Truglo tfx tritium and fiber-optic xtreme handgun attractions for h&k vp9, vp40, p30, p30sk, p30l, 45, 45 tactical (such as compact), black, one length (tfxhk)

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  • make certain this suits by means of getting into your model number.
  • suits h&ok vp9, vp40, p30, p30sk, p30l, forty five, and 45 tactical (which include compact)
  • absolutely included tfo era encapsulated in a honestly indestructible configuration; impervious to oils, chemical substances, cleaning solvents and extremely-sonic cleaning strategies
  • makes use of exceptional swiss tritium for max brightness and unequalled visibility in all taking pictures situations 24/7; glows in the darkish with out a batteries or mild assets needed
  • front sight functions a quite visible white consciousness-lock ring surrounding the the front fiber to make it even more visible, encouraging the attention to swiftly attention on the front sight for a fast and correct sight image
  • hid fiber can not be seen through target; fortress-end presents a permanent defensive coating for optimum protection; functions a snag resistant layout and fits popular holsters
  • game type: looking

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truglo tfx tritium + fiber-optic xtreme handgun sights

glowing shiny each day and night, tfx points of interest are always ready. Tfx takes our consistently vivid and correct tritium + fiber-optic era even similarly with additional functions.

a compact snag-free design, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting production make sure tfx sights are constructed to handle just about something.

illuminating elements are encased inner a really indestructible chemical and surprise-resistant pill and the cnc-machined metallic is protected with a rust-resistant citadel end.

product description

sparkling vibrant each day and night time, tfx attractions are continually ready. Tfx takes our award-triumphing tritium + fiber-optic era even further with all the functions our clients requested: compact snag-unfastened design, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable construction built to deal with just about something. Illuminating factors are encased inner a really indestructible chemical and surprise-resistant capsule and the cnc-machined steel is covered with a rust-proof citadel finish. There may be even a relatively seen white ring surrounding the the front fiber to make it even extra seen, encouraging the attention to hastily awareness at the front sight for a quick and accurate sight picture. Tfx attractions will amaze even the most discriminant shooters.

8 reviews for Truglo tfx tritium and fiber-optic xtreme handgun attractions for h&k vp9, vp40, p30, p30sk, p30l, 45, 45 tactical (such as compact), black, one length (tfxhk)

  1. Hudson S

    Received these in the mail and removed them from the packaging. The fiber optics are nice but my front sight fiber optic capsule had a scratch on the top right out of the package. The tritium aspect of the sights seemed fairly dim, only giving off as much light as an old Sig I’ve got with night sights. They’re visible in a dark room but I wouldn’t call them bright and they don’t catch your eye. Looking at the code on the packaging, it says these sights were manufactured in 2016 so the tritium was already a few years old by the time I got it. Overall the idea of the sights is good but the quality control and age of the sights are an issue. Read more

  2. JustinInATX

    Perfect fit on my HK45C (compact). The stock HK sights were a pita to remove (red locktite) but the new sights went in just fine. Love the white circle around the front site for day time target acquisition. Giving these 5 stars because they fit and work exactly as described. If I had an opportunity to do it over, I would chose a different color (orange or yellow) front site for improved low light performance. With all 3 tritium sights lighting green, you can’t immediately determine which of the 3 dots belongs in the middle. The white ring does not light and is not visible in the dark. Read more

  3. HiFiRoz

    Although it fits some HK models, I found out that it will not fit my particular HK. Contacted the seller even before delivery but their automated response declared ineligible for trade or refund. Now I’m stuck with a useless item. Thanks Seller, I will be more than happy to tell everyone about you. Read more

  4. Mr. Ben

    Fits great on my H&k Vp9. Not too bright and not too dim. It’s also more accurate than the factory stock sights. Read more

  5. Shanks

    Great sights, they fit the HK VP9 perfectly. Not quite as bright as the old TFO sights because there is now more of a metal casing, but this should enhance durability. Best day/night combination sights on the market, IMO. Highly recommended. Read more

  6. Ryan anderson smith

    I had these put on my vp9sk, they are much brighter and nicer than both of the factory options. The extra white ring on the slightly thinner front sight helps target acquisition a bunch. Even with the 3.4” barrel I hits my 10” gong and 13×23” torso steel target every time at the 40 and 50 yard mark. Something most can’t seem to accomplish with a full frame or duty sized pistol. I will be ordering these for other pistols in the future Read more

  7. Denise

    Works great very bright with low light. But when completly dark not the brightest almost hard to see Read more

  8. Jason Swift

    I’ve been getting Truglo’s for all of my carry guns. They’re really nice. These went on with no fitting or, modifications. They look pretty nice. Read more

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