Theraband hand exerciser, pressure ball for hand, wrist, finger, forearm, grip strengthening & remedy, squeeze ball to increase hand flexibility & relieve joint ache, x-huge

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your version wide variety.
  • precise smooth sense hand exerciser ball for rehabbing and strengthening palms, and is important for rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, guitarists, pianists, and racket sports activities gamers to growth grip energy
  • brilliant for growing flexibility, variety of movement, best and gross motor abilties and relieving arthritis pain, may be heated or cooled for hot and bloodless remedy remedy and is simple to easy with cleaning soap and water
  • product may additionally come to be tacky with use, and you can lessen stickiness sincerely by dusting product with both corn starch or baby powder
  • the softer yellow and purple fashions are a non-messy alternative at hand putty, more potent models are a miles better choice than fashionable stress balls or different hand strength gadgets
  • eight lbs. Of force at 50% compression, 2” diameter x 3. Five” duration oval, with exercising commands
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theraband hand exerciser

theraband hand exercisers are specially formulated exercisers for hand, finger and forearm strengthening, as well as warm and cold remedy. Use the hand exerciser in rehabilitation workouts to treat a number of hand accidents.

the standard size hand exerciser is designed for smaller palms and the greater big length for larger hands or for people who’ve limited hand mobility. Revolutionary resistance in different degrees of compression permit for a customized therapy routine.

  • arthritis ache relief
  • repetitive pressure harm treatment
  • strain reduction
  • stroke recuperation
  • hot or cold therapy

    the theraband hand exerciser may be heated or chilled to assist in hot or bloodless therapy packages. To heat, really place in the microwave for some seconds. To sit back, vicinity the hand exerciser inside the fridge for a couple hours.

    higher than putty

    not like putty, the hand exerciser lets in full variety of motion with regular resistance at some point of the variety and returns to its natural state. The softer yellow and red models fill the space between putty and spring devices and are mess-free.

    the theraband hand exerciser also can be effortlessly cleaned with warm, soapy water, so that you never have to worry about grimy putty.

    different rehabilitation options

    the theraband hand exerciser also can be brought to foot and toe rehabilitation. Use the hand exerciser to bolster feet and treat plantar fasciitis and other reasons of foot pain.

    countless exercise possibilities

    these cautioned sporting events are designed to bolster muscle groups inside the hand, wrist, and forearm and can be tailored based to your needs and capabilities. Assignment yourself to progress to the following resistance stage in every exercise!


    Black – Extra Firm, Blue – Firm, Green – Medium

    8 reviews for Theraband hand exerciser, pressure ball for hand, wrist, finger, forearm, grip strengthening & remedy, squeeze ball to increase hand flexibility & relieve joint ache, x-huge

    1. Amazon Customer

      I love this thing! I am on the autism spectrum and ordered it to have it for stimulation/focus at work. I sit at a cubicle making phone calls, so I will with squeeze it or bounce it off of my wall. I ordered the black one. Read more

    2. nativepeach

      I picked up one of these off the desk of a co-worker and had a hard time putting it down. I was expecting it to feel like the usual stress ball, but you can tell immediately that this is a completely different type of product. The texture of the ball is very squishy and feels wonderful in your hands. I originally tried the extra large black ball, which is the most firm, and found that I had inadvertently overworked my hands by just mindlessly playing with it for a few hours. The packaging clearly states that you should take it slowly and not overwork in the beginning, but I was not aware of that until I purchased my own exerciser. I decided on the extra large blue ball and can tell that it is not as firm as the black, nor will it tire my hands as much, but I can definitely still feel it working. I have some stiffness from arthritis and using a tablet too often, so this really helps loosen things up and stretch out the tightness. Also helps loosen my wrists. I highly recommend these exercisers, and have purchased a soft one for my elderly mother who has severe arthritis. It did have a slight chemical odor, but that diminished quickly. I have also washed mine with soap and water which left it incredibly sticky, but a little cornstarch returned it to a smooth unsticky state. Read more

    3. amak

      I recommend this product to all my older adult patients to help strengthen their hands and fingers.They love the fact that they can heat it up in the microwave and use as heat therapy when they have pain. I found the XL to be better and more comfortable to manipulate their standard size hand exercisers. Read more

    4. Nick

      I have tried several other brands to maintain strength and mobility after OT for my hands. I have arthritis in both hands/thumbs/fingers. This product is great! And, oh by the way, the price is better. The therapist tells me — motion is lotion! Move it to retain ROM and strength. This product will greatly assist in doing just that. Read more

    5. Linda B.

      These have been very helpful in aiding in recovery after a mallet finger injury where you must keep finger in a splint for 2 months or so. Everything gets stiff, muscles atrophy, etc. while tendon heals – so using these to gain back strength has been very very beneficial!! Read more

    6. G.M

      After an injury, it helped exercise my wrist and fingers. Its flexible yet offers some resistance and seems to be durable. I use Thera-Band bands as well (black). Overall, I like the brand. Read more

    7. J Mower

      It’s made of a nice springy material that exercises my hand well. I have little hand strength after a repetitive stress injury, so this is helping a lot. And I can put it in the microwave, heat it up a few seconds, and then it feels just great! Read more

    8. Helen Bertrand

      Working well for what it was intended. Read more

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