Trijicon tr23 accupoint 5-20×50 riflescope

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  • make certain this suits by way of entering your version variety.
  • superior first-rate lenses: multi-coated lenses offer superior readability and mild accumulating competencies with 0 distortion
  • battery-free illumination: fiber optic era routinely adjusts the brightness stage and comparison of the reticle aiming point to available light situations and a tritium phosphor lamp illuminates the reticle in low to no mild
  • plane-grade aluminum housing: all-climate rugged construction protects towards the toughest elements
  • 2nd focal aircraft reticle: reticle size remains regular as magnification will increase which offers a extra actual aiming point at better magnifications
  • 0 forward emission: the illuminated reticle doesn’t mission any illumination from the objective lens
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trijicon accupoint

5-20×50 riflescope.

amplify your variety in any light

trijicon’s longest-variety accupoint scope, the 5-20×50 riflescope, gives tactical shooters, varmint hunters and regulation enforcement snipers the capability to accurately expand their variety in any light. It offers battery-free illumination (courtesy of fiber optics and tritium) and functions clean-to-use external adjuster controls for windage and elevation adjustment and a aspect parallax adjuster for more desirable accuracy at lengthy ranges.

bac triangle post (available in red, green or amber)

extraordinarily eye-pleasant for long hours of scoping and capturing.

standard duplex crosshair (available in amber or inexperienced)

provides a vivid aiming factor without the need for batteries.

mil-dot crosshair (available in amber or green)

compensates for bullet drop and offers reference for observe up shot compensation.

bac triangle



stronger accuracy

battery-free illumination you can accept as true with.




MIL-Dot Crosshair, Standard Duplex Crosshair

8 reviews for Trijicon tr23 accupoint 5-20×50 riflescope

  1. King Of Scotland

    Started with my first Trijicon optic (ACOG) earlier this year and again, not at all disappointed. Glass is extremely clear even when fully zoomed and being able to open/close the fiber-optic helps a lot when shooting in full sun. Fiber optic works well with any type of light and in complete darkness, the tritium is easy to pick up. Not sure if it’s my eyes, retical or the small glowing dot, but it seems that the speed-of-focus is quicker than other optics I’ve tried including NightForce. Because I shoot way more often inside 300yds, I really like the quick target acquisition and focus and have even noticed that after a lot of shooting that my eyes don’t seem to blur. I may look at adding a larger dial on the zoom since it is pretty tight. I highly recommend! Read more

  2. L. Bradshaw

    I have always been intrigued by Trijicon scopes but this was my first one to purchase. I put on top of my Ruger M77 Hawkeye Hunter chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and couldn’t be happier! I went with the AMBER color triangle and it just seems to be the most pleasing to my eye in all situations. I harvested a nice whitetail opening weekend with the set up and target acquisition was just so FAST and VISIBLE. I LOVE this reticle! Just went to range and re-sighted in for an 85gr varmint round and about to put the hurt on some coyotes in the Texas Panhandle over Thanksgiving. Can’t wait. So happy with this purchase. Read more

  3. Miguel C

    Love the Trijicon scope, clarity is very good with the adjustable brightness of the fiber-optic dot making late evening shots doable when other scopes recticles would not be observable for shooting. Used Talley Lightweight scope rings to mount to my Cooper Model 52 rifle. Balances on the gun very well. Read more

  4. Scott Huggins

    Look at Burris before wasting your money. I purchased 5 of them before I realized the difference. Don’t be fooled by a name brand. They do not pull the light you’d expect from such a high priced optic. Do your homework. Read more


    The accupoint 5-20×50, MD X Green 30mm tube……….is a very well made scope if you can only spend arround $1,000! The only things I can tell you about this scope that you can’t find on their site is there are no caps for the external turrets & the turrets are in fact re-settable (once you’re zeroed, you can set the cap itself to ‘0’ using the allan screw at the top. The mount I bought was the American Defense Recon quck detatch for using it on my AR15. (remember to get 30mm rings, and not the 1″ rings) Christ be with you….. Read more

  6. Sergeant Crowley

    Good Lord this glass is clear. Even at full zoom, edge clarity is amazing. I bought the “buy all three” sunshade, rings, and optic not knowing it already comes with a sun shade. I felt like it was cheaping out getting the green Dot but it’s bright and easy to focus on. I love this thing and will recommend to everyone. Read more

  7. Dave 0375

    Dialed in, high quality, fair price at the time. If you are into long distance hunting or shooting, this is the scope for you. Works well in low light. Read more

  8. M. Hale

    Trijicon mounted on Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor. Read more

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