Truglo glo-dot commonplace sight

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  • make sure this suits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • our original wing and clay sight; extraordinarily low profile
  • suits all ventilated rib shotguns no matter width or tapering
  • fashions tg90, tg91, fiber diameter is zero. 60″
  • model tg90d, fiber diameter is 0. 12″
  • endorsed via geese limitless
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product description

the truglo glo-dot commonplace shotgun sight is our authentic wing and clay sight in twin shade. Fits all ventilated rib shotguns regardless of width or tapering. Endorsed with the aid of ducks unlimited.


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8 reviews for Truglo glo-dot commonplace sight

  1. Mike A

    As far as universal type front shot gun sights go, I think would be a great option for most people. First of all, the sight is much brighter than some of the other competitors out there (that’s a huge plus!). The installation is simple if you are the least bit handy. The tape that came with mine was the good well known brand 3M Indoor/Outdoor type that I have used on many other projects. I presume it will hold up just fine on it’s own, but you can always add a dab of super glue for extra measure. The size was perfect for the ribbed barrel on my Beretta A390ST. I’m confident that the sight will last, but if it doesn’t I will update this review. I am not a professional and have not been paid to write this review. This is all just my own opinion as a Shooter/Hunter with 30+ years of experience. Opinions may vary! Read more

  2. Dan

    First, I thought this was magnetic — my mistake. I had used someone else’s gun that had one of these type sights affixed and I was pleased with how it worked. I cleaned the rib with alcohol and affixed the sight. Apparently it didn’t even make it as far as the return to the vault because it is no longer affixed and isn’t on the floor of the vault. I’m still searching. I’ll try something else next time. UPDATE: I found the sight weeks later stuck in my gun case. The combination of poor tape and a tight muzzle area of the case was too much for it. I tried again with heavy duty mounting tape and a different case and I am much happier. With tougher tape, I like it much better than the Hi-Viz magnetic sight I bought to replace it. Read more

  3. Deathdeelr

    Super easy to install. I see a lot of negative reviews however not a lot of common sense. If after cleaning the rib of the barrel you notice there’s a cross-hatch pattern to the rib please note the 3-M tape will have a problem adhering to that rough surface. If you have this type of rib, use a few dots of Gorilla Glue on the tape to help it stick. I’ve got these Tru-Glo sights on three shotguns and have never had one come off. They make tracking the clay birds or any target very easy. Read more

  4. Adam

    If you’re reading this review, you’re probably wondering if this cheap-looking sight is perhaps a lucky find that’ll be a cheaper alternative to spending more money on your shotgun. I’m here to warn you that it is just simply a waste of time. The sticker on the bottom doesn’t come aligned well and it doesn’t hold to your shotgun well either. It will never properly be able to function in the way that you want it to and so you’re better off spending $5-$50 more on any other sight that you’re currently thinking of purchasing. Read more

  5. Adam M

    The sight is longer than expected, not sure why it needs to be so long, but that would be fine. The problem is that the provided double-sided tape, already attached to the bottom of the site, did not stick to the rib on the barrel for more than 30 seconds, just fell right off. Can either buy better tape or use glue and the sight should then be fine. Read more

  6. Thomas C.

    Disappointed. I cleaned the rib and checked to make sure the V fit around the existing bead, pretty simple. The tape wouldn’t hold. It literally had zero tackiness to the tape. I got it cheap, moving on… Read more

  7. Joseph P.

    If you could give 0 stars I would. It looks cool but will not stick to metal or anything else. Scotch tape is stickier. If you’d like to use super glue you might could make it work otherwise look elsewhere for a sight solution. Read more

  8. Albert S. White

    Most importantly the sight does not stick after cleaning the rib with alcohol. The 3m tape is not sufficient. I feel taken advantage of. In addition the cross section of the Glo-dot is small. Plus the lenght of the sight makes it too easy to install it crooked. Read more

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