Truglo micro-tac handgun micro laser sight

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your model variety.
  • clean ambidextrous push-button activation for left and proper-passed customers; recessed on/off buttons remove accidental activation; robotically shuts off after five minutes to conserve power
  • next era, excessive-efficiency superconductor laser diode inexperienced laser; working temperature: 14˚f (-10˚c) to 122˚f (50˚c)
  • this product is a class 3r (iiia) with electricity output <1mw and wavelength 500-540nm
  • lightweight: weights much less than 1 ounce; made of light-weight cnc-machined aircraft-grade aluminum
  • mounts to traditional picatinny or weaver-fashion rails; windage and elevation set-screws
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truglo micro-tac handgun micro laser sight

  • high-performance superconductor laser diode
  • pulse and consistent laser modes
  • effective 520nm green laser
  • easy ambidextrous push-button activation for left and proper passed users
  • recessed on / off buttons put off unintended activation
  • automatically shuts down after five mins
  • mounts to standard picatinny or weaver-fashion rails
  • working temperature: 14°f (-10°c) to 122°f (50°c)
  • weighs less than 1oz
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    2 reviews for Truglo micro-tac handgun micro laser sight

    1. RGS

      I loved how tiny this laser was compared to the competition, and I loved how easy it was to install. Then I turned it on, and all that changed. Others have complained about there being inadequate adjustment room to zero the laser. I experienced the same problem. My biggest complaint, though, is that Truglo appears to be intentionally misrepresenting this laser. Try as I might, I could find nothing in TruGlo’s literature or the product description on Amazon about the output of this laser. They describe it as a “powerful 520nm green laser.” NM is the FREQUENCY of the laser, not the output, but I hoped it was just poor marketing on the part of Truglo and ordered it anyway. After all, virtually every other laser sight on the planet has an output of 5mW, the legal maximum. Green laser sights cost roughly twice as much as red laser sights. They require a lot more power, so they rip through batteries like they’re going out of style. However, there is ONE compelling reason to shell out the extra cash for a green laser: Visibility. Assuming the same output, green lasers are far more visible than red lasers. Imagine my surprise when I turned it on and discovered that it was far less bright and far less visible than any of my red laser sights. (I have six of them.) The reason turned out to be simple: While all my other lasers output at 5mW, this one outputs at less than 1mW. You won’t find that anywhere in Truglo’s sales hype. You’ll find it in their manual after you’ve already shelled out your cash. And they don’t even say how much less than 1mW. No wonder they were able to make this thing so tiny. Fortunately, I bought this through Amazon, so I was able to return it with no hassles. I replaced it with a Crimson Trace CMR-206. The CMR-206 isn’t quite as as compact or attractive as the Truglo, but it still fits sub-compact pistols with no problems. It’s a well-built green laser at a frequency of 515nm. While you probably won’t notice any difference in the color, 515nm should technically be easier to see than the 520nm in the Truglo. It’s far brighter than any of my red lasers, all of which are also Crimson Trace, and well worth the extra $35. In conclusion, if your primary criterion for picking a laser is size, the Truglo is the one to get. If it’s anything else, steer clear — especially if company ethics mean anything to you. I don’t write reviews often. If Truglo had concentrated on the positive aspects of their laser sight, I would have sent it back, but remained silent — but there are few things that tick me off as much as intentionally misleading marketing, and trying to obfuscate the difference between frequency and output is one of the worst (or best, depending upon how you look at it) examples of this I’ve ever seen. Read more

    2. Sailorman

      4 Stars because it is NOT as bright as a Crimson Trace CMR 206 Green rail mount laser. I compared them side by side at an indoor range at 20 yds and this little laser is roughly 2/3 as bright as the CMR 206 but adequate. It’s intended use is to replace Red lasers mounted on compact personal defense pistols at ranges less than 20 yds that don’t have enough rail space to mount the CMR 206. This is the smallest GREEN Laser I’ve found. Dimensions are 1-1/16″ L. x 1-1/8″ W. x 5/8″H. Note: 5/8″ includes the rail clamp. The body of the laser is only 3/8″ below the rail. Weight is insignificant I estimate an ounce or less about the same as a couple of 9mm cartridges. The body is aluminum. It uses six LR626 1.5V button batteries 2 sets included. They are packaged stacked in a clear straw like plastic tube. Install is easy slide in the whole tube filled with batteries. I haven’t yet removed and replaced but I don’t expect a problem. Only about 2 hrs use so far. Mounted the Laser without Loctite to a full size poly framed 9MM. 150 rounds later still secure. No problem setting and holding zero. However there is very little resistance, “Feel”, when turning the screws. You may find the technique I use helpful. Unloaded gun held SECURELY on the bench with one hand Laser aimed at a black ammo box with type on it a foot or two away. Turn screw with other hand. The type is helps seeing which way the dot is moving and how much. First impressions are favorable. It’s tiny, more visible than comparable Red lasers and relatively inexpensive. We’ll see how it holds up. Upadate: After an additional 150 rounds still working, still holding zero. My primary issue is that the FEEL of the adjustment screws makes really fine adjustment hard. Dialing in that last 1/2″ of true is really hard. The CMR 206 isn’t easy either so it’s not a deal breaker. UPDATE MAR 23: Batteries self discharge! The first set of batteries, sleeved, failed while resting after 2-3 hrs of use. I replaced with Lithium, very expensive and not sleeved, and had the same results. This time 1 day after a range session. The battery problem makes this sight unreliable and therefore a Do Not Buy. Read more

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