Tasco red dot propoint reflex sight_trdprs, black

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  • green clear four moa dot with 6 brightness settings: factor supply led creates a easy beam that produces a strong dot without losing energy. With high setting providing clean day mild viewing right down to low settings for night visibility.
  • durable battery lifestyles: with 5,000 hours at the mid setting (setting 4) you won’t need to trade the battery any time soon. The facet loading battery is straightforward to update without casting off the sight from the firearm preserving your 0.
  • mounts on pistols, ars and shotguns: works throughout all commonplace crimson dot mounts with deltapoint pro footprint and included weaver low-upward thrust mount.
  • durable, 6061-t6 steel construction: rugged aluminum chassis ensures the glass and optic internals are protected all through discipline use and is pistol balk examined with . Forty five acp over heaps of rounds.
  • handy layout and design: windage/elevation adjustment with tension locks. Aspect loading battery (cr2032) for easy substitute. Easy access push button design for brightness setting adjustment. Includes protecting shape match cover.

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the tasco propoint reflex sight grants elegance leading performance and durability with an extended battery life. Multi-platform versatility perfect for education, goal taking pictures, domestic protection, and looking

8 reviews for Tasco red dot propoint reflex sight_trdprs, black

  1. H@rr1

    update 12/24 went to range today lol 2nd one even worst turned off by itself every the next minute. Update : just got a new unit Glue on the glass window looks better lets see how it hold zero how reliable WITH TAX AROUND $90 THIS IS WHAT YOU GET? BAD GLUE ON THE GLASS ITSELF. AND THERE IS BIG OPENING WHAT YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE RED WIRE FROM THE INSIDE. SO THIS WILL NOT BE DUST, SAND, WATER RESISTANT AT ALL. ALSO THE BATTERY IS SO HARD TO PULL OUT THERE IS A CLEAR SPACER THING ON THE BATTERY BEFORE YOU INSTALL YOU HAVE TO PULL IT OUT. BAD BAD BAD QUALITY MAYBE FOR AIR BB GUN Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    This product was sold from amazon, not some other seller. I received it sealed like it was brand new. The directions where for a Bushnell red dot, not tasco. The package says weaver base was included. It was not. Been a prime member since 2010 and have spent thousands of dollars with them. Is This how they reward loyal customers, by lying and stealing from there members. Might think twice about renewing your membership. Read more

  3. jinx

    ordered and everything was missing . the screws and drivers were in the pack,the cover and the cloth .that is all. waist of time and money.cant give it less stars. or 0 stars Read more

  4. Avid Hunter

    Easy to install and mine works fine on a lever action rifle. Interesting that the instruction sheet says Bushnell instead of Tasco, they must have bought the line from them at some point. Read more

  5. matthew isnard

    Red dot glare in the glass is awful. Parallax is awful. Had a blemish in the glass which made it basically just light up the entire viewing window. Completely useless and had to send it back. Maybe I got a bad one who knows. Won’t buy another one though. Read more

  6. Marshall Cheek

    Great quality and value for price. As advertised. Read more

  7. Matthew R

    I have several high-end micro red dots. The thing I was most surprised about with the Tasco is how clear and crisp the dot is. Apparently different people have different results based on their astigmatism. I also see the dot in the Delta Point Pro as being very crisp and clear. With certain red dots, I will see a star effect around the dot, especially on brighter settings. If there is oil or dirt on the lens, the dot with get distorted with any red dot. (try to avoid touching the lens and try to keep it clean) I did not receive an operation manual with the red dot. I could not find it on the Tasco website. I eventually looked at other products and figured out how to turn it on and off. (touch a button to turn it on, hold the down arrow to turn it off) There isn’t much to it but I wanted to read something. The battery comes installed with a piece of clear plastic on one side. Remove the battery cover and pull the battery out to remove this and reinstall in the same orientation. I use a cleaning pen to gently remove dust and dirt. You use the brush side first to remove anything larger so you do not scratch the lens. (and maybe some canned air) Then you can gently clean the outside with the other end. The inside is difficult to clean so you should make sure you never touch it. The sight is relatively small but similar to other dots that I own. The thin metal case does make it seems smaller. Some micro red dots can handle a lot of abuse. I assume this one would not handle as much but for range use it is fine. The pic rail mount works but you have to unthread the screw to about the last thread to get it to fit on the rail. When you tighten it the screw is just long enough without sticking out so I understand why it is this length. (not a big deal) The operation is simple. The buttons are ok. Normally they are a little hard to press so they do not get adjusted inadvertently. I am fine with that. They are right next to each other instead of one on either side which is ok as well. You do not have to remove the sight to change the battery. (it is a little tray on the side held in with a small phillips screw) Tools do come with it to mount it to a rail and change the battery. I have had out of box quality issues with my other (expensive) red dots and I just end up getting a replacement. This one was working properly out of the box. The battery life is lower than my other red dots. (the Holosun has a solar panel and shake awake and the Trijicon just stays on for years) If 5,000 hours is correct, that is about 208 days. It does shut off however so it may last for years. Batteries are cheap and do not take up much room in the range bag. This is probably not a big deal. This reminds me a bit of a low-cost version of the Burris FastFire. The Trijicon is super durable and the holosun has different reticle options along with a solar panel and a somewhat questionable auto-brightness setting. This dot is simpler like the Burris. If I experience any issues I will update this review. Maybe once I get some dirt on the lens the dot shape will not be so crisp. For now, the dot is very crisp and round at lower brightness settings. Read more

  8. ⪨MIND ⪨⪨🎵⪩⪩ PRIME⪩

    _________,,⪨Ꙭ⪩…__________________ ⪨ MIND ⪨⪨⭐⪩⪩ PRIME ⪩ _____📝 | REVIEW:________________________________________________ ✨|➽ TASCO Red Dot Propoint Reflex Sight_TRDPRS, Black ⦁➽ While I was looking for a Red Dot Sight, I came across this TASCO – Red Dot Sight, I liked the small compact profile that it had and I placed an order for it and it arrived a few days later. ⦁➽ Quality & Features : For the most part this Tasco Red Dot is built well and all functions work flawlessly. It’s a fairly decent compact sight, it’s easy to install onto my devices and the Red Dot is easy to see, Its brightness is also adjustable. It it is kind of a funky little sight but it works well. ⦁➽ Finish Issues: For the most part this red dot sight functions well and has some odd designs with some features…. * As for the black finish / paint it has a lot of quality issues and was already bubbling up, like paint does when there is rust under paint. It has this issue on the edges in some spots… and it looks like it has already started to lift and will chip off…. A bummer for sure… The paint Overall just isn’t up to par…. ⦁ It’s also a bit over priced in my opinion, especially for the quality issues. ⪩ Price at Time of review = $69.99 ⪨ ✪➽ OVER-ALL: Thiss a decent compact Red Dot. But the Paint issues and the price I just don’t know if it is worth it… I’m really on the fence with this product…. Not sure I would recommend this currently… Have Fun, Be Safe, Enjoy Life.. ___________⪨Ꙭ⪩_________________________________________________ ➽ ⪨ MIND ⪨⪨ ✨ ⪩⪩ PRIME ⪩ ➽ SCORE: 3 Stars >> ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ✪ I Hope That My Review Was Informative & Helpful ! ✪ Thanks for Reading! __________________________________________________________________ 📦 ➽ Product Information: ⦁ EFFICIENT CLEAR 4 MOA DOT WITH 6 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: Point source LED creates a clean beam that produces a strong dot without wasting energy. With high setting providing clear day light viewing down to low settings for night visibility. ⦁ LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE: With 5,000 hours on the mid setting (Setting 4) you won’t need to change the battery any time soon. The side loading battery is easy to replace without removing the sight from the firearm retaining your zero. ⦁ MOUNTS ON PISTOLS, ARs AND SHOTGUNS: Works across all common red dot mounts with Deltapoint Pro footprint and included weaver low-rise mount. ⦁ DURABLE, 6061-T6 METAL CONSTRUCTION: Rugged aluminum chassis ensures the glass and optic internals are protected during field use and is pistol recoil tested with .45 ACP over thousands of rounds. ⦁ CONVENIENT LAYOUT AND DESIGN: Windage /Elevation adjustment with tension locks. Side loading battery (CR2032) for easy replacement. Easy access push button design for brightness setting adjustment. Includes protective form fit cover. _______________________________________________________________________ ✨|➽ TASCO Red Dot Propoint Reflex Sight_TRDPRS, Black _______________________________________________________________________ ➽ ⪨ MIND ⪨⪨ ✨ ⪩⪩ PRIME ⪩ __________________________________ Read more

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