Sunagor mega zoom binoculars 30-160×70 ,black

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  • make sure this fits through entering your version range.
  • the arena’s maximum effective binoculars
  • high quality multi lined optics with bak-four prisms complimented by means of rubber armoured body
  • sliding zoom lever for instant zooming and centre cognizance knob for brief sharp focusing
  • integrated dioptric eyepiece correction to in shape character eyesight
  • magnification: 30x – 160x

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from the manufacturer

those binoculars zoom as much as an super 160x magnification bringing far off gadgets into clean view

sunagor japan proudly offers their flagship version the 30-160×70 “mega zoom” binoculars. Sunagor, a brand synonymous with high magnification binoculars, have included over 50 years of slicing area and marketplace main innovation in zoom era into this new version. These binoculars provide a impressive 160x maximum magnification that could convey even the most remote item into view, giving an unrivalled long distance viewing experience.

“claimed to be the maximum effective containers inside the world, and we’re now not going to quibble!”

– the times newspaper, london

the sunagor 30-160x70s are widely believed to be the arena’s most powerful pair of binoculars. At their starting point of 30x magnification, they already provide an above trendy stage of energy found simplest on a good deal greater expert binoculars. But, to then be able to flow from 30x as much as a most of 160x magnification, those binoculars enter a strength magnificence in their own and in doing so, redefine the limits of modern zoom optics. With a preference of magnification everywhere from 30x to 160x, these sunagor binoculars offer the consumer entire versatility over their viewing distance and one this is unrivalled in variety with the aid of any other zoom binoculars on the market.

full zoom lever redesign to accommodate the fantastic magnification variety

with a view to accommodate a marketplace leading magnification range, unique consideration was required within the design of the zoom functions on the sunagor 30-160×70 binoculars. The primary location of redecorate became the zoom lever, the feature that controls the amount of magnification. Sunagor have made the lever larger than ordinary and feature also designed it to be a touch extra company while sliding it. The mixture of these new capabilities, make zooming the 30-160x70s a greater specific and practicable revel in. The second one place of redecorate is the positioning of the zoom lever.

advanced in japan, the binoculars have a long lasting design, with rubber armoured frame to offer safety for the inner optics. The rubber armouring also offers the binoculars a wonderful non-slip floor to grip, even when sporting gloves. With one of these large magnification range, one could assume that the binoculars is probably too heavy and massive to handle, but with the sunagor 30-160×70 binoculars, this is not the case. Weighing in at a underneath common (for his or her elegance) 1. 4kg and measuring 25cm in duration, they are workable by means of hand and smooth to transport.

robust rubber armoured design with bcf one piece creation

unlike many binoculars, the sunagor 30-160×70 are of bcf “one-piece” production. Because of this the barrels are not truely screwed directly to the body, however the whole product is produced the usage of one mould. The quit result manner that the binoculars provide extra precision and a better degree of pressure. This enables to keep away from collimation (alignment) issues that can once in a while be associated with very high magnification binoculars.

the binoculars incorporate collapsible rubber eyecups which permit spectacle wearers to revel in a whole field of view. Positioned on each side of the binoculars, there are motive constructed lugs which allow a neck strap (protected) to be connected, consequently supporting a consumer to correctly distribute the binocular’s weight. The other layout feature is a centrally placed tripod socket (positioned among the two barrels), sunagor propose using a tripod to stabilise the binoculars at better magnifications.

large 70mm jap eco-glass lenses are treated with sunagor premium coatings

to optimise the fantastic magnification, sunagor have positioned a great emphasis at the nice of the inner optics inside their 30-160×70 binoculars which boast the following features:- firstly, they contain beneficiant 70mm objective lenses which help to maximise the amount of mild access, even at higher magnifications. Secondly, all optical additives in the binoculars are fabricated from excessive great jap eco-glass and all surfaces had been treated with expert sunagor coatings. Eventually, the very best satisfactory bak-4 prisms have been used within the porro design. All of those top rate optical features combine to growth light transmission and reflectivity so that it will produce clear and bright snap shots.

the sunagor 30-160×70 binoculars come with a set of beneficial add-ons. A durable padded case is designed to shield the binoculars when not in use. A neck strap, constructed of durable nylon, is designed to firmly connect to the binoculars and assist to distribute their weight for the duration of delivery. Also covered is a couple of goal lens covers, eyepiece protectors and a high best tripod adapter, which allows the binoculars to be without problems linked to any tripod.

thanks to their market leading zoom functionality, the sunagor 30-160×70 “mega zoom” binoculars may be placed to a huge ranging quantity of, previously impossible, new sports in addition to help to increase normally famous viewing hobbies.

one of the maximum most suitable methods to enjoy the extraordinary magnification is to have a look at subjects at a very lengthy distance, therefore making these binoculars perfectly suited to all forms of astronomical use. Among 100x and 160x magnification, the binoculars can fit the electricity of costly telescopes, with the added advantage of eyepieces to study through instead of just one discovered on telescopes. Distant stars, moons, planets and even galaxies can be effortlessly regarded via those effective binoculars, making them the ultimate astronomy tool.

coming a bit in the direction of earth….. Thanks to the progressed layout features, which includes rubber armour and practicable portability, the binoculars also are suitable to be used in trendy commentary activities which occur out in the area. Covered are diverse varieties of long distance wildlife looking where distance may also want to be maintained so as now not to scare a viewing subject off. Similarly, in addition they serve reason in extra professional or tactical remark sports, together with covert or even army programs where concealment or retaining distance is essential to an operation. Aircraft recognizing and observation is also a totally famous pursuit for which those binoculars are best. Eventually, of path, those binoculars have additionally observed makes use of inside the numerous global of sports wherein the benefits of a binocular shape outweigh those of a much less flexible and transportable spotting scope.

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May, 5, 2011



6 reviews for Sunagor mega zoom binoculars 30-160×70 ,black

  1. Expressed Reviews

    Based on my experience with these binoculars, I would advise against buying them. The problem doesn’t lie entirely with the manufacturing process, as it’s adequate but not great. Prior to purchasing these binoculars, I read numerous articles that advised against purchasing any that incorporated the zoom feature. Now I know why. When used at the 30X magnification, the image is bright and clear, but does require the use of a tripod for best results. Any setting above 30X and it’s absolutely essential that a tripod be used. At lower magnification levels, the image is actually pretty good. When you ramp up the magnification to higher levels, even with the use of a very stable tripod, it’s nearly impossible to focus sharply on anything. In addition, the diopter setting that works at 30X is in need of a major adjustment as magnification levels increase. At lower magnification levels, the binoculars are able to let in enough light for very satisfactory viewing. Once you reach the half way point, as expected, both the field of view and the light deteriorate. When you approach the maximum 160X setting, the field of view and the light are so poor as to render the binoculars useless. I was surprised to find out that these binoculars are made in Japan. Japanese products are usually excellent. Sadly, this cannot be said for this item. My recommendation to anyone who is considering the purchase of these binoculars, is to not do so. After having tried these out, I ended up returning them to Amazon, as the quality simply isn’t there. I suspect that it’s a bad idea to purchase any zoom binoculars, as it appears to be impossible to get a sharp image on any of them when the magnification is high. Even when using a tripod, your results will be mediocre. If you’re looking for maximum magnification, my recommendation would be to purchase a high quality scope, instead of binoculars. There are many brands that have magnification levels up to 60X and beyond. A scope will definitely provide you with a clearer image than any pair of zoom binoculars. The bottom line is that these binoculars are not very good. They’re extremely heavy, need to be used with a stable tripod, and produce mediocre results at higher magnification levels. Read more

  2. T. Parish

    We read the reviews on this model and heeded the cautions. The package arrived in good condition and the product is very well constructed. We did find them to be much heavier than we thought they would be and a good bit more difficult to focus “on the fly” than we thought they would be. At high magnifications it is virtually impossible to see due to jitter without some surface or tripod to stabilize the product but we expected that due to the high magnification. We were surprised at how narrow the field is at higher magnifications as that wasn’t really mentioned in any of the other reviews. As novice users we started to return the product given the price but decided to keep it and give it a shot to learn more about using it. We have a tripod and plan to learn to use it with the tripod at our beach house which is where we purchased them for use. Read more

  3. Stephen

    I like that it has great distance viewing. However, the zoom feature is a totally useless feature. When zooming, the view becomes smaller and smaller and blurry right away. It’s sort of like enlarging an image on a computer, all it does is make the quality worse and worse. the 160x pic on the web page is misleading and unachievable as far as I’m concerned. I bought it based on the quality of the 160x zoom. Read more

  4. Bill

    I purchased these binoculars for scouting/hunting Elk and Bear in the high country of Arizona, and was looking for something to use for viewing great distances. I purchased them used and upon receiving them I discovered that the neck strap and tripod adapter were missing. After contacting Amazon about the issue, I was able to email the distributor in the UK looking for replacement parts. To my surprise I received a telephone call from the supplier within the hour and arrangements were made to get me the parts. I also received follow up communication from the supplier to keep me apprised of the process. As to the binoculars themselves, upon first glance they seem very well-constructed and come in a sturdy case. I used them at first in an urban setting and found it very easy to read signs from long distances. The first chance I got to use them in an open range setting I was on the top of a large Mesa overlooking a valley in northern Arizona. I was at approximately 9500 feet elevation and was scouting an area several hundred square miles in all directions. Using the binoculars was quick and easy although a tripod is greatly recommended for the highest powers as it is very difficult to use them free hand. Adjustments are easy to make and the zoom feature is smooth. The detail that I was able to see at long distances was amazing. There was some blurriness at higher magnifications but I believe that with some adjustment I can eliminate that to a tolerable level. As I have to pack everything in and out on my scouting trips I found the sturdiness of these to be very reassuring. These are very long distance use binoculars but could also be used in lower magnifications for other purposes, although their size makes them a bit inconvenient for everyday use. These would be great for nautical use where scanning long distances on the open water. For their price range I find them to be an excellent buy. Customer service from the supplier in the UK was phenomenal! For my use I was not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a set of binoculars that I knew we’re going to be used in rugged terrain and these fit my needs perfectly. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Not bad as far as the power / magnification but the lenses have an annoying imperfection almost like a bubble inside the glass. Not sure if this is acceptable, it really should not be. **** Update: Amazon exchanged my flawed Sunagors with a pair which seems flawless. A bit more testing in the field as far as its touted properties but all looks promising. Read more

  6. Big Shooter response

    Absolute junk. Tried everything that was suggested by the company to improve use – my kid’s toy binoculars have better resolution. Product support would string you along, saying it was user error or poor handling / user eyesight issues. Wish they would take them back. Read more

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