Truglo gobble-stopper 30mm turkey hunting dual-shade dot sight

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your model wide variety.
  • in particular designed reticle for turkey looking; selections of reticle colour for assessment against any target or historical past (purple or inexperienced)
  • removable, prolonged sunshade eliminates glare from the the front lens; turn-up lens caps with lanyard machine
  • includes 3v-cr2032 batteries (important and spare); spare battery garage compartment
  • light-weight and easy to mount; included weaver-fashion mounting system; constructed of cnc-machined plane-grade aluminum
  • consists of all the award-triumphing capabilities of our conventional crimson-dot collection sights
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truglo gobble-stopper 30mm

  • particularly designed reticle for turkey looking
  • two alternatives of reticle colour for comparison against any target / historical past (pink and inexperienced)
  • removable, prolonged sunshade removes glare from the the front lens
  • spare battery storage compartment
  • flip-up lens caps / lanyard system
  • lightweight / clean to mount
  • incorporated weaver-style mounting device
  • fundamental battery and spare battery covered
  • product description

    the truglo red-dot sight has a mainly designed reticle for turkey searching. Twin-shade reticle illumination (red and green). Illuminated ring represents a 24″ circle at 30 yards. Removable, prolonged sunshade removes glare from the the front lens. Fundamental battery and spare battery blanketed (3v-cr2032). Surprise proof against 1000g. Water-proof / fog-evidence. Unlimited eye alleviation. Huge area of view. Bonus! See-through / turn-up lens caps, optical-first-rate / all-climate. Adjustable rheostat for brightness control. Lightweight / smooth to mount. Multi-lined lenses produce more than 95 percentage light transmittance. Click windage and elevation changes. Bonus! Incorporated lanyard system prevents loss of screw-down w/e caps. Incorporated weaver-style mounting system. Lifetime limited guarantee.




    APG, Black

    8 reviews for Truglo gobble-stopper 30mm turkey hunting dual-shade dot sight

    1. RICHARD V.

      I ordered this sight after reading the reviews. It was a 4.6 out of 5. The bad reviews were bad. I did some product research and it was the 4th red dot in the top ten for value. I decided to roll the dice and give it a go. My scope came in yesterday and I bore sighted at home on my Mossberg 835. Went out turkey hunting this morning. I would like to tell I shot a gobbler this morning, but the birds were quiet, After the morning hunt , I stopped at the range to check my bore sighting. And it was close. I shot 12 rounds thru to fine tune and everything was spot on. I noticed when I put the scope on in my basement, I had the setting on 2 and it was bright. When the sun came up this morning I dialed it up to 4 to see the optics better. I optics were crisp and clear. I would buy another. I am totally satisfied with this product. If anything changes over time I will update my review. Read more

    2. Shawn McCoy

      It’s physically HUGE – but that’s what I was going for. 30mm objective on both ends, unlimited eye relief, 5 settings of brightness in 2 colors. The cover cap cups fit a little loose, but you can snug it up by lining the outside of the body with a layer of tape to tighten it up. I was originally in the market for a sight called the “RedRing” made in Sweden that puts out a simulated spread, but is insanely expensive and no longer made. The Gobble-stopper does the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost. I have installed this on of all things, a Mossberg 590 Shockwave equipped with an SBM4 kit, and ATI X2 Scorpion pistol grip. Having a general idea of the spread pattern at a given distance is what was important to me for this build. Read more

    3. Jetmec89

      First impressions were “holy crap it’s way too big for a red dot!”. Then I slapped it on the old Remington 870 Magnum 12GA and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a lot lighter than it looks and balances well on the receiver of my gun. Overall I like the profile and features and think it will suit me well for knocking down long beards and coyotes. The red and green aim points are clear and bright. My pictures are on setting “two” for both colors. Their range is 1-5 (1 being dimmest, 5 being brightest). Both colors are basically too dim and useless on setting 1 but I haven’t tried them in very low light so we’ll have to see if they are brighter in those conditions. All other settings are sufficient and setting 5 is quite bright for both colors. The profile is very normal with the sunshade removed, most of the reviews about it being “huge” or “bulky” are obviously from people who haven’t figured out how to unscrew the extended removable sunshade. Even with it installed it’s not that bad, just awkwardly long for a red dot. The flip up lenses are nothing to write home about but come on it’s a $60 red dot for turkey hunting, they aren’t really needed anyway. I haven’t found an issue with them however. It bore sighted well and actually shows the end of the barrel at the very bottom of the sight window. So in a pinch if the batteries burnt out you could still use the bead at the end of the barrel the old fashioned way. All in all if you have an old bang stick sitting around that you want to effectively pimp out for cheap, this might be for you. 4 stars because I haven’t shot with it installed yet, I expect no issues though. Read more

    4. Matt Wolfe

      So like most guys I’m on a budget. Money saved is money in the bank for another tag or even a trip! I watched all the videos I could. I read a lot of reviews. Guys were putting these dot sights on all sorts of ARs AKs and so on. I’m putting this sight on my Stoeger P3500 turkey shotgun. This shotgun shoots heavy magnum 3.5 inch 12 gauge loads that will absolutely test this sight to the limits. My inital impression is this thing is a tank! It’s heavy, it feels like quality. They shipped the sight with 2 CR2030 batteries.The reticle is designed to help you judge distance based on how much of the turkey fits in the outer circle of the reticle. Brightness is good and the red or green color options are nice. Of course the reticle gets fuzzy if you crank it all the way up inside. Otherwise I think it’s pretty sharp. I know you get what you pay for but at this price I’m really thinking you can’t beat this sight. I’ll update after I run it through its paces. Read more

    5. LV2HNT&FSH

      I now have 3 of these red dots on my shotguns and have taken lots of turkey with them I like the dual colors red or green and the circle which is a 24 inch circle at 30 yards Read more

    6. JRG

      The only thing I dislike is that the lens caps are difficult to open with out knocking them off the sight. The on/off switch is a rotary switch with no stop so you can accidently turn it on with the lens caps closed and kill the battery. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Bought 3 of these 1 for a friend and 2 for me. Sighted mine in at 2 in the afternoon worked well. You can imagine my surprise opening day of turkey season when at shooting light had a nice Tom coming. Turned scope on to 1 and no ring and dot turned to 2 and the glow from the ring around the dot made it impossible to make out the turkeys head and neck. This is true of both red and green color choices. This situations lasts for at least 30 minutes in the early morning everyday. I’ve tried to see if TRUGLO would replace the scope with a different one but have gotten no response. My friend thanked me for the thought and put his on another gun and bought a quality Leupold dot for his gun. If you hunt in the midmorning to afternoon this will be fine if not you will have a problem? I dought this invented by a turkey hunter. Wouldn’t recommend for turkey hunting. Read more

    8. Aaron DeShaw

      This is the best turkey scope I have used. I love having the ability to change the LED light from red to green. Making it easy to see depending on your back ground. I have it mounted to my Stoeger 3500 12 guage. Read more

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