Trijicon night sight units for glock pistols

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  • ensure this fits by way of coming into your model wide variety.
  • excessive visibility coloured front sight submit: glow-in-the-darkish photoluminescent paint aids visibility and quicker goal acquisition in transitional mild
  • subdued rear sight: angled and serrated surface to reduce glare, and black painted jewelry to beautify consciousness on the front sight
  • “u” notch rear sight: specially designed rear notch complements front sight acquisition
  • tritium-phosphor lamp: tritium-crammed glass lamp gives superior illumination in no mild or low light settings
  • fits glock models: 17, 17l, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38 and 39
  • trijicon hd and hd xr night points of interest are not well matched with the glock mos pistol platform; trijicon shiny & tough night time sights for glock suppressor height sights must be used
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from the producer

trijicon iron points of interest for glock

bright & difficult, hd night time points of interest and hd xr night points of interest.

the primary preference of experts

traditional iron points of interest are often ineffective in low-light situations, so we did some thing about that. Trijicon iron points of interest for glock handguns excel in a huge range of lighting conditions (including low light) and are constructed with our legendary sturdiness to deal with some thing comes their way. Take gain of advanced generation for aiming answers you may believe. Select from trijicon brilliant & tough night attractions, hd night time points of interest and hd xr night sights.

trijicon iron points of interest for glock

trijicon brilliant & tough night time points of interest are a self-luminous, three-dot, night time sight opportunity to standard iron points of interest. They’re the first desire of essential handgun producers and standard difficulty with numerous nearby, state and federal regulation enforcement companies.

shade aggregate alternatives are all inexperienced lamps, yellow rear lamps and orange rear lamps.

trijicon hd night time sights are a self-luminous, three-dot night time sight set of specific design. The the front sight capabilities a distinctly visible photoluminescent paint define to quicken sight acquisition. The ‘u’ notch rear sight is angled and serrated to reduce glare and useful resource in the front-sight awareness.

colour combination alternatives are yellow the front outline/green lamps and orange the front define/inexperienced lamps.

building on the functions of the modern hd night time sights, the trijicon hd xr night time points of interest offer a thinner the front-sight publish that allows shooters to have a bigger field of view that similarly complements the capacity to discover goals, expedite engagements and notice hits on target at longer distances.

coloration combination alternatives are yellow front define/green lamps and orange front outline/green lamps.

wonderful aiming answers

trijicon has led the industry in the improvement of superior any-mild aiming structures for the reason that company’s founding in 1981. World-famend for its modern packages of tritium and superior fiber-optics, trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and points of interest for tactical and wearing packages.

sponsored with the aid of a restricted-lifetime assurance, trijicon’s aiming systems are tested on the range and in the field. As a result, trijicon has earned the agree with of those who are most in need of aiming accuracy and dependability. The corporation is proud to matter as our clients the us marine corps, united states of america navy, usa special operations forces, united states of america government, and state and neighborhood regulation enforcement, just to call some. Trijicon is fast turning into the preferred scope amongst committed hunters for all sorts of sport, as well as capturing enthusiasts global.

trijicon glock iron sights

legendary sturdiness.


Bright & Tough, HD Orange Front Outline, HD XR Orange Front Outline, HD Yellow Front Outline


Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 and more, Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 36, 40, and 41, Glock 42 and 43

6 reviews for Trijicon night sight units for glock pistols

  1. Chris

    I am in L.E. and ordered these sights to install on my backup/off duty weapon. The price was comparable to others places and the shipping was free and fast and were advertised as new. I received the item yesterday, along with sights for my wife’s gun. Her sights were in the original Trijicon packaging, unopened. Mine came in a small ziploc bag, with no other packaging. I took the sights to one of our gunsmith’s at the department to have the sights installed. Upon further inspection, the ‘Trijicon’ name had been purposely removed from the rear sight, and information (date of manufacture) had been removed from the front sight. The front sight post still had remnants of the Loc-Tite used to install the sights on a gun (even though they were supposed to be new), and the front sight post was slightly damaged. The sight was not in an acceptable condition to put on a duty gun; perhaps someone else would have decided to install them anyways, but they do not meet my personal expectations or that of my department. Needless to say I did not have the sights installed. They are being returned first thing tomorrow and will receive a refund. NOTE: This is not a jab at Trijicon; they make excellent products and are the company we choose to outfit our issued duty weapons. This is solely on Amazon’s hands! Read more

  2. Tracey K

    Second set of Trijicon HD’s that ive purchased, have the orange on a VP9 and bought the yellow set for my glock 43. Like most folks I couldn’t decide between the colors (yellow vs orange) so I thought I’d try them both, I’m still not certain of a clear winner but the orange does seem to be a little easier for me to pickup outside in bright conditions… I debated on trying the Ameriglo I-DOT pros as they share a similar front with a single tritium insert in the rear and are substantially cheaper but after being completely satisfied with the HD’s on my VP9 I didn’t want to gamble. I’ve used standard trijicon night sights, heinie straight eights, novaks, HK photoluminescent and several other aftermarket and factory sights and these are by far my favorite setup to date. If I had one slight gripe about them it would be that I wish the rear trijicon inserts were yellow instead of green to help with differentiating them faster in low/no light conditions. I found that a dab on each of the rear inserts with a red highlighter works for me though, it still allows the rear dots to be visible to improve accuracy in the daytime and dims them just enough to help the front sight be more pronounced than the rear in low light situations. I’ll be adding these to some other guns in the future and would definitely recommend them. Read more

  3. Zach

    Forget all of the reviews saying they received the wrong product. I was concerned about those as well but they are all from at least a year ago. I ordered the GL101O and received just that. These replaced some TruGlo TFO that I have on my Glock 19 and tested them out today. POA/POI was spot on (impact was right above front sight post). It is ridiculously easy to acquire the front sight due to the orange color. I highly recommend these sights even if you have night sights already. In darkness, you see 3 green dots (like 95% of all other sights). However, during the daytime is where these shine. The orange front sight is F$%KING AMAZING even during high-noon type lighting (see picture). Buy them or regret not knowing what the best is like. For consideration, I have used several brands of night sights on various firearms. Metropolite, Amerigo, TruGlo, Trijicon, as well as the random ones manufacturers send their weapons out with. These are by far the best ones I have used. If I had the money, I would put these on the rest of my pistols. Read more

  4. Andrew

    I ordered these sights for my glock 19 as I am looking to replace the stock sights with something more useful in low light situations. The package arrived and the plastic case was unopened, however the sights were loose in the packaging. I thought maybe they had come out somehow during shipping. I opened the package to begin installing the sights and noticed that the rear sight had no tritium inserts (no rear markings at all) and the front sight said “Ameriglo H3” on them. Seems there may be issues in either the Amazon or Trijicon warehouse with people replacing the product with their used sights as these sights show signs that they have been installed previously. Read more

  5. theflipguy

    I’ve used Trijicon for years, and these new HD XR with Orange front sight are my all time, hands down favorite pistol sights. The front sight is super easy to see AND the more narrow-than-normal front sight is brilliant. Rear sight “U” shape works surprisingly well. AMAZING Customer service also ….. a sweaty slick pistol was accidentally dropped damaging my new HD’s , but the pistol was undamaged which is yet another reason to love Trijicon. Front sight was no light and rear sights worked but were seriously biffed. 100% my fault and I Told Trijicon. I fully expected them to replace the front sight and charge me. I received a note stating “Non Warranty No Charge One time Courtesy replacement” and a brand new set of HD XR’s. I was pleasantly surprised to realize Trijicon Customer Service is as good as their products. When I have to replace other sights, just like always, it will be Trijicon ! Read more

  6. Colin1337

    I am an LEO and purchased these sights for my backup weapon to try out, with plans of putting some on my duty pistol as well. Unfortunately my front sight is so dim that even in complete darkness I cannot see it. Because of this I cannot currently recommend these to anyone who relies on their weapon for work. I have reached out to Trijicon customer support and will update this review accordingly if I am able to get a proper working replacement. Read more

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