Truglo tfo tritium and fiber-optic handgun points of interest for 1911 pistols

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model number.
  • unequalled visibility in all shooting situations, night or day; glows within the dark—no batteries or mild exposure required
  • available with your choice of green or yellow fiber in rear attractions; yellow fibers within the rear sight growth comparison and useful resource in fast focusing on the brighter inexperienced the front sight
  • made from difficult, cnc-machined metal with a fortress finish coating for maximum safety
  • concealed fiber cannot be visible via target; snag resistant layout fits fashionable holsters
  • compatible models: 1911—cut novak lomount . 270 the front / . 450 rear (1911 5″ government 9mm / . Forty s&w)
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truglo tfo tritium + fiber optic sights

the higher you can see your sights, the higher you may shoot. We added fiber-optics to the shooting sports activities industry many years in the past for this very reason. Tfo pairs our fiber-optic sights with our tritium night time sights to create a consistently vibrant sight image — day or night!

our mainly-designed aggregate of tritium and fiber-optic technology unites the first-rate of each worlds — imparting the same vibrant sight photograph whether you are in obvious daylight or complete darkness.

a compact snag-unfastened design, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable production make sure tfo points of interest are constructed to deal with pretty much whatever.


Green Rear Sight, Yellow Rear Sight


270 Front, 450 Rear, 270 Front, 500 Rear

8 reviews for Truglo tfo tritium and fiber-optic handgun points of interest for 1911 pistols

  1. fixitman21

    I own a RIA 1911 tactical that came with low profile Novak style combat sights. All black is not the way to go when you don’t have plenty of shooting light, so I bought these to replace the factory sights. Not sure about other manufacturers 1911’s but it took me 4-1/2 hours to complete the swap, even though I utilized a Sight-Tool sight pusher (which works well BTW). These sights are way oversized for the dovetail they fit into. (good to know ahead of time) I ended up honing almost 0.010 off the bottom of the front sight dovetail, as well as doing some tricky narrowing of the slightly curved side of the dovetail on the front sight. A standard front dovetail is 5/16″ (0.312) at the base and this sight was 0.330″ at its widest point. Lots of honing, then blackening with a sharpie, then fitting, then more honing until I was able to push it on. You want to be able to slide it in roughly 1/3 of the way before pushing or drifting it the rest of the way. The rear sight required much of the same work, but went a little faster, so either take your time, or take it to a gunsmith. That said, these are nice bright sights. Easy to line up, and the tritium takes over when the light is low or next to non-existent. I think I’ll like them, but they were a pain to fit. The front sight is understandable, but the rear didn’t have to be so snug. Is has a set screw after all. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Installed on a full size 1911 .45. Hits 2″ off at 7 yards. Customer service wasn’t interested on helping, sent .jpeg of a “proper sight picture” They expect the dots to line up, which leaves the front sight low compared to traditional sights, After re-installing and trying their idea of sight alignment, it was still off by inches at 7 and feet at 25 yards. The idea of tritium plus fiber optic appeals, the fiber optic rod is big and securely mounted. I kept the front sight and ended up custom milling a rear sight to get accuracy. Would never buy another TRUGLO Read more

  3. John M.

    These sights are everything they claimed to be. Nice bright sight picture during the day, and plenty bright enough to get the same site picture at night. If your firearm is shooting right on before changing to these sites, by all means follow the instructions on the right height front/back when ordering. My 1911 was shooting low with the original iron sites, so I had to measure the actual height front & back (with a good pair of calipers), then I went through a simple calculation to determine any difference in front/back height compared to what was recommended. So glad I went through this. My 1911 is dead on now & sights are so easy to see. Couldn’t be happier. Read more

  4. TheGreenBarron

    Good set of sights had to modify them slightly to get them to fit my Citadel 1911. Front sight went on no problem but the rear was a pain had to grind some material to make it fit. Read more

  5. Timo

    Perfect clarity in any light. The green contrasts well against the black setting, easy to see in open sunlight. Fiber optics use ambient light to brighten the green in low-light conditions. The tritium vials illuminate the green in zero light. Read more

  6. Jason Swift

    I put these on my Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander. No fitting required. They’re pretty big, but that’s okay with me. It doesn’t seem to cause a problem with holstering or, unholstering. It’s easy to get them on target. I have TRUGLO’s on another weapon. We’ll see how the fiber optic holds up. Read more

  7. Darryl Wright

    Completed installation of these on a Colt Government Model (5″). Have not had the chance to fire the gun yet. Rear sight overhangs the slide by a bit – probably not an issue, unless you are needing an absolutely no-snag rear sight. Can’t imagine the sights will give a standard point of aim, though, as there is a noticeable increase in the height of the rear sight, compared to the original sights. More after some test firing. Read more

  8. Alex

    Definetly need to go to a gun smith or use a tool, over all they work amazing you can use these in pitch black,( not that I reccomend that anyway) Read more

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