Truglo fiber-optic the front and rear handgun points of interest for sig sauer pistols, sig #6 front / #8 rear sets

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  • ensure this suits
  • via entering your model wide variety.
  • nc machined steel creation
  • purple the front and green rear
  • fits standard holsters
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  • will the rear sight fit my sig p250c 9mm ?
  • will the rear sight healthy my sig p250c 9mm ?

  • will this suit sig sauer p226 ?
  • will this fit sig sauer p226 ?

  • will this match a sig p365?
  • will this in shape a sig p365?

  • will this in shape sig p226 mk25?
  • will this match sig p226 mk25?


    #8 Front, #8 Rear (excluding P365)

    8 reviews for Truglo fiber-optic the front and rear handgun points of interest for sig sauer pistols, sig #6 front / #8 rear sets

    1. Shepherd

      I will preface this by stating that this was not what I intended to buy. Through no fault of the seller’s (I was in too much of a hurry to actually READ the description) I mistakenly ordered these thinking that they were the TFOs (Tritium Fiber-Optic). When they arrived, of course they didn’t glow, so after looking at the package and the listing I realized I had ordered the wrong sights. After contacting the seller about returning them (customer service was fantastic and prompt, even over the weekend), I couldn’t find the shipping invoice. In the end, I decided to keep them; I may use them on another gun.ACTUAL PRODUCT REVIEW:As far as the sights themselves are concerned, they are great. Very bright outside, the contrast is easily noticable, and I have no doubt they would make great competition sights. If they had the Tritium inserts, they would be perfect for my needs. I don’t really regret purchasing them accidentally, but for now they won’t be on my primary handgun.Read more

    2. renoboyd

      The double color green rears and red front is a perfect match. I have heard that sometimes they install loose, but that does not seem the case here. I will know more as I shoot them but if the install tightness has anything to do with it then these are not moving. Rear has set screw which I understand to be to prevent movement as well. Housing seems very sturdy. If there is anything poor about these, I cant find them. Maybe would be nice to have a replacement fiber or two but thats just wishful thinking. BUT perfect fit, finish is solid. For the price they are hard to beat. I got these for my Kimber 1911 too. These were for Sig P320CA.Read more

    3. Kenny Lane

      I have always used trijicon sights but decided to try a set of fiber optic on my P2022. The sights fit great, no filing needed, they seated perfect. They do require some ambient light so aren’t visible in total dark but are fantastic in daylight. This product worked great for me. When it comes time to replace the trijicon on my P220 I’m switching to these sight on it too.Read more

    4. BrianInAz

      These sights are much better than plain sights, but I have seen many OEM fiber optic sights and they are all much brighter. The front sight in this kit is much thicker than the OEM Sig sight, that is a disappointment. The black is a shiny black instead of a dull flat black, another negative. I’ll see how I shoot with them before I render my final judgement.Read more

    5. RB

      Really wanted this site but would not work on my P320 M17. Had to send back. Is an eccellent siteRead more

    6. biz

      This front sight is approximately 1mm too long. After I spoke to truglow to be sure it fit my 226 lightweight and helped me find it on amazon, so finally finding a gunsmith 2 hours away he just called me, wow truglow, are you so poor you need 70+ $ to make it. I cannot tell you I am so disappointed I’ll sure talk to the false and the range.buyerRead more

    7. sean

      Good fit and finish, very bright rear sights, I touched the exposed area on the rear sights up with some permanent marker to dim them a little and allow better front sight acquisition.Easy enough to install if you have a sight tool, otherwise I’d suggest sending them with your slide to a gunsmith.Read more

    8. couperi

      Easy install on my Sig P320 45acp, front and rear. Much improved sight picture for my aging eyes. My indoor range is not very bright, but the sight fibers still pick up enough light to provide some nice dots.Read more

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