Truglo tfx seasoned tritium and fiber optic xtreme hangun sights for 1911 pistols

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  • make certain this suits via getting into your version quantity.
  • fully blanketed tfo technology encapsulated in a really indestructible configuration
  • impervious to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents and ultra-sonic cleaning approaches
  • gives awesome visibility in all shooting conditions
  • utilizes best swiss tritium for maximum brightness
  • reference to novak lomount is for compatibility use simplest. This product isn’t always recommended by using, or affiliated with, novak designs, inc.
  • sport type: looking
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truglo tfx seasoned handgun sights

sparkling vivid both day and night time, tfx attractions are constantly geared up. Tfx pro takes our continually bright and accurate tritium + fiber-optic generation even similarly with additional capabilities, inclusive of a compact snag-unfastened design, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable construction. Tfx pro sights are constructed to address pretty much some thing.

we took tfx era even in addition for professionals and shooters requiring most overall performance from their handguns — presenting last reliability, accuracy, and brightness. With more models to be had inside the tfx pro lineup, it’s far even easier to pinnacle all your favored pistols with professional-grade handgun sights.

illuminating elements are encased interior a simply indestructible chemical and shock-resistant pill and the cnc-machined metal is included with a rust-resistant citadel finish.


270 Front, 450 Rear, 270 Front, 500 Rear

8 reviews for Truglo tfx seasoned tritium and fiber optic xtreme hangun sights for 1911 pistols

  1. R. Smith

    Excellent. The glow-in-the-dark tritium performed as expected and the fiber optics were super sharp in daylight. Even in moderate lighting not strong enough to “glow” the fiber optics, the green rear sights and orange front ring are clearly visible and make for a good contrast. Much better than the factory white dots. At first, I thought the blocky rear sight sat higher than the original tapered sight, but a side by side comparison showed the Truglo sight to be the same height at the rear. The instruction recommend professional instillation and the use of a sight adjustment tool rather than trying to tap them into place because of the tritium capsules. The rear sight has a slight angle on its front surface to allow the slide to be manipulated one-handed in an emergency by pressing it against a table edge or other like-angled surface. (Emergency use! I don’t think I’d make a habit of it). Read more

  2. James H

    Got these for my .38 Super after getting the Tritium Pro’s for my G19 (added a picture of both sights for comparison). I personally prefer the TFX Pro Tritium sights, but the Tritium Pro’s work, too. I like the green rear with green and orange outlined front, versus the white. Both sets are green in “no light” situations. Once I decide on cerakote patterns for my other 1911’s, I’ll be ordering TFX’s for each of them. Read more

  3. A. Morgan

    I was very careful to order the correct sights for my Ruger SR1911 – put the rear on first – no problem.. Tight fit, but that’s good! Then went to put the front sight on. I could use finger pressure to get it to start from one side, but wouldn’t fit at all from the other side. Used a sight press to try to get it to go from the side I could get started, but after getting it started, it started to “tilt up” for lack of a better description, such that the bottom of the front sight wasn’t sitting against the flat on the slide in the groove and the sight actually bent / sheared.. Long story short, I messed up the front sight pretty good such that it looks pretty awful.. I used a file to flatten out the shearing and used a triangular file to try to modify the front sight to fit better. After some elbow grease with the file, I got it to go it, but it looks terrible as the sight is all beat up.. The sights are nice, I just wish it would have fit… I’ve had TruGlo sights on some other handguns and they’ve performed well, so this review isn’t for all TruGlo sights – just the ones that were supposed to be for a Ruger SR1911.. Read more

  4. Christopher L. Kus

    UPDATE: contacted Truglo. Their rear sights for 1911 is stamped either NV1P (0.450″) or NV2P (0.500″). They use them two rear sights in their 4 different 1911 sights. I do have the correct sights. Don’t think this is a seller issue as much as it’s a Truglo issue. I ordered the TG13NV4PC (TFX Novak 270/500 for 3″ – 4 1/4″ 9mm & 40 s&m 1911’s) received the and the packaging was correct. Took them to gun shop tland had them installed. Now I’m home and I noticed written on the rear sight is NV2P which if I had to guess is for model number TG13NV2PC which is exactly the same except the rear sight is only 0.450″ tall. Only got a stick ruler at hom but at the tallest point of the sight it’s under a 1/2″ and above 7/16″. Read more

  5. Bob Campbell

    Love them Truglos. This is my third set – this one for a SA EMP4. They went on easily but snugly with the help of my sight pusher and fit well without gaps. They are very bright in natural sunlight as all fiber optics are – much less so in artificial light as all fiber optics are. The tritium is adequately bright but not outstanding – probably since they have to transmit thru the fiber optics. The orange ring draws the eye well in good indoor lighting and the cocking ledge is a definite plus. Overall very satisfied again. Read more

  6. Jim

    I got this for SR1911 CMDR. My gunsmith said the rear sight needed some adjusting to get to fit which we expected. The front sight REALLY needed trimming to get to fit and it fell out after 3 rounds. I took it back to my gunsmith and he did something to get to stay in. Unfortunately the fit leaves a LOT of daylight coming around all sides of the dovetail where it should be seated tight with no light coming through. I fear its only a matter of time before it falls out again. The sights themselves are incredible at night and really nice while daylight shooting. If it hadn’t been for the sizing issue I would have given 5 stars Read more

  7. JohnnyJohnston

    I installed these on my Springfield Armory 1911 TRP knowing the cut was exactly Novak cut, took some filing and fitting but installed easily. They are wonderful sights, the fiber optic is very bright in daytime, night sights visible easily. No complaints!!! Read more

  8. BrightDim

    I have been putting these on many of my own pistols, as well as my customers lately. This set went on a Springfield 1911 RO-Elite and they blow the stock sights out of the water. I could not be more happy with TRUGLO and these sights. Read more

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