Truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun points of interest for smith & wesson pistols

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model range.
  • suits smith & wesson m&p models (apart from . 22 compact, c. O. R. E. Fashions, and defend 380 ez), sd9 and sd40 (except for ve models)
  • fiber-optics for the brightest aiming points even in low-light situations; tri-dot aiming machine of contrasting front and rear hues
  • hid fiber cannot be visible by way of goal; snag resistant layout fits wellknown holsters
  • citadel-finish coating affords a everlasting protective coating for optimum safety
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truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun attractions

  • makes use of our conventional fiber optic technology.
  • cnc-machined metallic production.
  • contrasting red front and inexperienced rear.
  • concealed fiber cannot be seen through target.
  • fits general holsters.
  • snag-resistant design.
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    S&W M&P EZ 380, S&W M&P, SD9 and SD40

    8 reviews for Truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun points of interest for smith & wesson pistols

    1. ICED

      These TruGlo sights are awesome. I purchased these for my S&W M&P Shield 9mm. I used a brass punch to remove the old sights. Hint, it does NOT matter which direction you remove the old sights or install the new sights. I had spoken with Smith & Wesson to confirm this. I used Kroil Oil for the removal process which helped. Do not confuse these with night sights. These sights are fantastic for day use. Much much better than the stock white sights. Read more

    2. Mary Colleen

      Nice Metal sights! I put these on my S&W SD9 VE. They fit perfectly. Highly recommend. See photos. Read more

    3. Joey B

      Let me start by saying these are the best sights for the money. I originally bought the williams firesights for my shield 9mm and they were complete junk. These truglos are larger with better front sight radius and also made of an actual steel not aluminum likethe williams which makes install possible. If you want some cheap fiber optics these are the way to go. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      This was a major improvement for my S&W SD9VE. Yes the sites and lots of articles you read say it doesn’t fit but it fits perfectly. Used a brass punch and tapped it out. If looking down the sight as if aiming the rear site punches out from left to right. The new one will go back in from right to left. The front site is really in there so be careful not to damage the pistol. In the daylight the difference is amazing! At night…not so much but that’s what lasers are for. Read more

    5. alan hardison

      Don’t expect these to be night sights. They are not and do not advertise to be, but they are much improved over standard white sights. Installation was very simple. These went on the S&W SD9VE. Perfect fit. Used site pusher tool (look at my other reviews if you need one – good investment, glad I bought it). Install took less than 15 minutes. Read more

    6. Paul N.

      These are fantastic sights (considering they don’t glow on their own). I installed these on my Smith & Wesson SD9ve, it was a great improvement over the factory sights. In daylight or even in a half-lit room these sight glow well, but in the dark of night, under a bright moon, the rear (green) sight is visible but the front (red) is practically invisible. My recommendation is to get the ones with green front & rears, or buy the tritium sights if you want sights in dark/low light. Otherwise, these are great sights and made for a great improvement to my gun… Hmm, perhaps I’ll just buy a tritium front sight. Read more

    7. Jeffro

      Being a firearms instructor, I’m extremely critical when it chimes to the performance of my guns. I can’t stand factory sights in most case. I bought these to go on my new M&P .45 Shield and I’m extremely pleased!!!! They mounted easy and after a simple boresight, they are dead on. I love the contrast between the red front and green rears!!!! Makes it really easy to line up your sights!!!! Can’t go wrong with these sights!!!! Read more

    8. Andrew Broekhuijsen

      I run an M&P 9 full size (not the 2.0) for UPL competition shooting in Stock division. Putting an Apex FSS trigger kit in made an obvious difference. That was expected. What I didn’t expect was that replacing the sights with inexpensive fiber optic dots like these would be every bit as impactful to my shooting as the somewhat expensive Apex trigger job. Followed a YouTube tutorial to replace the sights. My rear sight drifted out with little difficulty. The front sight was stuck fast. Liquid air, freezer, penetrating oil, steel punches, heat gun, nothing would get it to budge (and yes, I was trying to knock it out left to right, the correct way). Finally I took a dremel to it and cut down the middle of the front sight post (destroying it) so it would collapse in on itself and slide out of the dovetail. That did the trick. New sights went in without trouble. This was a S&W problem rather than a TRUGLO problem, but you should be aware that M&Ps often have really stubborn front sights. If you’re not comfortable dealing with that, consider taking these to a gunsmith to have them installed. The sights themselves are awesome when shooting outdoors, which is what I wanted. Very bright, noticeably easier to acquire a good sight picture compared to the stock white-dot-on-black ones, and contrast well with both dark backgrounds and light ones like snow. Indoors or in low light, they’re certainly no worse than the stock sights, so no loss. They are NOT glowing night sights, nor are they marketed (or priced) as such. Highly recommend to competition shooters who want to step up from stock sights without spending a bunch. Read more

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