Truglo tg947ug long-bead universalmetal bead alternative, inexperienced

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your model quantity.
  • extended the front bead sight substitute for ventilated rib shotguns.
  • cnc-machined
  • fiber diameter is . 078″
  • fiber length is zero. Five”
  • generic model consists of exclusive length mounting screws.

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truglo long-bead universalmetal bead

  • emblem: truglo
  • sku: tg947ug
  • cnc-machined
  • fiber diameter is . 078″
  • fiber duration is 0. Five”
  • accepted model includes one of a kind size mounting screws
  • product description

    shtgn mtl lng bead univ grn univ

    8 reviews for Truglo tg947ug long-bead universalmetal bead alternative, inexperienced

    1. Masta’ C

      Like many others here, I was looking to upgrade the front sight on a newer Taurus PT111 G2 Millenium and came across this universal replacement. Very happy at the low price and fast shipping thanks to Amazon! I chose the green version to start, as green is typically the easiest color for most people to pick up quickly. The install wasn’t without issues, however, as I opted to reuse the original sight mounting screw, which had to be shortened by several threads in order to allow the sight to be tightened against the slide without cracking the fiber optic element. If I were to do it again, I would look into finding a screw from a computer hard drive or laptop, as others have mentioned, for better drop-in compatibility. The small screws included with the sight won’t work with the Taurus at all. Due to the small number of threads that actually hold the sight in place, Loc-Tite or a similar thread locking compound is a MUST! Aligning the sight takes a little patience, as well, but it looks good once in place and the size is just right for a compact firearm. The overall construction of the sight seems rather mediocre compared to other sights I’ve used and I have some lingering concerns over the quality, although the sight has held up fine so far. The housing claims to be “metal”, but it looks and feels very much like plastic to me. I initially purchased this sight with the high hope that it would prove more durable than the polymer factory sight, which is known to fail. Only time will tell. On the other hand, the price is exceptionally reasonable, so it’s a compromise I’m willing to take considering this is not my daily carry weapon. However, if I was relying on this gun to protect my life and stand up to the abuses of daily carry and training, I might look into a more expensive sight just for peace of mind… Performance-wise, the sight is slightly below average. It takes a lot of light to illuminate the fiber optic element and, even then, it never appears very bright unless in direct sunlight. Compared to the various other fiber optic sights I own, the TruGlo does not illuminate as well under lower light conditions or artificial light. Again, considering the bargain basement price, I still consider the “upgrade” worthwhile. I may even try the red version, simply because the price is so reasonable and I’m curious if the red element might perform a little better. All in all, this sight makes a decent replacement if you can take advantage of its “universal” fitment. If your life depends on your firearm, you might want to invest in a better quality sight, but for general shooting and practice, this option really can’t be beat! 4 Stars for Quality, 3 Stars for Performance, 5 Stars for Value = 4 Stars Overall Recommended! Read more

    2. RanCor

      Bought this to replace a broken fiber optic front sight on a Remington 870 shotgun. The single supplied optic is easy to break since it contacts the set screw, which I did. Once you screw the set screw in the barrel, the entire front sight screws onto the set screw and it’s easy to damage the green optic. Fortunately I had another spare fiber optic rod that I cut and melted into it’s place. It’s also quite open so on a field gun, it might be easy to damage. Not the best, but hopefully it’ll last me a couple of seasons. Read more

    3. Flyingblind

      I purchased this sight for my Taurus PT111 as many others have. It took me a while to find a screw to mount it with but I finally did and it looked great. I took it to the range today and the fiber broke in half in the first 6 shots (I load 6 at a time to pace my self). The fiber was completely lost after the next 6 rounds. I’m hoping I can find a new stick of fiber to mount back into it. I don’t want to go back to the white dot. Sept 15th Update: I decided to contact Truglo and they are sending me out some replacement fiber optic strands. I know this is not the intended use of this product, but the fiber was way too brittle to break on the first few shots. I’m raising my review by two stars for the fantastic response by Truglo. They stand by their stuff. I’ll update again after I put in the replacement fiber. Read more

    4. Warren Oliver

      I bought this sight and put it on my 870. This sight is junk. It broke in the first 5 minutes carry in the woods, while running my dogs. It wouldn’t stay tight on the barrel, even after I used lock tight on the threads when I installed it. It might be ok for a still hunter just walking to and from their stand, but not a good product for dog hunting and getting gun in and out of your truck multiple times during the day. Read more

    5. Woody

      Purchased as a upgrade to a Taurus PT709. A definite improvement over the stock front sight, but not ideal. However there aren’t any other options. As mentioned by others, it needs a shorter screw to mount. I found a stainless steel screw that fit without modification at the local hardware. Since there is nothing keeping the sight from rotating, instead of blue loctite, I used green penetrating grade after assembly and flooded the whole area where the sight sits on the slide. Since the slide and screw were stainless I also used loctite 7471 primer before assemble to activate the stainless steel. I have had no issues when firing, and has held up well coming in and out of a kydex holster. Read more

    6. Johnny

      Was looking for a fiber optic sight for my Taurus Pt111 g2 millennium I looked everywhere and everyone wanted a small fortune, So I read in a Forum where this guy used a Truglo unifersal front sight for a shot gun. it works great, Ive fired 20 rounds with no problems. you will have to use the original screw that came with the gun and ether file off the last 2 threads or find a small washer. I used a small washer. Read more

    7. JPC

      I think i’d seek out another option if you’re buying it for a Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 that’s your conceal and carry weapon of choice. Completely useless at night and looks cheesey to boot.Prolly fine for daytime outdoor range shooting but other than that NOT!But then again it’s not really made for personal defense weapons so… Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      They don’t really explain how to install, you can go find a YouTube video of it but why make it difficult? Just explain on the back that the end of the screw needs to be screwed in by hand into the sight, then the sight with screw is hand screwed into ribbing. It doesn’t align lengthwise on ribbing, so is loose when aligned and needs to be glued or some other way to fixate it so that it is straight Read more

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