Truglo crimson-dot 2x42mm sight black

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • unlimited eye relief
  • wide field of view
  • turn-up lens caps / lanyard device
  • incorporated weaver-fashion mounting system
  • ideal for shotguns, handguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, airguns and crossbows

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truglo purple-dot 2x42mm sight

  • five moa reticle designed for short acquisition.
  • unlimited eye remedy
  • huge discipline of view
  • turn-up lens caps / lanyard device
  • light-weight / clean to mount
  • integrated weaver-style mounting device
  • best for shotguns, handguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, airsoft guns and crossbows
  • battery covered
  • models tg8030a2 and tg8030b2 encompass 2. 5 moa reticle
  • product description

    for handguns, shotguns, rifles and paintball weapons, this red dot sight has the power and construction to final thru any shooting software. Capabilities encompass unlimited eye relief, a wide area of view and an eleven function rheostat for brightness control. Click on windage and elevation adjustments. Functions:- 2 x 42 mm- 2. Five moa dot reticle designed for quick acquisition- shock proof against 1000 grams – see-through, turn-up lens caps- optical-satisfactory, all-weather, rheostat for brightness control – lightweight/clean to mount, multi-lined lenses produce more than 95 percent mild transmittance – perfect for shotguns, handguns, rifles, muzzle loaders, paintball and crossbows, black finish – waterproof, fog-evidence- limitless eye alleviation- wide discipline of view””

    7 reviews for Truglo crimson-dot 2x42mm sight black

    1. Bill “GhostHawk” Jamison

      I’m in my 60’s, my eyes just can no longer make iron sights work at anything other than quite short range. So for the last 4 years I have been steadily putting these Red Dot sights on various rifles, carbines, and yes even a pistol. I have 6 currently mounted, have yet to have a problem with one. I have replaced only 2 battery’s, when I forgot to turn them off. The 2x optical zoom helps bring those farther targets up closer and easier to see. I happen to have a pair of identical single shot rifles in .44mag. I mounted one of these on one, the other got a 2-5 variable scope. The scope is bigger, and both turned in incredibly similar groups until we went past 75 yards. Only at 100 yards with the scope dialed up to 5x was it able to outshoot the Red Dot. Which really surprised me. The Red Dot was able to maintain about a 2″ group at 100 yards, but the scope was able to shrink that a bit. But the Red Dot is quicker to get on target. It really is a great solution for older shooters. And I have been watching the price slowly drop. From near 70$ for my first to 43$ for my last pair. Yes I am buying them 2 at a time now so I have a spare on hand. I like the smaller dot size. A 5MOA dot is going to cover a 5″ circle at 100 yards. So your shot could be anywhere in that 5″ circle. Which is ok, but not really what I consider accurate. a 2.5 MOA dot is half that size, covers a 2.5″ circle. Much better accuracy possible at longer ranges. Read more

    2. Richard Jackson

      Great buy but you have to read carefully to know what you are getting. I put it on my M1A1 scout and shot 40 rounds of 308. Zeroed real quick at 25 yards. Took a long time to get it right at 100 yards but when I got down to the target it turned out I was placing them I just couldn’t see enough of the hits. I put a platter target up and the next 20 rounds were fun. Guess I shop for a stronger spotting scope next. Regarding other comments I read before my purchase: ..the snap covers are solid black. No biggie. The “clear” ones have no added value because you still need to open them to use the scope. ..the field of vision is narrower than one might expect but this is a magnified scope. That always reduces the FOV. Look through a scope with zoom and see how the field of vision shrinks as you zoom. It is better than the 2x long eye relief scope I had on the gun. ..that said, this IS a magified scope with red dot for a reticle. I see a slight shift in point of impact if I don’t center the dot but not much. I didn’t buy a red dot to drive tacks. …somehow they got the infinite eye relief working even with the 2x magnification!! So happy with that. My old LER scope was slow to line up. ..the mounting bracket issue with one cross screw fitting into a rail slot and the other not is true. I don’t see the problem though. Read more

    3. Joseph F. Hall Jr

      Model pictured is NOT what you get…bought this because of the picture…have had the pictured one on my SIG 522 for years and love it…model pictured has two rail screws with rods for attaching to rail…What I got was a one screw setup with a built in nub to put into a slot in the rail…also old model on my SIG has see through lens caps that pop up very easy…this one sent to me has solid black lens caps that are very hard to pop up…very disappointed…not what I wanted…dot is nice and clear though…probably just sell it and lose money and go to Cabela’s and get what I really wanted…soooo disappointed in seller…PICTURE WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY SENDING! Read more

    4. Ryan R

      I ordered this to use on a 9mm rifle. For starters it went out for delivery and never showed up then arrived a day late. When I finally received the package, the red dot sight would not turn on. I replaced the battery with three different ones to see if maybe the one that came with it was dead but that didn’t work. I also tried the reticle adjustment dials thinking maybe the dot was just out of the field of view but still nothing. I looked carefully to see if maybe there was a plastic cover over the terminal but there wasn’t one. I’m really unhappy with this product, I have a Tru glo red dot I had put on my shotgun for slugs and it worked great. Maybe I got a lemon or it was damaged in transit but it’s going back and I’ll spend more on one from Midway USA. Read more

    5. Bruce

      I have it on my AR and I love it. I’ve gone through numerous red dots, and so far this is the one. The 2x magnification is just enough to place head shots on your target at 100 yds. Any further and you will need to aim for center mass. If you still have your fixed sites, then you will need to get at least a medium riser to attach it to. I prefer a QD riser. I can still shoot with both eyes open on this site. I’ll put a few hundred more rounds through it (if we ever get any ammo again) and let you know how it worked out, but so far I’m fixing to purchase another one once they become available. Read more

    6. Lydia F.

      I am very satisfied. I put this on my AR-15 shooting 7.62×39 rounds. It has good eye relief, good brightness adjustments, and has a good 2x mag. my only problem is the covers need to be broken in because they are hard to open at first. After five months of use being banged around on the back of a truck, it is still dead on and has not needed to be adjusted. Read more

    7. Kevin

      The TRUGLO Red-Dot 2x42mm Sight is easy to install on your weapon’s Picatinny or Weaver style rail. It takes a common CR2032 battery found on most car lock key fobs. The battery life is stated to be an estimated 5 years. The scope provides 2x magnification with a red dot for a reticle. It has unlimited eye relief. The 2.5 MOA provides for good target acquisition without the red do overly blocking the field of view (vs. 5 MOA for the non-magnified model). As for the field of view, it’s fairly wide. The lens looks to be of good quality. IMHO, for only $70 bucks, I don’t think you can buy a better built scope. You’d likely pay north of $200 for one of similar quality for negligible gains. Give one a shot (pun intended). If you don’t like it you can return it within 30 days. Read more

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