The flex belt stomach muscle toner , black, 24″-forty seven”

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  • ensure this fits by coming into your model number.
  • fda cleared for firming, strengthening and firming abdominal muscle tissue
  • medical grade stomach firming era for males and females
  • clinically verified effects you may see and feel in just weeks
  • 100-percent of customers said their abs felt more toned and firm , ninety two. 3-percent of customers felt the firmness in their belly muscle tissue improved
  • notice:the gel pads need to be nicely positioned over the steel studs. Commands and photos of the system are outlined at the person guide. The gel pads are blanketed and ought to be replaced every 20-30 periods

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the flex belt ab belt workout

  • 100% of customers mentioned that their abs felt greater toned and company.
  • ninety two. 3% of customers felt that the firmness of their ab muscles elevated.
  • the flex belt is indicated for the development of abdominal muscle tone, for strengthening of belly muscular tissues, and for the development of a less assailable abdomen.

    510(okay) clearance #100320.

    lisa rinna – actress, author and fitness lover

    with my agenda i cannot do an ab exercise every day, but with the flex belt i’ll positioned it on each day because i am doing things at the identical time. So it’s truly simply being clever.

    my abs feel like i’ve had the most tremendous exercise and i just wore the flex belt across the house for half-hour.

    i might by no means stand at the back of a product that i didn’t trust in one hundred% and that i consider in the flex belt.

    so right here i am telling you in case you’d like to strive the flex belt, it really works!

    see what fitness professionals say.

  • rectus abdominis – the critical stomach muscle tissue (six-percent)
  • inner obliques – tightens the middle
  • outside obliques – for extra flexibility
  • transversus abdominis – crucial for center health & power
  • with the flex belt, you may teach your abs even if you’re too busy or too tired for a traditional exercising.

    our clinically confirmed, patented clinical-grade technology stimulates the nerves that make your muscular tissues contract and loosen up. As a result, you get an effective stomach exercise that targets all the muscle tissues on your stomach.

    being an athlete and fitness version for maximum of my lifestyles i realize that proper abs come from quite a few tough paintings.

    i was blown away via how severe the contractions were on my abs and the way improbable they felt after my first flex belt stomach exercising. What became even greater top notch become the benefit of it. I should put the flex belt on and retain doing other things!

    product description

    the flex belt uses clinically demonstrated ems era that sporting events all the muscle mass of the stomach. This particular layout sporting events all of the stomach muscle groups simultaneously. The belt sends a sign through your nerves to all of your belly muscle mass inflicting them to agreement and loosen up. This repetitive action builds stronger, less assailable and greater toned muscle groups. Belt suits waist sizes 24 to 47 inches (61cm-119cm).

    6 reviews for The flex belt stomach muscle toner , black, 24″-forty seven”

    1. Eric D Chase

      When using it I felt my muscle toning for sure, but I had to use it 5 times a week for an hour for about 3 weeks before noticing any improvements. But none of that matters now. The unit just flashes with an error everytime I try and use it now. It lasted maybe 3 months. I’m going to try and get a replacement, and I will update if I’m successful. Read more

    2. John Ruble

      This is the 3rd belt I’ve purchased

    3. Jane Anna

      I am an elderly woman in my mid 70’s who had lost my good posture and kept building abdominal fat. My brother is using an electronic device which helps reduce his arthritic pain. He recommended this device. He said they truly work. While I do watch my weight, and due to allergies, have few vices, it was obvious I needed help with abs. Two times a day with one day a week off has worked wonders for me. My posture has improved and my lower back pain is 80 – 90% improved in 5 weeks. I still find it hard to believe. Give this a try. Read more

    4. Paul Wyman

      I’ve used a TENS unit for years and am very familiar with the electric sensation this unit provides. I must say, however, the Flex Belt is far better constructed than I imagined and it fits comfortably around my 38″ waist. It’s also very thoughtfully designed with various programs and settings. The ability to recharge the control unit without replacing the battery is also a plus. You can also replace the rechargeable battery, when needed, or the entire control unit if it fails. It’s all very modular. Others have covered the effectiveness of using this belt and I concur with their observations. My abdominal muscle tone has improved considerably after only a few weeks of daily use. I’m most fond of program #7 as it provides intermittent crunches that really grab you. I definitely give the Flex Belt five stars both for its design and effectiveness. Two caveats I thought I’d share: first, if you clean the oil off your skin with Windex or other household cleaner prior to use, the pads will retain their stickiness far longer. I’ve been using mine daily for a month now and the pads feel almost new. This should help with the overall cost. Adding conductive gel does work, and is inexpensive, but you are left with residue on your skin that must be cleaned off with a solvent, like Goo Gone. A fine mist of water on the pads also helps with conductivity as they age. Second, I had hoped there was a way to arrive at the higher settings more quickly. I’m now using 120 and getting there takes some time in increments of 1. There is a work around, however. If you push the “+” keys then lean your thumb back slightly, the settings advance by 10 instead of 1. I didn’t see this function listed in the manual but it was a welcome discovery. If you hit the information key by mistake it seems to pause things so it can be a bit tricky finding the sweet spot, at least initially. Overall, highly recommended! Read more

    5. Chance

      I was one of those people who had bought an ab belt back in the ’90s. Back then they weren’t very powerful or effective. I was hesitant about this one due to memories of my experience in the past. This is not like the belts from the past! The pads are large and effective. I have been taking care of mine and am past the 6 week mark. They still seem to be in great shape. The control and power system are much better than the three program controllers from the past. There is a program for just about any thing I might want to do. The power settings go to 150, I am at 125 after almost a month and it still is like getting punched in the stomach. There have been complaints this belt doesn’t work well and I suspect it has to do with body fat. I have noticed the strength of the power pulse seems stronger since I have lowered my body fat from a little over 20% to closer to 18%. If you have significant belly fat, you might want to wait until you loose a little weight. This does work, both my muscle tone and ab strength have increased. I would recommend it to a friend. Read more

    6. Tells it like it is..

      I have been using this belt system and yes you can feel the squeezing / tightening effects on your abs. They use this electric pulse therapy in some fashion in rehab programs to fix muscle deficiencies. So it is a proven method. The thing is this. It is working on the abs UNDERNEATH your overlaying fat pad. It does nothing to get rid of an excess layer of fat obscuring those muscles worked on. So you use this in conjunction with a weight loss, fat burning workout to actually see the results. But if you choose to keep the extra fat layer over those muscles you will still have the benefits of an improved core for your everyday tasks. For instance the tighter / toned muscles may help those with back problems. To get the flex belt to actually work to do its job you do have to get the settings up to where you don’t exactly feel comfortable. You need to feel more than just a tingling from the pulses, but the actual contractions upon you stomach. You need to really feel the squeezing. For me that was at least a setting of 80. But if you are new to this, don’t do that. Start with just the tingling levels for you and build up to the squeezing part, otherwise the full sensation will feel too disturbing at the beginning. If after usage for a time, the belt function doesn’t act normally to the higher settings and the connection between the remote and belt seem fine, then it is probably the gel pads which need replacing. For like if you see the belt emitting too frequent ‘on and off’ pulses. I think some of the negative reviews for that it doesn’t work are from clearly overweight people who expect the belt to take care of the fat problem too. After this usage just push a finger onto through the stomach area to feel it harder than before. Finally this belt system may serve to motivate one to watch diet and undertake another exercise program to bring those toned abs into view. When I lost a bunch of weight with other exercise efforts after first toning with the flex belt for some time, wow I then saw the nice abs, previously hidden underneath. Hope this helps. Read more

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