allows uninhibited motion/movement — minimizes interference with equipment / objects in proximity. Item is impressive and exceeded expectations >>> 5 Stars! The negative reviews/ratings concern primarily inventory, shipment & distribution issues; and not pertinent to the evaluation of the quality & performance of the product. I received my merchandise earlier than the scheduled delivery date in good condition. Read more

    8. Marina Benito

      Very well packaged and fast delivery. I really like this barbell. I was a little bit worried buying it online without trying it and seeing it first but I’m glad I took the risk. It weights 15.2lbs as you can see in the picture and it supports up to 200lbs in weights, which is enough for me. I recommend it, specially for beginners. Read more

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