Sporzon! Solid iron 1-inch or 2-inch grip plate weight plate for strength schooling, weightlifting and crossfit, single

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model variety.
  • made from strong cast iron with a 2-inch middle hole fits any olympic bar with diameter 2” or less; can be used with 2” dumbbell bars too
  • all plates features a long lasting, black baked teeth finish to save you the plates from rust and corrosion with none ugly scent
  • every plate has three huge openings with strips on them for smooth grip. Classified in each lb and kg for smooth recognition
  • weight plates may be used to perform muscle strengthening physical games and patience schooling, or to boom flexibility and balance
  • sold as unmarried (not a pair) – 2. 5 kilos, five kilos, 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 kilos, forty five kilos
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every plate has three big openings with strips on them for easy grip.

categorised in each lb and kg for clean recognition.

weight plates can be used to carry out muscle strengthening physical activities and endurance schooling, or to growth flexibility and balance.

sporzon! Solid iron weight plates

bought as single (no longer a pair) – 2. Five pounds, five kilos, 10 pounds, 25 kilos, 35 pounds, forty five pounds.

fabricated from stable forged iron with a 2-inch middle hollow suits any olympic bar with diameter 2” or less; can be used with 2” dumbbell bars too. All plates capabilities a durable, baked teeth finish to save you the plates from rust and corrosion with none unsightly scent.

  • 2″ inner ring diameter
  • total diameter: vary by way of sizes
  • cast iron plates
  • offered as unmarried
  • pick out preferred weight from 2. 5 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, forty five lss.

    every plate has 3 large openings with strips on them for smooth grip.

    the full diameter of the plate varies by size for easy recognition.

    all plates are categorized in both pound and kilogram for comfort.

    made from high high-quality solid iron with a long lasting, baked tooth finish.

    with 2-inch middle, plates fit any olympic bar with diameter 2” or less.


    2.5 Pounds, 5 Pounds, 10 Pounds, 25 Pounds, 35 Pounds, 45 Pounds


    1-Inch, 2-Inch

    8 reviews for Sporzon! Solid iron 1-inch or 2-inch grip plate weight plate for strength schooling, weightlifting and crossfit, single

    1. M

      I ordered 4 and 3 have came. Two have severe rust at the sleeve part which will scratch my bar. One has no rust but has pores in the cast iron. Update: 4th one finally came with no visual defects but weighs 43.6. 3rd weighs 43.6 2nd weighs 44.2 1st weighs 44.4 Read more

    2. Monica M. Macdonlad

      I only got one when I ordered 2 not happy at all Read more

    3. Meghan Stoddard

      I have been weightlifting for 10 years. When my gym had to shut down for Covid, I decided to build out my home gym. Of course change plates are a part of that process. It was hard to locate them any where, especially quality items for a reasonable price. I was hesitant to buy these, but had no other options. I am so glad I did! They are great! I use them with bumper plates for Olympic lifting, but because they are grip plates, they are also really helpful for accessory movements like weighted situps or shoulder movements Read more

    4. SM

      I have these 45s loaded beside standard olympic plates and as you can see from the pictures it’s an olympic size center but everything else about the size of the plate is terrible. For the price it’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t buy these again. Size might not matter to everyone but it matters if you’ve spent thousands on a kick ass home gym and then see these sad little mini 45s. Read more

    5. Rowped19

      These are some solid plates!!! I think it’s just my mind playing tricks on me but these feel so much heavier than the 45lb bumper plates I remember on the squat racks at the gym. I imagine it’s because I haven’t been to a gym since March. Just to be sure I wasn’t mistaken, I checked them. I bought 2, and both weighed in right at 45lbs. I am currently using them on an AXLE bar and they’re great. 2” hole for bars. Good grips to use for other workouts too. Just don’t drop them and mind your feet since they’re solid iron. One thing that was a bummer was that the paper from the box fused to the iron on both plates. Nothing a little goof off/solvent couldn’t remove but just annoying. Great find during a hard time to find decently priced and in stock gym equipment for the home during these covid times. Read more

    6. APrime Tower

      We weighed them. They were the exact weight. Read more

    7. Its AM

      I would have given it 5 if it wasn’t for the package being returned the first time. I waited over the labor day weekend only to find out one of the plates have been returned. I was really upset as it started to sound like my experience with Walmart where I had to wait over a month and they cancelled the order. So I wasted about 45 days with Walmart. But these guys were super fast and after reorder second time, I received in just 2 days. Now the product itself, it’s legit. I feel like I’m back at my gym pre-covid experience. I don’t smell anything y’all need to stop whining. If looking for serious weight plates these will do. Read more

    8. James

      These weights are amazing! They’re on the heavier side due to being cast iron plates so make sure u don’t drop them. But if u do a few exercises with these and go back to ur regular gym (if it ever opens again) u will definitely notice the difference which is better if u are into strength training. I bought 2 of them and they shipped and arrived on time. It also comes with a 2 year warranty so u can contact them if there are any issues with your purchase. Read more

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