Truglo tg110w fire sight fiber optic remington shotgun/rifle sight, black

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  • make sure this fits by using getting into your model wide variety.
  • cnc-machined metallic
  • the front/rear fiber optic holder
  • green and red front coloration
  • designed for remington
  • long lasting and long lasting
  • sport type: tactical & military

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from the producer

truglo fiber optic remington shotgun/rifle sight aw_plus

  • suits maximum more moderen version remington firearms with manufacturing unit set up rifle-fashion points of interest such as seven-hundred collection muzzleloaders
  • full windage and elevation adjustment
  • includes the front and rear fiber holders
  • cnc-machined steel creation
  • the front diameter is . 050″
  • rear diameter is . 0. 5″
  • product description

    truglo’s remington shotgun/rifle set. The remington firearms sight set with manufacturing unit hooked up rifle-fashion attractions along with seven-hundred collection muzzleloaders. Its frame is cnc-machined steel and includes the front/rear fiber holders.

    8 reviews for Truglo tg110w fire sight fiber optic remington shotgun/rifle sight, black

    1. Amazon Customer

      These were very easy to install, and the material these are made of are extremely good quality. These are definitely and upgrade from the stock sights. My only qualm with these sights however is that they aren’t necessarily ‘night sights’. In a pitch black room, you will not be able to see these at all. In normal light conditions these things really shine and in low light conditions they are easier to see than the stock remington sights. These are perfect for probably most home defense and hunting scenarios. However if you want true glow in the dark, complete pitch black glow in the dark sights then these are not for you. Go with meprolight or trijicon if you want something you can see in a pitch black room Read more

    2. Kenneth Kleehammer

      The front site is an exact replacement for the original, the rear site did not fit my barrel. I have a 30yr old Remington 870 Wing Master. I put true glow sites on it 20 yrs ago and the plastic sites eventually got brittle and broke. These were meant to replace the ones I already had but are not the same. I don’t know if Remington has changed the design of the sites but these didn’t work on mine. Read more

    3. PeeTee

      Getting old and eyes aren’t as good as before. Put them on an 870 and help a lot. Very bright which helps alignment. Took about 15 minutes to install. Only tool needed was a punch and small hammer. Read more

    4. KpierceND

      I cant complain i ended up returning because it does not fit remington 870 tactical with xs ghost sights… however, the front sight is correct with 3/8” dovetail but the rear sight would not unless you rigged it up somehow. All in all if it would have worked they were of nice quality and pretty bright. They are smaller than picture shows but as stated pretty good sights if they fit your gun. Read more

    5. Abc

      Great set of sights for custom installation on a firearm off the list. The solid steel base allows grinding the base to fit the specific application. Just be careful in grinding to prevent over heating the base and damaging the fiber optics. The sights are bright and offer a high contrast. They are a big improvement over classic iron sights, especially for the Heritage Rough Rider. Read more

    6. BlessedRmeek

      I am very happy with the TruGlo inserts for the Remington sight package. The factory screw for the rear insert is not long enough and will need a replacement. I couldn’t find the correct screw except to buy a pack of 100 of them which I did. The front insert requires that you acquire a front ramp that receives a Dovetail insert. I found one on eBay. The sights are very visible in low light conditions and overall help me put rounds on the target in a fairly small group. I got quarter sized groups at 25 yards. Read more

    7. Doug Chick

      Easy install on Remington 870 with rifle type sights. Fibers are huge improvement over stock especially in low light conditions. Read more

    8. NaasstyNate

      Mega upgrade to the factory sights. The fit and finish are great, especially for the price. I decided to stick with the factory rear sight, the Truglo rear is a bit smaller, and the green dots wash out the front red one a bit. Still an unbeatable deal even for just the front sight! Read more

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