Stott pilates merrithew mini hand weights, pair (green and black), 2. 2 lbs / 1 kg every

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  • ensure this suits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • to be had in 4 sizes: purple 2 x eleven-pound, red 2 x 165-pound, inexperienced 2 x 22-pound, blue 2 x 275-pound
  • brilliant for toning the hands and walking
  • enhance staying power
  • smooth and comfortable to apply
  • non-slip foam covers

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product description

merrithew mini hand weights, pair (crimson and black), 1. 65 lbs / zero. 75 kg every

if you need to build strong, healthy muscle mass without including bulk, those small hand weights are splendid for toning the palms or surely growing the depth of your exercise.

straps ensure hand weights in shape snugly and adequately inside the palm of the hand.

warning: while workout, draw close weight firmly in hand; strap is for safety best.


weight: 2 x 1. Sixty five lbs

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  • materials: polypropylene straps, foam covers, % caps, iron indoors
  • 7 reviews for Stott pilates merrithew mini hand weights, pair (green and black), 2. 2 lbs / 1 kg every

    1. Melanie Gilbert

      Workout classes that combine yoga/Pilates/core programs use hand weights as part of the practice. Ideally, good hand weights need to be: • available in a variety of weights • have absorbent grips • flexible hand bands/straps for easy on/off access • be palm sized The Merrithew hand weights meet each of these conditions for my work out. These weights come in four different sizes: 1.1 (pink!), 1.65 (purple), 2.2 (green), and 2.75 pds (blue. Really?). My review is only for the 2.2-pound weights (each weight for a total of 4.4 pounds.) This pair replaces 1-pound Empower and Gaiam walking weights that I bound into 2-pd weights with elastic sports tape . Although there are lots of dumbbell weight options, it’s hard to find hand weights with straps that come in 2-pound size, so the Merrithew mini hand weights were a happy find for me. The material is soft and spongy providing and a secure and safe grip (no weights dropping from sweaty hands.) They can get a little soggy after my 75-minute workout, but after a spritzing with a tea tree , lavendar and oregano oil combination (48 drops each in 4 oz of water, mixed in a spray bottle) and air drying, they are ready for another practice. I love these 2.2 weights, and recommend them for your practice. Read more

    2. Debbie L

      These hand weights are fabulous! I use them in my home workouts and when I do my lunchtime walks! They are so easy to hold! And I like to do some shoulder presses while I walk, or if a good song comes on do a little dance! I love them! The weight is perfect too! Who knew 2.2 lbs in each hand could give you a great workout! Read more

    3. lastar

      Sent back as too stiff and hard, hurt my wrists. Nothing really wrong with them but wanted to use while walking on treadmill and not flexible enough, prefer the wrist weights that are soft and flexible. Read more

    4. Betti Gebhart-Sloane

      Easy on the hands…well designed! Read more

    5. Gale L Porter

      Great hand weights and wonderful quality material. Comfortable when working out. Read more

    6. maggie

      Great for arm exercises while doing aerobics Just the right weight. Easy to hold Read more

    7. betty hanley

      These weights are very comfortable to use. I bought them to use at home but have also been taking them to the gym. The 2.2 lbs is a good weight to help increase the intensity of my aerobic workouts. Product description was accurate. Read more

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