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  • make certain this fits by using entering your model wide variety.
  • one hundred% scientific-grade silicone
  • imported
  • braces in shape: mainly advanced to be used with orthodontics – ergonomically designed to sit on top of the brackets and keep the user protected out on the sector
  • fitting: on the spot in shape – pop in & play – the mouthguard is designed to be ready to offer and on the spot and protective suit without delay out of the packaging – no molding required! Adapts to adjustments in enamel role as braces are adjusted!
  • construction: fabricated from excessive satisfactory scientific grade silicone – shielding and relaxed with no difficult edges or substances that motive infection – latex loose, bpa loose, phthalate free
  • protection: athlete examined in the discipline to provide safety in every recreation from football to curler derby – in case you need extremely good safety and a cozy healthy – appearance no further to guard your teeth and dental investment
  • licensed: $10,000 dental warranty, meets country wide and kingdom high faculty policies requiring complete coverage of higher brace brackets at some point of wrestling competition, capable of be tethered to helmet (strapped version)

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capabilities and benefits

made with clinical-grade silicone for ultimate comfort.

strap variations encompass a brief-launch helmet tether.

unique ortho channel provides an adaptive in shape round brace brackets and teeth function as braces modify, offering safety from lacerations.

especially evolved to be used with orthodontics

8 reviews for Surprise health practitioner person braces strapless mouthguard, adult , simplest top braces

  1. Jillalex

    I bought this for my 11-year-old son. He is big for his age–the youth sizes are too small (have been for 2 years). Our son is 5’6″ so far. He has up and down braces and recently switched from elastic band to the medieval torture spring-loaded contraption because he was too lazy to put in his elastics and we’d like our son out of braces before he turns 20 and we go broke. The rear part of the mouthguard is uncomfortable as is. The top edges abrade my son’s gums. I complained to our orthodontist and one of the hygienists expertly cut the top outside ends down on an angle so there is still support without the pain. I’m not sure how she smoothed it–maybe with a bur (I looked this up). She also did this with one of the mouthguards the orthodontist gives away for free (if you ask–I think most have plenty on hand). Now we have a back up as well, which is great because we can barely find either of them when it’s game time. If needed, I will try this maneuver myself on the next mouthguard. I think I can trim it with an X-acto blade but need to figure out how to smooth it. Or I’ll just bring it in for a trim. Our orthodontist told my son and I that he must wear the mouthguard for basketball as well as flag football. He has had a lot of cases (one that week) where a basketball-rebounding boy elbowed the victim in the mouth. Problems ensued. Better safe and drooly than in the hole for another $6,000. FWIW, my son begrudgingly complies with this mandate because the orthodontist told him this directly and it was obvious I hadn’t contrived to make the conversation happen. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this mouth guard for a 13 year old boy with braces who is involved in multiple sports. The quality of this particular mouth guard is good; however, the fit was disappointing and way too loose. The guard did not stay firmly fitted to his upper teeth. These are non-moldable and are suppose to pop right in which is why I cannot recommend them. I had much better luck with other Shock Doctor products and would recommend either the Shock Doctor Ultra Mouth Guard for braces which are moldable for an upper only set or the Shock Doctor Double Braces for sports like football and wrestling requiring upper and lower protection. The Double Braces is a similar design to this upper only version but there’s no issue with it staying in place. Read more

  3. Taco

    I bought these for my 14 year old, braces wearing, aspiring volleyball/basketball star. I guess my son has been lucky as he has had his braces for almost a year and is active on the volleyball and basketball teams. I never really thought about mouth protection as I never had braces growing up. So the other week he mentioned he wanted to get a mouth guard and I thought to myself, I am the worst dad ever. I immediately jumped on Amazon and got him these. Luckily they got here quick. The week after he started wearing these he took a volleyball to the face during practice. First time since he started playing. Luckily the only thing that got hurt was his ego. I shudder to think what would have happened to his mouth had his braces come in contact with the sides, could have been quite painful. They adjust to fit his mouth quite easily and slide right over his teeeth and braces, keeping them out of harms way. So we are ordering a few more of these. I highly recommend. Read more

  4. JD

    Recently had braces put on. I have always had the issue with grinding my teeth so I had a night guard. With the braces it was not possible to use the night guard so I went with this. It is very flexible and offers excellent protection over night. There are no signs of any damage on it meaning that it is very durable. This will work perfectly for its actual intended use if it has been able to survive nights of grinding. Highly recommend. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I recently had braces put on again and I’ve also started grinding my teeth so I bought this to wear at night for grinding protection. It says it fits with braces and no boiling or fitting requires, but this does not fit my mouth at all. I don’t think my mouth shape and upper jaw structure is that abnormal. I have to clench/bite down for it to stay in, and when I do that it is bulky and makes me gag. Even if people are buying this for sports only, having to clench down that hard to keep it in place will not be a good habit to start and will cause a lot of muscle pain. My orthodomtist recommended a sports mouth guard for braces to sleep in to protect my teeth from grinding. I guess I need a different brand. Read more

  6. Sharon C.

    I read the reviews that this was a silicone mouth guard that folks have worn at night as a night guard for grinding teeth. I have had plastic in my mouth for many years and am one of those desperate ones looking for an alternative. If you are buying this mouth guard for the same purpose, know that you are risking that it probably won’t fit at all. At least, that was my case. It was so big, I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth; it kept falling out. This of course is not the company’s fault because they’re clear the mouth guards are only for sports, but I have to say the company rep was less than empathic when I called. I wasn’t asking for my money back; I just wanted to know if any of their regular mouth guards were made with silicone. But the agent hardly listened and kept interrupting me, so the quality of customer service may not be the greatest either. Read more

  7. Greywulff

    Bought this because I wanted a soft mouth guard but this is useless because it will not stay in. I have a normal sized adult mouth and teeth and this was much too big. The channel for your teeth was so wide, it would not grip the teeth or stay in place. Also the guard was way too tall. I had to cut down the height of the edges to even get it to fit into my mouth. Thumbs down. Read more

  8. S. England

    The mouth guard did not work at all for my daughter. It is supposed to fit over braces and stay in place. It was certainly big enough to fit over them. It was so big it just fell right out. We returned it and bought a SISU. Our orthodontist was easily able to custom fit the SISU to her and it can be refitted as her teeth move with the braces. Read more

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