Truglo dual-coloration multi-reticle open dot sight

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  • make certain this suits via getting into your model range.
  • all of the features of unique dual-shade dot sights for people who don’t need a tube, wide sight window with thin frame makes the optic housing nearly disappear from view at the same time as your dot stays on track
  • selections of reticle shade for comparison in opposition to any goal / background (pink and inexperienced)
  • durable/compact design; unlimited eye comfort; extensive subject of view
  • 24 x 34mm window for ultra-speedy target acquisition with anti-mirrored image coating on course facet
  • parallax loose from 30 yards; integrated weaver-fashion mounting gadget
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truglo multi-reticle open dot sight

  • two alternatives of reticle color for comparison towards any target / heritage (purple and inexperienced)
  • four reticle alternatives for accurate concentrated on in any shooting condition.
  • lightweight / compact layout
  • limitless eye remedy
  • extensive field of view
  • 24 x 34mm window for extremely-speedy target acquisition
  • anti-mirrored image coating on target aspect
  • parallax loose from 30 yards
  • incorporated weaver-fashion mounting system
  • battery protected
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    5-MOA Dual-Color Dot, Dual-Color Multi Reticle

    8 reviews for Truglo dual-coloration multi-reticle open dot sight

    1. John Garmon

      Bought 2 of these, Not to good. Price was great , but one of them broke after a short time. Not impressed. Would not recommend this product. Pay a little more… Read more

    2. JR

      I had it in my AR’s Cheap? check, looks good? check, has a gremlin inside, check! That thing is awful. The green lights just disappeared, no more! then after every shot (5.56/223)the red lights, whatever is the setting goes on and off, of off all the time. Useless piece of crap! Next is to acquire a decent red dot like holosun, sig romeo, vortex, etc….and forget the bad move I had buying this thing! Read more

    3. Canyon Man

      I purchased this because I was unhappy with my red dot sight on my AR and the difference is like night and day. Because it’s an open design as opposed to the tube design of the red dot, I don’t have to worry about tilting my head at bizarre angles to maintain proper cheek weld while looking through the sight. It is much easier to co-witness my back up sights with the Truglo and the option of four different reticles (I mainly use the crosshair- I’m a traditionalist of sorts) as well as red or green illumination of those reticles make this a winner. For one fifth the cost of an Eotech, you can have a holographic sight that does the same basic thing and nearly as well. While the quality can’t be the same as the Eotech, it is more than good enough for anything other than actual combat (and it would probably hold up fine even then). While it’s not designed for precision work, getting rapid target acquisition and hits on man sized targets out to 200 yards is no trouble whatsoever. It’s unbeatable for the money- go ahead, give it a glo. Read more

    4. TheGreatPretender

      Needed a budget optic to compliment my flip up sights on my SW MP 15-22. Perfect choice for this particular set up. Ordered three different types of TruGlo optics to try out, kept this one and the TG8100G, both will do just fine on top of the MP 15-22. Did not keep the TG8380B as the reticle was very blurry. Hopefully the two I kept will hold up for plinking with my son. Read more

    5. Tripp

      Great optic for the price. I wish it had a smaller dot than the 4 MOA dot, because the 6 inch plates I shoot are smaller than the dot at 200 yarfs. Parallax is very minimal. On the package it says parallax free at 30 yards, but the dot was still dead on for me at 100. Only at 200 yards did my shots start to miss, but I think that was just because the dot was larger than the target. Would highly reccomend this red dot. Read more

    6. LV2HNT&FSH

      A very bad product I received this sight and as soon as took it out of the package and turned it on and tried to change the rectile it would not change the lever would move and click but wouldn’t change anything so sent back and ordered the truglo 30mm red dot gobble stopper I have 2 of these and have never had a problem and have taken many many turkey with it so ordered anouther one now Read more

    7. Craig

      Truglo Red-Dot Open Dual Color Sight, Black Review I bought the Truglo Red-Dot sight for my Smith & Wesson 22A-1 .22 LR target pistol. I have not made the transition to competitive bulls eye shooting yet but this is a really fun gun to shoot and wanted to add a red-dot to it to see what it would do for my accuracy (and because I am not a big fan of the built in iron sights of the 22A-1). This is an initial review of the sight based on shooting 300 rounds using it. Pros: – The sight is very easy to mount on the 22A-1. The base fits on the gun’s rail without any problems – The sight is very easy to adjust for windage and elevation. It took me less than 50 rounds to start shooting the center out of the target at 25′ (without using a rest). – It is nice to have the option of a red or green dot. After a bit of back and forth I settled on green as being my preferred color for a relatively dark indoor range. Cons: – After about 250 rounds the laser started cutting out on me. I would take a shot and the dot would vanish, play with the switch until the laser came back on, and repeat. Results were variable though. I took the sight off the gun at home and played with it quite a bit to see what I could do to reproduce and solve the problem. Tightening down the battery cover seemed to solve the issue but not completely. Currently the Number 1 setting of the Red Dot sight of the switch does not work. – The battery cover is right on top of the rheostat and turning the rheostat causes the battery cover to tighten/loosen. Conversely it is difficult to remove or replace the cap without moving the rheostat. This is a terrible design and might be related to the light going out when shooting. – Having the rheostat to adjust the brightness of the light is nice however I found anything about 2 to be too bright for target shooting. When you increased the brightness the dot grew in size to the point where accuracy suffered. This may not be as much of a problem outside. Update: After shooting about 750 rounds with this sight I am moving my rating up from 2 to 3 stars. I have been able to get the laser to work fairly well and consistently with careful tightening of the battery cover and judicious moving of the rheostat. The rheostat is still touchy and not all color/brightness settings work consistently or at all. The design is still poor and the quality of the build is still dubious but when it is working right it is a nice sight to shoot with and I prefer it to my Truglo 30 MM tube red dot even though that sight is better constructed, cheaper, and works every time without having to play with it. Read more

    8. Squirrel

      I started loving this optic. Inexpensive, held zero and seemed to work great on my AR. Went to the range several times and it kept going better than expected. The last time I went to the range it started off as usual, but after several rounds, the reticle disappeared! I first thought it was a malfunction with the light source, but then noticed that the glass that creates the holographic sight was GONE! I looked around and found it on the ground. I guess it was too good to be true to get an inexpensive red-dot to hold up. Disappointed and would not recommend for larger caliber rounds. It should be just fine for a .22 or a pellet gun, but not for much more. Read more

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