Truglo tfo tritium and fiber-optic handgun attractions for glock pistols

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truglo tfo tritium + fiber optic attractions

the better you could see your sights, the higher you may shoot. We brought fiber-optics to the shooting sports enterprise decades in the past for this very purpose. Tfo pairs our fiber-optic sights with our tritium night points of interest to create a always bright sight picture — day or night!

our in particular-designed mixture of tritium and fiber-optic technology unites the satisfactory of both worlds — presenting the identical brilliant sight photograph whether you are in glaring daytime or complete darkness.

a compact snag-loose design, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting creation make certain tfo points of interest are constructed to handle pretty much something.

product description

tritium/fiber optic pistol points of interest patented tfo technology improbable transition glows inside the dark brightest tritium to be had cnc machined steel hid fiber fits popular holsters snag-resistant design glock low suits fashions 17 / 17


Green Rear, Yellow Rear


Glock 17/17L, 19, 22, 23, 24 and more, Glock 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 30 and more, Glock 42/43

6 reviews for Truglo tfo tritium and fiber-optic handgun attractions for glock pistols


    I purchases this June of 2016. At the time of purchased I was unimpressed with the brightness of the sights. After less than two years the front sight is completely dead. Truglo claims a 12 year warranty, but states that the tritium will get dimmer over time. It also states that you can expect that after 12 years the sights will be roughly half as bright as a new set. Since my front sight is completely dead after less than two years I don’t think this product is worth the money I paid for them. I have submitted a warranty claim on the Truglo website, but have not received any response. If Truglo contacts me, I will update my review based on their response. Read more

  2. Triumphtwins

    Very Happy with this purchase! First off let me point out that the earlier reviews of these sights complain of the front screw being to long or otherwise for the gen 4 Glocks. Mine came with the proper screws for both the Gen3 and Gen4 use. The front sight fits slightly loose in the slide slot just as it should so you can make adjustments for proper alignment. I set mine straight with a small straight edge/ruler laying up against it and down the length of the slide BEFORE I put the rear sight on and it was very easy to line it up properly. The stock front sight screw was set further forward in the slide making use of a socket on the screw to remove it impossible because there was zero room between the front edges of the screw/bolt and the front of the slide. However, since the stock front sight is made of plastic the bolt is not really all that tight and I used a small set of needle nosed pliers to get mine loose with little trouble. The Truglo front sight has it’s mounting bolt set back further towards the rear of the slide slot making use of a socket to tighten the bolt with my standard Craftsman 3/16″ socket doable. Coat the cleaned bottom of the front sight with Loctite making sure you do not get any in the bolt hole and set the sight onto the slide. The bolt only needs the very smallest little dab of Loctite on the tip of the screw before inserting it. To much and it will never come out without breaking it. Snug the bolt slightly then align the sight then finish tightening the bolt. DO NOT over tighten! The Loctite on the sight will do a fine job of holding everything in place, the screw just needs to keep everything in place while the Loctite cures and moderate screw tension will keep the sight in place for years. My Factory rear sight was pretty easy to remove with a brass punch/hammer and the slide mounted in a bench vise. USE SOFT JAWS or wood or several layers of hard cardboard taped to the vise jaws in your vise if the jaws are serrated or you will get marks on the sides of you slide while tapping the new rear sight in. Check for fit. If the rear sight goes in almost half way with moderate tapping with a punch you should be able to install the rear sight. If it stops way before getting near halfway in STOP and remove the sight for fitting. Using a small triangle file gently take a few swipes on the sight dovetail on each side and recheck the fit. Repeat until the sight fit is proper. On final installation of the rear sight put a small drop of Loctite it the dovetail on the slide. Using a punch carefully tap the sight into place centering it as best as you can. I used a depth micrometer to center mine but you could also use a dial or digital caliper to check from each side of the slide and get the sight centered as best as you can. The set screw only needs the smallest amount of Loctite on it to hold it and for Heavens sake DO NOT over tighten it! The included Allen wrench with my kit was a slightly sloppy fit in the set screw. This could make the wrench and or set screw easy to damage if you over tighten it making it impossible to get apart later if needed. Remember, the fit in the dovetail is what is supposed to keep the sight in place, not necessarily the tension on the set screw. It is best to let the gun sit for several before hours shooting to let the Loctite cure properly. In the end, I am very happy with this set of sights on my Glock 26! After centering the rear sight on my slide it needed no further adjustments for my shooting. As a side note I left my slide on my bedroom night stand the day I installed the sights so the Loctite could cure someplace warm instead of my cold garage. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Tritium vials glowing in the dark when I turned in to bed that night! Not super bright (which is really not good) but plenty bright enough for night time social use! Thanks for taking the time to read through my lengthy post and I hope this helps someone with their decision to purchase or the installation of these sights! Enjoy… Read more

  3. Sam

    First of all, the amazon page doesn’t provide many pictures so I’ve attached a few in this review. The sight is very bright in the dark and has a slight illumination in the light, it looks pretty sleek, and it also fits inside most conceal carry holsters. I was hesitant to buy it because the price is so much lower than on the TRUGLO website (it seemed too good to be true), but this is the real deal. Highly recommend. Read more

  4. Andrew

    PLEASE READ prior to purchasing. Be prepared to shoot at least 100 rounds with this once you get it so you can return it on time if it stops working. Front sight tridium went out after 100 rounds, returned for another because it had such good reviews and I really did like the sight. Second one I received had factory damage to the front sight that impeded its brightness in the dark. So I had acuired another replacement. I just got my THIRD replacement yesterday and brought it to the range and I noticed after about 100 rounds that my front sight had an almost white appearance and looked different from the two rear sights, just like my first front sight did before the tridium quit working. The fiber optics glowed bright in the sun still but I was very concerned that my front sight went to crap again. Lone behold…. The tridium went out again on my front sight…. At this point I was already sick and tired of shipping sights back and forth so I decided I’m not going to go with this product ever again. I’m not willing to use something so unreliable on my carry firearm. I’ll be shopping for other sights and I’ve put my standard sights back on my 43. I’m not sure if the company has changed their process of making these sights or what the issue is but I wouldn’t trust TFX either after having such a negative experience. Make sure you have enough money to at least fire 100+ rounds when\if you purchase this. Read more

  5. keith

    These sights look great and work amazing with my Gen 3 Glock 17. I will put these sights on all of my future handguns. I ran 220rd. through it and between these and the Praetorian granulated grips all I have to say is, Wow. These sights have greatly improved my speed. Reacquiring my sight picture as well as getting back on target is now a breeze. Read more


    Purchased these after reading for my glock 27gen4 many reviews 1. Very easy install as long as you have the right tools. I purchased a sight pusher 2. It comes with two extra screws for the folks having issues with the factory glock screw if you use one of the extra screws for the front sight you should have no issues 3. Do not use lock tight there is no need for it if you install these correctly and tighten them correctly with a 3/16 tool for the front sight and the allen key for the rear than you are good to go. Overall these are very good sights they are made out of medal there for they can take the wear and tear. They work great ar night and fairly good in ambient lighting afterall they are called night sights. The price point is perfect and i feel these can stand up to the trjicons just fine that cost way more. Definitely invest in a good sight pusher for the rear and make you shoure to cover the slide with either cloth or cardboard and only hand tighter your slide when placing it in the pusher to avoid marring it. Long story short these are definitely a good BANG for your buck no pun intended Read more

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