Truglo fat bead dual-color fiber optic sight

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  • item package dimensions: 7. 874 l x 12. 7 w x 0. 762 h (cm)
  • product kind: sporting items
  • object package weight: zero. 022 pounds
  • us of a of origin: china
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product description

apex archery tg-tg948cd fats bead 2. 6mm dual


2.6MM, 3MM, 5-40, 6-48, Universal, 3mm


Dual, Green, Red

6 reviews for Truglo fat bead dual-color fiber optic sight

  1. Kindle Customer

    Not sure why other reviews are so low… Installed on a FedArm SS12, break action, single shot12ga, smooth barrel. 1) Yes it is a bit “fiddly” to install and the screws are itty bitty. Some patience and just a small bit of skill are needed. I found the correct post, screwed the top end into the sight and screwed the post into the tapped hole on my barrel. It didn’t line up. It was almost 90 degrees off. No worries, loosen the post in the barrel and retighten. This advanced the sight more forward and after a few repetitions it was on tight and aligned straight. Read several reviews that said the fiber optic cracked on install. Obviously, finesse wins out over brute strength. Part of the post protruded into the barrel. Got out the Dremel and used a small, rough grit sanding drum. At 15,000 rpm it took just a quick touch to sand the post flush with the inside of the barrel. On hindsight the Dremel was probably overkill and a manual sanding would probably do you fine. 2) Height. Yep, this things sticks up a bit taller than a standard bead. Or at least on my application it did. Note in the closeup pic that there is a small gap between the sight and the barrel. Honestly this looks made for ribbed barrels so it would likely snug down way better there. Also, I didn’t use any thread locker on it. Seems I got it tight enough the way I installed it. Fired several rounds and it didn’t budge. YMMV 3) Asthetics. It ain’t classic, but that’s not what you look for in a product if this nature. I do like the look a lot though. Better than a snap on sleeve for a plain barrel or a magnetic mount for ribbed, either of which have a huge “look at me” aspect. This is discreet, yet functional. 4) Sight picture. It was all I could ask for. The SS12 has a rather deep sighting groove on the receiver and the TruGlo Fat Bead lined up nice with it. The Dual Color is a very nice touch and I can see myself liking this more and more as I go along. Overall I’m very satisfied. I took one star off because it is a slight pain to install and the mount isn’t flush on my smooth barrel. It’s not quite truly “universal.” However, I think it’s a quality product that does what it should and at a very attractive price. Read more

  2. JCF

    It does not install without superglue to keep it straight. There is no way to guarantee when you tighten it, that it will align itself with the barrel. I tried to remove and replace this sight several times, but there is no way to get the sight to line up properly with the barrel. The best I could do, was to tighten it to the very last turn of the screw, then back it off until it was straight in line with the barrel. Then, I took superglue and squeezed it between the sight and the barrel, holding it until the glue dried. I purchased both a red and a green sight. The red sight is SO much more visible than the green in low light! (At least to me) Read more

  3. Wolverine

    The screw on the bottom is larger than the hole on my Mossberg 88. But the posting makes it seem like you can just unscrew your old one and screw in the new one. You can not! On the back of the package it mentions several different size screw threads for different shot gun manufautes, but the item comes as a single piece with no way to change out screws to the correct size. Not happy! Nothing mentioned that I would have to enlarge the thread hole on my shotgun and still have to forcing it in to fit. Read more

  4. FROC 2531

    This shotgun bead was a perfect addition to my client’s O/U 10 gauge barrels (off-beat import shotgun) but the 5-40 thread size was a surprise. I don’t recall seeing that listed anywhere in the product description but I probably missed it. At any rate, the back of the packaging lists various gun makes and the corresponding thread size Trueglo makes the bead in. I simply drilled and tapped a new hole right behind the original on the barrel’s vent rib and installed this bead. It is considerably larger than the average sight bead, but right in line with other makers and some Trueglos that feature a fatter dot. Caution: the base of this bead mount features a very skinny shoulder and therefore will not screw down totally flush with the top of a vent rib. This is a plus, however, as you will be prevented from scratching up the vent rib with those annoying circular scratch marks as the bead is installed or removed. Read more

  5. Twinzforme

    By contrast, the StarBright is tiny and because it’s half the length it does not pick up much light. I was concerned that the Fat Bead would sit higher than the OE ivory front bead but it’s not a real concern. The Fat Bead is bright but not obtrusive. Unlike other brands where the fiber optic tube protrudes out the front and back of the mounting, the metal shroud on the TruGlo should protect the plastic fiber optic tube from getting scratched or dulled in handling or in the case. I would recommend finding out the proper thread and ordering the dedicated model for that thread pitch because the “universal” option is quite fiddly and there’s a really tiny set screw you have to put in the sight before you can thread it into the rib. The model listed above is for a specific thread which fits Remington and the threaded stud is already preassembled into the sight body. Read more

  6. CCrawMor

    This sight was really impressive for the money. At ~20$ you could have a high-contrast bead. The circular contrast of fibers with the light channeling is what makes it pop. I shoot clays and have a few different brands and this bead would look nice on any of them. As other reviewers have stated, don’t expect this thing to be gigantic. It seems compact because of the nested fiber colors, where a solid bead would take up the whole space. The odd thing to me was that the bottom is not completely flat. It has a small raised area near the screw post, maybe to keep it from rubbing off a finish? This will not hold on its own and does need some sort of adherent (loctite, etc.) As you can find on handgun forums, this is a great front sight post replacement for handguns too. I put it on a micro-compact 9 and it is not too big. the multiple thread sizes were great and I just opened the original hole slightly for threading and had a 20$ high-contrast fiber post. Read more

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