Sunny health & health ob-20 20″ olympic single dumbbell handlebar with ring collars medium

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model wide variety.
  • holds weights up to a hundred and fifty lbs
  • rotating sleeves permit the weight plates to rotate as you pass the bar. This presents a extra secure grip and reduces strain on your wrists and elbows
  • locking ring collars to preserve the whole lot comfy and in place for balance and protection
  • diamond knurled handle for strong gripping even as you train
  • contains olympic weight plates with 2-inch middle holes
  • brass bushings in between the bar and sleeves lets in for a clean loose spinning weight.
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ob-series bars

critical olympic bars, for the critical athlete. Are you prepared for the following degree?

ob-20 – 20″ olympic unmarried dumbbell handlebar

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and health has helped our customers attain their specific health desires.

we take exceptional pride in our tremendous health and fitness products sporting best the finest workout gadget to make sure efficiency at the same time as you figure out.

sunny health and fitness’ commitment to your fitness fulfillment continues us inspired to keep to provide products that help you be higher.

sunny fitness & fitness 20″ olympic unmarried dumbbell handlebar with ring collars, medium – ob-20

exchange up your strength exercising with ob-20 olympic dumbbell with locking ring collars. This solid heavy responsibility bar is designed for the newbie to the superior health enthusiast. It has a weight potential of as much as a hundred and fifty lb to allow for linear modern power gains. The rotating sleeves releases torque created through the burden and motion making it safer at the joints. The locking ring collars will at ease the weights in vicinity to make running out safer.

  • accommodates olympic weight plates w/ 2″ middle holes
  • 58015 – 72518 psi tensile strength
  • smooth rotating sleeves
  • knurled diamond grip
  • lock collars blanketed
  • a hundred and fifty lb max load
  • etchings are ‘medium-satisfactory’ as maximum generally observed in industrial gyms. Secure and secure for solid grip, however now not too competitive that chew up your palms.

    bushings fit between the bar and the sleeve, reducing friction between the outer and inner sleeve consequently making the spinning movement smoother. Perfect for powerlifting style lifts.

  • tensile electricity: 58015 – 72518 psi
  • 2 in sleeve diameter
  • 150 lb max load
  • ob-series bars accommodate olympic weight plates with 2-inch center holes. The same old in sleeve length

    product description

    alternate up your strength workout with ob20 olympic dumbbell with locking ring collars. This stable heavy responsibility bar is designed for the beginner to the advanced health fanatic. It has a weight potential of as much as 150lbs to permit for linear modern electricity profits. The rotating sleeves releases torque created with the aid of the load and motion making it safer on the joints. The locking ring collars will relaxed the weights in region to make operating out safer. Get two and perform dumbbell chest presses, shoulder presses, and use just one to perform triceps kickbacks and unmarried arm bicep curls . By no means pass over your exercising, take them with you for your workplace or while you go out of metropolis.


    Dumbbell Handlebar, Handlebar + Quick Release Ring Collars

    8 reviews for Sunny health & health ob-20 20″ olympic single dumbbell handlebar with ring collars medium

    1. Chris

      Quite impressed with the quality of these dumbbells, especially for the price. Each one weighed approximately 12 pounds with the collars. Pros: – The knurling is grippy but not a shred-your-hands level – Smooth bearing operation that rotates with ease – Construction feels tight and there is barely any side-to-side play in the sleeves – Included collars are simple and reliable (though I was missing two pins) – Incredible value for the price. There are better dumbbells out there, but you’ll spend 2x or more. Cons: – Bad shipping experience. I ordered two dumbbells and one set was missing the two locking pins, essentially making those collars useless. Other reviewers have mentioned missing their pins as well. – Bad customer service. I emailed the support team three times inquiring about the missing pins and I received zero response. If not for those two cons, I would have rated this 5 stars. Read more

    2. Manolo

      Awesome product. Couldn’t ask for anything better at that price. People complain about the metal collars but mine seem to work just fine. Of course it could also be because I don’t go super heavy. I’ve only put 85lb so far and they hold pretty good. Just remember to tighten. Good for the price and I recommend to anyone wanting to workout from home or anyone just wanting to add to their arsenal of gym equipment. Read more

    3. Justin skelton

      I needed a pair of loadable dumbbells for a decent price, and with these on sale for 40$ each I quickly purchased in case they went out of stock. After purchasing is when I started to read about the details, what turned me off is the 25mm shaft. But I didn’t think it would be a big deal, well I was wrong lol. My hands aren’t big or small but somewhere in between, it just feels like I’m holding onto a toothpick. The more thicker the shaft is the more activation you will get in the muscle, this small shaft isn’t activating as much as I’d want. If your goal is to build muscle then avoid these, unless you have small hands I’d say go for it. Read more

    4. Guy DeZarn

      This dumbbell is a work of art. Better than public gym quality and actually a thing of beauty. I was hard pressed to remove it from my art collection and put in my “Fitter than Coronavirus” home gym. But now that it’s in with the weights, I can report that it’s balanced and beautiful. Read more

    5. Evan

      Great value for money and and well built, I haven’t weighed them yet but another reviewer said they were about 11lbs. I’m using lock jaw hex clamps instead of the clamps that came with them because I don’t want to damage the metal sleeves so I can’t speak to how well they would work. They are a big and cumbersome but save you having to buy individual dumbells which further adds to their value and I already had an assortment of 2 inch plates. Packaging was great, came oiled up. A day late but I was ordering them from out of stock. Overall highly recommend! Read more

    6. Jennifer T.

      Great for using at home workouts. It is a bit long but the description states the size so I was not surprised. I can work around the length and the weight capacity is great. Fits Olympic metal plates and does feel like a 10 lbs handle The collars come oiled and everything is brand new. I am really happy with my purchase and have recommended to others. Read more


      The bearings on these and the knurling are very good quality for the money. Buying on amazon beats out Titan’s service by a long shot. The 25mm shaft and knurling is perfect for me doing curls, flys, dumbbell press and shoulder press on these. I didn’t care for the included screw down clamps, but they’re better than any spring clamps. Since i change plates often, I bought a set of Rogue’s Mighty collar for these. I’m very happy with Sunny Sports quality that i also just bought their curl bar. Read more

    8. LLS

      I want to rate this lower but full disclosure i misread it as being 2 handles for $50. Like others have said the actual shaft is on the small side compared to a standard Olympic barbell and the collars while sturdy don’t want to actually hold the weight. I’d recommend some spring style clamps to go with these for safety and easier operation. Read more

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