Steiner military binoculars, navy-grade precision and optical readability

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  • floating prism system makes use of bendy silicone lens mount to take in excessive surprise, impact and abuse without damage; water-resistant to 16 toes pressurized nitrogen filled tubes withstand water intrusion even when submerged; weight sixty eight. 1 oz
  • multi-coated optics are state-of-art for brighter picture, higher evaluation and sharply contoured photographs with herbal colour definition; tripod mount is blanketed for best photograph balance for long term statement; magnification 15x
  • n2 injection system seals 14-psi pressurized dry nitrogen into the optic, for fog-proof clarity in any situation – from artic cold to desolate tract heat; height 11. 6
  • sports-auto cognizance system lets you focus every eyepiece for your imaginative and prescient once, then maintains photographs razor sharp from 20 yards to infinity; no extra chasing awareness on moving objects; width eight. Nine
  • heritage guarantee – we stand in the back of our merchandise. Period! We are able to repair/update faulty merchandise at no price for the lifetime of the product. Warranty does no longer cowl harm, loss or robbery
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steiner military binoculars

elite gadgets international rely upon them. So are you able to.

built with army-grade precision and optical first-rate, demonstrated in every theater, those are the binoculars you need with you when visual superiority is project-essential.

ideal for cellular troops who journey mild. Lenses and prisms are blended with present day coatings to offer shiny, crisp photos at any range. Stages can be set to meters or yards.

  • magnification: 8x-20x
  • goal lens: 30mm-80mm
  • field of view: 392 toes.
  • special function: mil ranging reticle, military specs
  • floating prism system
  • compact layout
  • sports-car attention gadget
  • water resistant
  • product description

    whilst tactical operations take location in challenging situations – and that they constantly do – those are the optics to anticipate. Demonstrated on missions from extreme darkness to excessive-altitude sun, arctic cold to barren region warmth, they come up with precisely the optical skills you want: mid-90% mild transmission, photograph clarity from part to part, belly crawling durability, even incorporated compass, range-finding or custom reticles, and laser protection if preferred. While your task demands optical superiority, now you’ve got it. Integrates shiny image, illuminated hd stabilized compass, and variety locating reticle, supplying you with the capacity to accurately perceive objectives and decide bearings and distance to the single degree.


    15×80, One Size


    M1580, 8×30

    2 reviews for Steiner military binoculars, navy-grade precision and optical readability

    1. User 2050

      These provide very clear, high resolution and fine/incredible detailed images at even long distance. They are very well made and durable/rugged. My opinion is these are among the best of the best. Read more

    2. Carter

      cheap plastic holds this bino together, It broke in transit when I go it from Amazon. Kinda Shocked by this poor quality from a German made product Read more

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