Theraband aquatic hand bar dumbbell weight with padded grip

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  • remarkable tool for aquatic bodily therapy, hydrotherapy, and pool fitness and to growth variety of movement within the upper and decrease extremities
  • growth flexibility in the lower back and strengthen the decrease returned, stomach muscle mass and obliques with exercises like water walking, rowing and push downs
  • ideal for elbow and shoulder flexion and extension, 6 kilos of pressure had to submerge
  • fun accessory and water exercising system for aqua zumba, water aerobics or popular pool workout activities
  • to be had in three resistance and buoyancy tiers to in shape consumer want – blue, heavy is 15″ x four”, is available in a pair
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theraband hand bars – water dumbbells for pool exercise

water dumbbells provide extra resistance at some stage in water workout routines and aquatic fitness instructions. Task your self to improve your aerobic or energy ordinary via adding water weights! Start with the novice-stage hand bars and progress to the intermediate and superior resistance bars.

hand bar physical activities

even as standing in shoulder-deep water, preserve the hand bars out at your aspects. Preserving your arms immediately, push the weights through the water and all the way down to your sides. Return to the beginning position, and repeat for 10-20 reps.

whilst floating for your stomach, submerge the hand bars and maintain them towards your chest. Push down into the water to extend your elbows. Go back to the beginning role, and repeat for 10-20 reps.

even as standing in shoulder-deep water, submerge the hand bars and hold them at your waist. Press one weight down into the water whilst retaining the opposite at your waist. Return to the beginning role, and repeat on the other side. Carry out 10 reps on each sides.

expert permitted

swim coaches, bodily therapists, and different fitness experts use water weights for the duration of hydrotherapy and aquatic training to expand upper and lower frame muscle mass. Those buoyant foam weights are brilliant for rehabilitation of shoulder injuries and after shoulder surgeries, and swim class instructors use hand bars to growth resistance for the duration of upper and decrease body water workout routines.

complete line of aquatic merchandise

theraband offers of a complete line of swim training and strengthening products that make pool workout routines a laugh and hard.

theraband hand bars

exquisite for aqua zumba workout routines and other pool sporting activities, theraband aquatic dumbbells add resistance to reinforce your arms and shoulders.

theraband closed chain disc

this disc is designed to update kickboards and other water resistance merchandise. Its straps are wonderful for connecting the disc to both hands or feet and are adjustable so the disc stays in area while you exercise in the pool.

theraband pull buoys

pull buoys will let you upload buoyancy for your decrease body while schooling and developing muscle mass to your higher frame. The webbed straps can help you alter the buoys between your legs for maximum consolation.

theraband kickroller

the theraband kickroller is designed to stretch and strengthen the trunk and top frame for the duration of pool physical activities. Similar to hand bars, this tool is extraordinary for adding resistance when pushing and pulling in the water.

product description

theraband hand exercisers are a product for hands, arms or forearms. They are to be had in shapes (standard and elongated) and in five progression tiers. Their specific soft sense allows customers to complete an expansion of actions to reinforce grip, increase dexterity and mobility, and enhance quality and gross motor skills thru a system of innovative compression even as presenting the delivered gain of hot and bloodless therapy. The xl, elongated hand exerciser is one-0. 33 large than the same old size and is designed for patients with arthritis or huge arms. Every exerciser is in my view packaged with exercising illustrations. Lightly dirt with corn starch or child powder to attain desired texture.


Heavy – Blue, Light – Red, Medium – Green

8 reviews for Theraband aquatic hand bar dumbbell weight with padded grip

  1. laffing@themoon

    Bought a set of these and the green, smaller ones in April of 2017. Our pool isn’t heated so we couldn’t use these until the end of June, when the water was warm enough. We used them for about 4 months, storing them in the shade in a plastic box. Took them out this year, same story. Now it’s mid-August so they’ve been used 2 months this year and stored in the shade when not in use. They were used about 3-4 times/week for an hour (that’s being generous, it was often about 30 minutes) each session. So… approx. 6 months of use, less than 100 hours of use, being stored in the shade and they are crumbling and shredding, leaving white debris in our pool. As soon as we pick them up, a white powder and white crumbs come off in our hands. Why not a 1-star rating? They were great for awhile. Now we need to find something that won’t decompose with so little use. Maybe the distributor sent us ones that had been sitting in a warehouse for too long. Phooey! Read more

  2. Kelly Creason

    I started water aerobics at a local community pool and they used the light and medium size of these weights. I slowly grew accustomed to them so bought my own heavy set. I love them. I now take them to my LA Fitness water exercise classes because the ones they have aren’t “heavy” enough. They do NOT absorb any water whatsoever, contrary to one of the reviews here. I simply wipe them off and throw them in the back seat of my car after class. Unless you gave worked with the lighter weights, I don’t recommend going straight to the heavy ones. Read more

  3. Shari C

    I did some research before I bought these and talked to a lot of water aerobic instructors. These kinds of bells seem to have the least amount of injury for water aerobics. I wanted the cool looking ones that fit in my bag better but people are getting rotater shoulder injuries from those. Yikes! These are bulky, but so efficient. They work really well, especially for first timers. And they make working out way more fun. I got some for my Mom and with a little exercise, she can walk up stairs again! Read more

  4. MC

    These arrived very quickly and they are awesome aquatic weights! I am 59 years old and work out in my hot tub with these. I start with the heavy weights (blue) until I can do no more of each exercise, and then continue with the medium weight (green)t. My son is a personal trainer and suggested this technique. They are made very well and get the job done! If you just Google “hot tub exercises” you will find many types of arm and leg workouts you can do in a hot tub (if you do not have a pool)! Highly recommend! Read more

  5. K. M. Noel

    I ordered these for use in the pool. I’m just moved into a condominium unit with a pool in the complex which I’ve never had before these are absolutely wonderful for water exercise! I’ve introduced several people at the pool to them and I think there’s going to be a couple more purchases because of that. When a woman likes them for physical therapy after her stroke. I ordered the heaviest ones because I’m pretty strong but if you’re just starting out you might want to go with the light or medium weight. Read more


    Got the large to workout with best resistance. Happy with the large set and use them everyday in the pool. Previously had ordered from another seller differently dumbbells. Was totally disappointed due to the ends pop off. Cheaper less dense material used on previous set. Don’t bother with other sets. Get this one! It’s more dense and caps do not pop off. These have pvc pipe ends glued on. Read more

  7. Appa

    I am in my late 30s and have been taking swim aerobics classes 1-2 times a week for a little over a year (minus several months missed due to COVID) and I have really liked how working out in the water alleviates discomfort and/or pain in my upper/lower back pretty consistently. Our gym has always provided the TheraBand dumbells; however, I realized quite a while later that they were of the light/medium ‘weight’. I decided to go with this brand because I knew they would last me quite a long time! Even though I have a small frame (5’4″, 110 lbs), I was looking for more resistance for arm workouts, and these ‘heavy’ dark blue waterweights are awesome! I feel buffer already. Have fun, friends! Read more

  8. Bud Esper

    Purchased these just over a year ago. Worked fine the first season. But second season, not so good. The foam material has started to flake off. Bits of foam are showing up in the skimmer, and sometimes observable in the pool water. We are taking these out of use now, looking for a better alternative. Read more

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