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  • make sure this suits by way of coming into your version variety.
  • skinny the front publish (. 122” width) promotes a bigger field of view for instant goal identification and engagement at longer distances
  • glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent painted front define combines with a “u” notch rear, and black painted rear outlines to quickly draw your eye to the front put up in all lighting fixtures conditions
  • tritium phosphor-stuffed glass lamp illuminates points of interest for excessive visibility in all lighting conditions
  • each trijicon tritium lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel that allows frivolously distribute the mild and also acts as an additional layer of protection from puncture and cleaning solvents
  • suits: fnh fns-9, fnx-nine and fnp-nine models
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  • how visible are the rear sights at night time? Is the the front sight the identical height as the manufacturing unit at the fnx-9?
  • question: how visible are the rear sights at night time? Is the the front sight the equal height as the manufacturing unit at the fnx-9? Solution: not necessarily visible at night time – relies upon at the ambient mild source. Rear attractions are larger and really beneficial for double-tap capturing. I suggest them. Through frank markey on november 18, 2017 disintegrate all solutions

  • will those points of interest healthy on a fns 9mm?
  • question: will those sights fit on a fns 9mm? Answer: sure. I hooked up them on my fns9 with the aid of carlos r. Oneill on december 1, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (1) disintegrate all solutions

  • do those points of interest paintings for a tactical fnx45 or a non tactical? Due to the fact i have a non tactical one
  • query: do those points of interest paintings for a tactical fnx45 or a non tactical? Due to the fact i have a non tactical one answer: i’ve a fnp 45 non tactical – no threaded barrel. I believe this version has been changed by using the fnx 45 but they’re basically the identical. Paid a gunsmith to put in and bore sight. First rate the front sight acquisition in daylight hours and awesome night attractions. Via ron huston on december 30, 2015 did not get answers. See more answers (five) fall apart all answers

  • will this in shape the fn-9compact?
  • question: will this suit the fn-9compact? Answer: yes. They went right on mine. Satisfactory points of interest you can buy for the fns9c by aubrey h on february 21, 2018 collapse all solutions


    HD Orange Front Outline, HD XR Orange Front Outline, HD XR Yellow Front Outline, HD Yellow Front Outline


    FNS-40, FNX-40 and FNP-40, FNS-9, FNX-9 and FNP-9, FNX-45 and FNP-45

    8 reviews for Trijicon fn04-c-600988 fnh shiny

    1. Daniel Liles

      I found a great deal on my FN 509. And since this pistol is currently on back order it’s virtually impossible to find. I was looking for a day carry weapon that was lighter than the Sig Sauer P228 I have carried since 2012. The FN is a great summer carry pistol especially when I am wearing shorts at the beach or wherever. So I was looking for a reasonably priced premium brand. The FN 509 fit the bill perfectly. The only negative is that the “luminescent” white dot sights were basically worthless in low light situations. I admittedly a Trijicon fan boy so I chose the standard white outlined tritium set and they are as expected………fantastic. With Trijicon and Aimpoint you always know what to expect. The metal encased lamps are super bright and they look great on the pistol. For a concealed carry I have a winner for sure now. Read more

    2. Andrew

      I bought these hoping that they would help me shoot my .45 more accurately. I’ve always had trouble with the standard white three dot sights that came with my FNX-45. After my gunsmith installed these for me, I was shooting much more accurately. The U shaped rear sight gives you a clear picture along with the orange front sight. The three dots all glow green at night. This may cause confusion used at night. It’s too bad they don’t offer the big dot sights for the FN. During the day, these sights do very well. I recommend these to any pistol owner. Read more

    3. ST

      Good sights. Easy to install on FNX-9 once front is sized down. Visually an improvement over stock sights. Problem was made my groupings a little too low. There’s no way to adjust elevation. The front sight is taller than stock which causes the problem. Looking for another sight to replace this one. Read more

    4. John

      They are phenomenal…. But a word of caution make sure have a sight pusher and I don’t mean a cheap one off Amazon I learned this the hard way I broke my front sight using a cheap sight pusher. I ended up purchasing the Maryland gun works sight tool and it made the job 20x easier after I had to re purchase another front sight. These sights are way to expensive to be messing around with the wrong tools. Read more

    5. Amber

      I still need to install these and try them at the range but the tritium is working and they look great. I will update once I’ve had some range time. Update: These are fantastic carry sights, I was able to quickly move between targets because of the large orange front sight. Read more

    6. Albert Parent

      Front sights are warped, e.g. the sight itself was tilted to the left because the bottom wasn’t even on both sides. You can see it just by holding it in your hand. This is annoying because I paid a gunsmith to install it and found out that way, so I am also out the $40 I paid the gunsmith. Have contacted the seller because you can’t return these to Amazon, even if bought with prime, because of the tritium. Read more

    7. TexVet

      I liked the combat sights that came with my FNH FNX45 but I LOVE these! Target acquisition is faster is all forms of light but especially in darkness and dimly lit area’s. Even in situations where the rear sights are washed out by light it is still very quick to pick up the front sight and hit your target. My only con to these sights is I should have bought them sooner! Read more

    8. R. Overall

      I now have a set of these on my H&K VP9, Glock 42, and Glock 43. Just installed a set on an FNH FNS9. For my old eyes, they do help obtain and retain aim in light, dim, or dark. No clearance problems fitting in or drawing from Blackhawk! Serpa CQC holsters on those guns. Read more

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