Steiner military-marine series binoculars, light-weight tactical precision optics for any scenario, water-proof, inexperienced

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • army optics for civilians – with 8x magnification and a 362ft wide area of view, the steiner military-marine 8×30 binoculars gives sharp, pictures in an clean-to-manage layout.
  • sports auto attention – can provide, as soon as shot, always sharp, briliant three-d pics from 20yds to infinity with out refocusing, perfect for your active life.
  • floating prism device – makes use of bendy silicone lens mounts to take in extreme surprise, effect and abuse with out harm.
  • makrolon housing – durable polycarbonate with nbr rubber armoring creates a light-weight, rugged chassis that withstands eleven gs of impact. Impervious to harsh conditions for generations of use.
  • history warranty – we stand behind our merchandise. Duration! We are able to restore/replace defective products at no rate for the life of the product. Guarantee does not cover damage, loss or theft.
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steiner 10×50 army/marine binocular

  • magnification: 10x
  • objective lens diameter: 50mm
  • dimensions (in.) five x 8. 1 x three
  • weight: 35. 3 oz.
  • area of view at one thousand yd.: 302 ft.
  • the civilian version of our validated military binoculars, tailored for rugged all-round use. As sharp, clean and war-worth as the warrior fashions they may be based totally on. Army and security forces around the arena rely on steiner. So are you able to.

    better magnification and large targets are perfect for open terrain and hilly u . S . A ., and for low-light conditions.

    the steiner gain

    sports-automobile-consciousness maintains the whole lot in cognizance from 20 yards to infinity. Makes for easy one-exceeded operation and effortless low-light viewing. See the whole lot simply without steady focusing.

    built with a makrolon housing, the light and sturdy polycarbonate chassis that withstands 11 g’s of effect.

    long lasting, shock absorbing rubber that offers a non-slip grip this is neither tacky or spongy.

    rainproof & fog resistant, your steiner binoculars preserve up inside the hardest situations.

    steiner’s advanced lens coatings decorate mild so your eyes perceive extra comparison and brighter element, specifically in low-mild situations.

    consists of a deliver case, neckstrap, lens protection cap, and objective lens covers.

    porro prism layout has no transferring components for severe sturdiness and optical readability.




    10×50, 7×50, 8×30

    8 reviews for Steiner military-marine series binoculars, light-weight tactical precision optics for any scenario, water-proof, inexperienced

    1. Gabe

      I used this brand of binoculars as a forward observer in the Army. I always wanted to own a pair, but it was out of my budget as a young soldier. I’ve been out of the service and I have a long hiking trip coming up. I spent $50 on a cheap set of binoculars last week and I immediately regretted my decision. I took them back and used this as an excuse to get a pair of Steiner binoculars. I am more than happy. If they’re good enough to call artillery fire, they’re good enough for a hiking trip through the mountains. (keep in mind this is the civilian version 8×30, not with the Mills reticle. Same quality though) Read more

    2. Poem04

      Excellent optics. Crisp, bright and super clear image from 66 ft to infinity once adjust the diopters separately for each eye. Not for closed up viewing like birding. German made → best craftsmanship. Worth to own for general use. Will recommend to everyone. Updating after a year of use (01/10/2019): Excellent quality of binoculars. Nothing breaks or looses because there is no moving parts. The eye piece diopter rings once adjust for your eyes then they are done – just pick them up and view your distance subjects without any further adjustment. Again, German optics are the best in the world and with military quality, they will last for a lifetime. Read more

    3. Michael D.

      Well They’re Steiner’s & that says it All! You can’t go wrong with these! I brought these for my Daughter, & can’t wait to hear her Surprise! These are just Clear as can be, even at Dusk you’ll get a Crisp View! Light to carry around. I’ll be buying at least 2 more as Gifts. I also own a pair of 7×50 Steiner’s. Remember You get what you pay for, and for me that means Steiner. Update 4-7-20: I just received a second pair of the 8×30’s. These are Really Good Folks! Get a Pair you won’t be Sorry! They make Great Gifts! Read more

    4. Beat a ’Bhèist

      These are a great pair of tiny binoculars. They have same magnification as their big brothers utilized in the military. They are lightweight, compact and great size for a “bug-out bag” or to keep in any sportsman’s vehicle or field kit, in case the need arises to observe something interesting! As others have stated the optics are small, but tested against bigger pair almost- not quite- the same filed of view. Great lightweight, tiny pair of binoculars that could literally be taken without much effort virtually anywhere. Would also be a great starter set of bino’s for children, that are the real thing! Read more

    5. GZLZ

      I upgraded my gear from a Nikon 9X25CF and bought the Steiner 8X30 Military-Marine. I needed binoculars that could focus on fast moving objects without constantly having to adjust the center-focus-wheel. I am impressed with the auto-focus feature which works great from 20yard to infinity. If you’re trying to observe objects that are closer than 20 yards, then these binoculars are not for you. The optics are bright and clear over the entire field of view. I take them out for hunting, camping, boating, hiking, target shooting, beach and travel. Built to military specs, they are tough and excellent in all environments and climates. There is plenty of eye-relief and the cups roll back to accommodate those who wear glasses. You get what you pay for. Highly recommend. Read more

    6. Dave B

      These are a Christmas present for a youngster. WOW. I thought these would be the same size as the 8×30 etc but they are literally half the size! They are crisp, clear, built like a tank and in utterly perfect condition. Since 1990 Steiner has treated me w great customer service when I did have an issue w the bigger brothers to these. Steiner Military and Marine products are IMHO the most bang for your buck in a bino, and these little guys are as incredible as their bigger brothers. Wish I had known about them a year or so ago….both kids would have a pair. Read more

    7. Richard A. Kemp

      The difference between this Steiner and a cheap Tasco/Baska/PRC or other is incredible. If you want to use glasses in the field and you want to see everything that moves within your vicinity, you want to pay the extra for these. After 30 years of other lesser glasses, now I realized I missed much without true military grad binoculars. Read more

    8. JJ the great

      I was hesitant at first due to the price and the autofocus. I was buying binoculars below $100 until my I decided to try this one. I compared it to my china-made (with a 4 and half star reviews here) a 12×25 bino. This 8 x 30 beat my 12 x 25 in range and clarity. The thing I don’t like though is the difficulty in putting the strap on the Bino but not significant Read more

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