Talley picatinny base for browning x-bolt (quick movement) (p00252735), black

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for over 40 years, talley manufacturing has set a fashionable for superior nice within the firearms enterprise. Our willingness to undertake modern era in our trendy facility, permits us to retain the quality that the talley call represents. At talley manufacturing, we place our customers first. Your desires are our first priority. Our informed staff works diligently to answer all questions bearing on scopes and how they may be installed. Excellence does no longer cease with the producing of precision merchandise. You’ll locate our customer support 2d to none!

8 reviews for Talley picatinny base for browning x-bolt (quick movement) (p00252735), black

  1. Yellowlab823

    Maybe I got a bait and switch of of Amazon. Product was sold by Hunting_Stuff. Anyway I’m well beyond my return policy and I accept that. Make sure you check fit as soon as you receive it. As shown in photo bolt pattern is not even close. I also noticed that Talley is not stamped anywhere on the mount. I have several other Talley mounts and they all have a Talley stamp on them. Maybe this is an exception. Just a heads up to other potential buyers. Need to update this post and apologize to the seller and Amazon. After contacting browning and being told that my particular rifle is a Super Short Action. I have changed the rating from a 1 to 5. Lesson learned is contact the manufacturer when in doubt. Sorry for any confusion this review may have caused. Read more

  2. danamul

    for the coming hunting season, i wanted to add a full length scope rail and scope for some longer range shooting. the tally full length was just the ticket. there where a few hurdles to get over at first. i am hoping this will help future buyers. first, the packaging, amazon stuck a bar code sticker on top of the tally sticker so you can not read the tally sticker, and have to trust the amazon bar code as to what you are buying. well i carefully pealed away with my thumb nail, and it was the right mount in writing. when you get the mount out of the package turn the mount up side down and you see the mount i. d. in my case XSA for browning- x-bolt- s-short a-action. and finally, guys the mount only goes in ONE-WAY. the front goes on the 1/2 round of the receiver, the rear goes on the semi-flat part of the receiver. all the mounting screws are plenty long enough to get tons of torque!!! just make sure of the direction of the mount!! Read more

  3. Joseph C.

    Great looking Picatinny rail attachment. Fits well, however, the hex screws used to attach the front portion of the rail do not countersink far enough into the frame to attach the frame to the barrel of the gun. I have drilled out the holes enough to countersink them. For 75 dollars I expected a better quality mount with either longer screws, or properly drilled holes to ensure a snug fit. Read more

  4. lucastrotter

    It dosen’t fit my browning x bolt Read more

  5. DKW

    Front screws were not long enough to sink into holes, I bought longer base screws for the front and that fixed it but it is a 0 MOA which it didn’t specify and is only good for a max of about 700yds. depending on your scope. Quality seems to be good(except for short screws). Mounted up nice and flush. I will be ordering the 20 MOA and will consider the same brand now that I already have the screws! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Fit was perfect and yes the front screws did not protrude as far as the rear due to the thickness of the base however I got several turns on them into the receiver. Read more

  7. aaron stanley

    awesome Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    The rail I ordered has obviously been used. There are tooling marks all around the screw holes, chips in the paint throughout and there is glue on the under side of the rail. Need to be replace with a new one or refunded Read more

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