Steelbody deluxe 6 role software weight bench for weightlifting and strength education stb-10105, black-brown

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  • schooling gadget has 2-inch thick padding with strong faux canvas vinyl covering for consolation and has non-marking footpads and end caps to save you floor scraping whilst transferring bench
  • product dimensions – 47” l x 25. 5” w x 45” h size again size – 15” w x 30” h limit – three hundred lbs. Perfect for novices and lengthy-time running shoes, this unit presents an effective exercise for the entire frame this flexible bench can be used to train special elements of your body which includes the chest, core, and top and decrease limbs
  • bench pads are customizable to fit each role. Again rest pad may be adjusted into 6 positions, which encompass navy the seat pad may be rearranged into five positions to accommodate the again rest pad positions
  • the steelbody deluxe software bench is an exercising bench that can be used for lifting weights and strength schooling the platform can be used for arm lifting physical games, back schooling, ab exercises, and bench presses, and different workout routines

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steelbody deluxe 6 role application weight bench

  • this nation of the artwork exercising equipment is specifically designed for weight education. It could be used for arm lifting, again education, ab exercises, and loose weight programs. This is good for each newbie lifters and veteran running shoes alike, offering a full frame exercise to provide you even muscle improvement. Use this gadget to efficaciously train palms, shoulders, chest, abs, lower back, and legs– the most fulfilling distribution of muscle outcomes in a balanced body.
  • manufactured from durable stainless steel, this robust bench can deliver a maximum weight of 800lb it has a 2-inch thick padding with look at faux canvas vinyl masking for brought comfort and grip. This mechanism has customizable bench pads that may be adjusted into various positions to match every exercising. The back rest pad can be rearranged into six positions – which include the military, incline, and flat – at the same time as the seat pad may be adjusted into five positions.
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    do you want to benefit extra powerful hands? Or do you want to obtain a stronger core? What approximately a broader again? In case you need to improve your muscle mass, you ought to get a complete body exercising with the steelbody deluxe utility bench. This country of the artwork exercising equipment is especially designed for weight schooling. It may be used for arm lifting, returned education, ab workouts, and loose weight programs. This is ideal for each novice lifters and veteran running shoes alike, imparting a full body exercise to present you even muscle development. Use this gadget to efficiently teach hands, shoulders, chest, abs and returned – the most desirable distribution of muscle consequences in a balanced physique. Product of durable stainless-steel, this strong bench can deliver a most weight of 300 lbs. It has a 2-inch thick padding with observe fake canvas vinyl covering for delivered comfort and grip. This mechanism has personalised bench pads that can be adjusted into numerous positions to healthy every workout. The again relaxation pad can be rearranged into six positions – which includes the army, incline, and flat – even as the seat pad may be adjusted into 5 positions. It has non-marking foot pads and cease caps to save you floor marking and it has transport wheels and take care of for clean garage. It could additionally be introduced to any rack or cage machine. Gain the rock-hard muscular tissues which you always desired and start investing in your frame. The steelbody deluxe utility bench is step one to this dream – a wish that might end up a truth through tough paintings and perseverance. This heavy obligation utility will assist your schooling, but to acquire your goal, you’ve were given to have the pressure, perseverance, and effort. Begin running out, now!

    8 reviews for Steelbody deluxe 6 role software weight bench for weightlifting and strength education stb-10105, black-brown

    1. P. Williams

      I’ve tried many of benches, some costing over $500, some as less than $70. I like what I like and this bench does it all almost perfectly. First, I like smaller, lower benches. I’m 6’1″ and this bench fits fine. It’s low – perfect for benching and helps make it more stable. Speaking of stable, this is a beast – no wobble at all, zero. I hate when benches do that, this doesn’t at all. Next, is the weight capacity. I’m 230lb and bench about that. No chinzy 400lb bench will cut it. This has an 800lb weight capacity- way more than I’ll reach. I also like wheels, but the wheels need to be under the bench, not protruding beyond the bench (it gets in the way of the cage). These wheels are perfect. Again, the ladder back adjustable benches are so much better than the other styles – simple and stable. The only 2 things I have issues with this bench are the gap between the seat and back pad is on the large side. I’m fine with it, I just stick a cut pool noodle in the gap and don’t feel a thing. Second, it’s Steelbody and their use of brown paint. Why brown of all colors? Just use all black or some other colors like red or blue. Next, this bench is better than the Power Block FID bench that costs more (it wobbles and it too thin for benching). It’s better than almost all the Bowflex benches (higher weight capacity, more stable and smaller). I dare say this compares to the Rep adjustable bench that costs a lot more). Overall, I would highly recommend this bench to any lifter. It’s a great product at a great price. FYI, I currently use it in my Rogue S-2 stand and Titan T-3 rack. No issues. Read more

    2. German Jarquin

      I have to be honest, I shopped around a lot for a bench before picking this one. I was excited to receive it until the first red flag came in. Package was a week delayed. Eventually, I received the bench. Right away I proceded to assemble it until I was almost done I realized the welding on this bench was not top quality. Given the medium to entry high level pricing, I figured it would be of great quality. Wrong!!!! I am going to return it right away. Read more

    3. D Cam

      Absolutely horrible. All of the hardware is extremely cheap. Showed up damaged and had the stitching on the back torn. As you can see in the pictures there is literally a piece of rusted metal sticking up on both the back and the seat and is huge safety concern. Unreal. Read more

    4. Javier

      Dangerously Huge gap for lower back …. Cannot use flat/prone position Read more

    5. Chris M

      for the first year or so This was a great bench… My interest when I bough it was: – The bench is a little wider than most which is great for pressing… Kind of like the “Thompson Flat Pad” but like $300 cheaper. – Very Solid, no wobble. – Also does not slide when you’re using it – Easy to move, wheels are great. – Positions from flat to military are great. Military is a great angle. After about 18 months I simply wore it out… the feet pads started coming unglued, and eventually the plywood backing on both the back pad and bottom pad cracked and broke. I am hoping they will send me replacement parts… will keep ya’all updated. Read more

    6. Denise Ramirez

      Likes: Main bench pieces seem to be of decent thickness steel and the finish seems to be good. Putting it together was not too difficult. Labeled nuts and bolts. (1/2” inch and 5/8”). All parts are labeled and instructions are easy enough to follow. The only bench I could find that adjusted flat and nearly upright that wasn’t super expensive. All stainless steel hardware. Seems like the components will last a long time. Dislikes: Main one: cushion material isn’t vinyl or an easy wipe material that won’t soak up sweat. Over time sweat will “leak” into the cushion material and stink it up and ruin it. I know it seems good to not have a sweaty back etc, but you can wash your shirt. Cushion is harder to clean if not impossible. I also didn’t like how much slop is in some of the adjustments. Doesn’t seem to be a big deal or a deal breaker. I don’t see any other benches that are adjustable at this price point being better. Overall take: This is definitely a home gamer with some nice features and seems to have durability in mind for the steel components. I’d still buy again as the play isn’t as bad as some reviews make it seem. Let’s hope the cushion is available in 10 years when I need it. If the cushion was non-absorbent I’d probably give this thing 5 stars, even with the wiggle that IS present. Read more

    7. edgar charles

      Extremely cheap product-buy at your own risk! Product arrived with torn lower pad covering. The manufacturer clearly knew this was damaged before shipping it to me, since a metal piece designed to hold the covering in place had been cut in half (see picture). Read more

    8. MadridMig

      I had this bench for less than one month but I work out every other day on it, This bench is pretty sturdy, doesnt wobble or feel cheap. The cushions are confy with good padding but wonder if the outer material will hold up over time. Assembly was pretty quick, but one bolt that connects the seat game me trouble. Once it is assembled, the adjustments work pretty good and give you confidence to go heavy. While not commercial quality, for a home gym this bench will do the job. Took off a star because of material on the cushions and the one bolt under the seat was a pain to align and put in. Maybe some of the machining was off on this one, but I happy and satisfied with the bench for my home gym and I think is good value for the money. Read more

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