Ssi bullet laser sight . 22 lr

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your version range.
  • precision machined brass casing for maximum accuracy
  • . 22 lr quality precise
  • manufacturing facility aligned
  • batteries included
  • max output: 5mw, elegance iiia laser

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product description

the bullet laser bore sighting device . 22 lr is a precision machined brass device designed to save you time and provide accuracy whilst sighting to your optic. In addition to quality precise manufacturing unit alignment. The quality unique casing is manufacturing unit aligned and houses a excessive output laser that is powered by way of 3 alkaline batteries. Batteries are covered.

8 reviews for Ssi bullet laser sight . 22 lr

  1. T. Dacheux

    I was able to insert the lazer easily into the barrel. Eased the bolt on my Ruger 1022 gently on the rear of the lazer an got a perfect alignment through the barrel. When removing I held the battery pack as I pulled the bolt back and the lazer fell out easily. Can’t understand why some of the reviews had so many problems. THIS IS A QUALITY PRODUCT, and was extremely easy to use. Must be handled with care as all instruments should be to keep them in good working order. I will be adding additional calibers to my shooting supplies. Read more

  2. Kota

    I am teaching my grand children to shoot. This arrived, and my 12 year old g’son had his .22 set up after watching me do the other 2 rifles. Pretty dang accurate, as I scoped my .22 magnum rifle (not made for it per directions) and was a scant 1/4 of an inch off at 80 yards. Doesn’t get easier than this. Thank you Sight-Rite. Read more

  3. Doug

    Imagine trying to zero your sights in on a bead that could be anywhere within a 4″ circle at just 5 yards… because it’s so loose in the chamber. Real nicely made piece of junk. Read more

  4. Savage

    The .22 round does not fit snug on any of my .22 rifles. The laser round rattles around inside the barrel, making it so that you cannot sight in your scopes. (-5 Stars) Read more

  5. Soldier

    This is a fantastically simple item to use. Put the batteries in, turn it on, adjust your specific sight to match the laser at you preferred distance, DONE! Less than five minutes. Very accurate and very durable. This method allows you to check your sights accuracy without firing a round. I will definitely be purchasing other calibers immediately. Great product. Oh, and the batteries are included. Read more

  6. D. Gerry

    I bought this for my first rifle with a scope, if only to attempt to get a good sense of where my boreline is landing downrange, and perhaps save 10-20 bullets. What I got, however, is an imprecisely “bullet-shaped” laser enclosure attached by a flimsy minimal-gauge wire to a somewhat less-flimsy battery+switch compartment. The tolerance is far too wide. My caliper indicatess .2215 for a federal 40g HV round, while this “bullet-laser” registers a .2195. Even a seemingly small play of .002″ at the breech multiplies it’s inaccuracy at every distance. There is so much play in the barrel (as this is a bull-barreled target rifle with finer tolerances than the standard 10/22) that my initial setup @25 yds exhibited play/wiggle of ~ 6″ at the target. This occurs while attempting to seat the ‘bullet’-laser in the breech-end of the barrel as well as it can fit. TL/DR: IT DOESN’T FIT because the tolerances are too wide. I suspect that this would translate to a dreadful MOA when attempting to zero with this @50-70 yd – possibly something in the order of a ~25+ (!) MOA. I don’t care to find out…. I should not have bothered. I’ll just have to shoot more groups at 10&25yd and and zero my scope to 50yd the traditional way. Read more

  7. A. Kenneth Hardee

    Just zero’d my Marlin 60 .22LR Rifle … took about as long as putting a bullet in manually (took longer to fully load/unload my rifle so I could put the bore sight in) … sighting in took a few clicks and presto … works like a charm! Couldn’t be more satisfied of this product vs the one that goes into the end of the barrel (and that isn’t accurate by any means … the tips must be tightened by turning the sighted and should you have ANY play, it will show at the end result). Plus, you can’t load your rifle with this sight because you KNOW you must take it out to load as it’s chambered BUT with the end of barrel sight, should you be distracted or forget and load your rifle … well I need say any more?! Read more

  8. Mark Martin

    Not impressed, but it functions. Seems like the laser does not perfectly shine down the center of the barrel. One would think that’s kinda important don’t you think? Read more

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