Trampoline seasoned rock wall climber for trampolines easy to climb & huge sufficient to slide down incredible for children

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your model wide variety.
  • lifetime parts guarantee – if it breaks we’re going to send elements or replace it at no cost to you!
  • fun and smooth to climb even in comparison to traditional ladders. Plus children can slide backtrack!
  • long lasting production of metallic and heavy-duty trampoline cloth. Slider is 54″ in duration
  • danger free buy with 30 day return coverage. Trouble-unfastened returns inside 30 days of buy in case you do not just like the slider for any cause
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product description

the slider is a exceptional addition to any trampoline!

easy to climb & smooth to slip!

  • kids and adultsenjoy the slide
  • cool capabilities!

  • will no longer paintings with in-floor or springfree trampolines
  • the pals and the children will envy your first-rate trampoline
  • youngsters love the slider!

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  • lifetime elements alternative
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    Green/Black, Rock Wall Climber

    8 reviews for Trampoline seasoned rock wall climber for trampolines easy to climb & huge sufficient to slide down incredible for children

    1. Green Mountain

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Listen, I’m all for spending $ for a product that serves a purpose/makes life a little easier. Unfortunately, this awkward ramp/slide/tarp thing doesn’t fall under that category. We bought this as a safer alternative (than a 3ft stepladder) for my almost 2yr to get down from tramp. Somehow, this product seems LESS safe: it’s steep, the added surface area allows for MORE potential to fall off sides, and its flimsy and just not durable. I lightly pressed my foot on it, and you can hear the Velcro (and seams!?) ripping off (not secure!) also, the support beams BENT- in a way that sunk the middle and rendered it useless (that’s in addition to the safety issues). Seems like this thing might last a week with average use. If you’re even slightly handy, I suggest you construct a ramp yourself, it surely couldn’t be worse. I’m just not sold. Too bad, because it’s a great idea- but executed poorly and extremely low quality for the price. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Kids bypass this and just use the ladder. Bought it for my one year old who would climb up the ladder but then fall down on her face to the ground. Now she just slides down and then falls on her face. Well apparently my review above was a little premature. My daughter is now 18 months old and loves this slide as well as all of the other kids I own. We recently got a puppy and he flies out of the trampoline right down the slide. I’m not going to lie, I even like to slide down it. And I’m the mom. Read more

    3. Chris Durkin

      So I got our trampoline from a job I worked, where previous tenants left it and didn’t want it anymore. It was in sort of rough shape, but I’ve been slowly fixing it up back to new. Though I wonder if I shouldn’t just buy a new one, but it works perfectly so it feels like it would be a waste of money. Anyway it didn’t have a ladder when I got it, so my son and his friends were using a little 2” high work platform as a step up. But after all the neighbor kids found out we have a trampoline, it was making me nervous not having a proper, safe way for the little kids to climb up. This thing is perfect. It’s a really good idea, I liked it better than the actual ladders they make for trampolines. There have been 3 year olds on up to 10 year olds who’ve used it and it works just fine. I even tried it out first and it doesn’t flinch under my 170lbs. Only criticism I have is that it seems a little pricey for what it is. The all metal trampoline ladders can be half the price, and this is essentially made with the same materials the trampoline is. But it is unique, so I suppose that’s why. I really like how it connects to the trampoline though, it removes any possibility of the kids falling into it while bouncing around and bumping their heads or something, as there’s just nothing protruding. See attached pics- Read more

    4. Shelly Belly Jelly McFelly

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We have had the jump slider for a few years now and we love it. It took the kids a week or two to master climbing up and down it but do not worry if it seems too steep for them at first. Trust me it’s not, they will figure it out and climb up and down it with the greatest of ease. Like anything else, it takes a little practice and getting used to. Our one year old even uses it. It has been so nice not having to go outside, put the baby on the trampoline then wait by the edge for her to get off. She does it all by herself! Over the years we have had it, it was used constantly by kids of all ages, even teenagers. It held up wonderfully and surpassed my expectations. Finally though the stitching began to come out on the tarp and it was rendered unusable. I contacted the company and sent them a photo of my slider and to my surprise they sent a new one no questions asked except…”where shall we send your brand new slider”. This has been the best purchase I have ever made. The new jump slider frame design seems a bit more flimsy than the old design however I tested it with my weight just to make sure it wouldn’t buckle under a kid, and it held up! So far the jump slider has not let us down so we are going to give the new design a try and hopefully it does not disappoint. Read more

    5. Tiff

      Not amazing quality, but exactly what I needed. It’s very wobbly, which really sucks because my kids are young (a 3 year old and a 19 month old). It’s definitely safer than the logs we were using before though. And the kids love it. My biggest annoyance with it is the fact that it folds in half, every time someone pulls on it at all, the thing comes apart and I have to shove all the bungee cord back into the pipes. Wish it was a solid piece. Read more

    6. Laurie M McKichan

      Okay, so I’ve seen the negative reviews but I went with the 72% that gave it 5 stars. Still, I was apprehensive… It’s great! It’s not cheap feeling at all. Nice thick all weather, heavy duty fabric. Easy to assemble. The kids love it and it’s WAY safer than a ladder. I have a 4 and 8 year old. They do need to wear their Crocs to climb up it but I think if you’re kids wear grip socks that would work too. The kids don’t seem to mind walking up in their Crocs and then just setting them by the door. The stitching and quality, again, appears to be solid. I really can’t understand the negative reviews. Read more

    7. Nika

      I wish the directions would have mentioned the bungee inside of the legs. It is great for my 2 year old to get in and out of the trampoline. We have a Skywalker 15′ square trampoline and it fits perfect. Read more

    8. TechMan

      We bought a trampoline this summer and my 18 month old was getting frustrated because she could not get on or off the trampoline. We bought this slide and it fit our trampoline perfectly. We have three kids, 5 yr, 3 yr, 1 yr. All three of them loved sliding down the slide when they get off the trampoline. Great bargain for a good price. The slide is made of trampoline material and feels durable. Read more

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