Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-dark night time attractions for springfield pistols, springfield xd, xdm (except 5. 25″ comp collection) and xds

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model number.
  • traditional tritium night attractions
  • uses the brightest tritium to be had
  • cnc-machined metal creation

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truglo tritium night time points of interest

while the lighting go out, your sidearm doesn’t want to be left within the dark. Using great swiss tritium for optimum brightness, truglo tritium sights glow shiny both day and night, ensuring you’ve got a clear sight photograph.

tritium night sights transition from widespread white dot sights during the daylight hours, to glowing inexperienced dots within the dark. Tritium does no longer need batteries and does no longer want to be charged with light — it absolutely glows!

a compact snag-free design, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting creation make certain tritium points of interest are built to deal with pretty much whatever.

product description

truglo brite-website online tritium sight set springfield xd, xdm steel tritium green. Those excessive contrast fiber optic attractions characteristic a three dot pattern with a single front dot and a couple of rear dots. Fiber optic technology lets those lights accumulate ambient light and direct it towards the shooter’s eyes, making the points of interest glow bright without the want for batteries. Ideal for all types of daylight capturing. Features:- traditional tritium night points of interest – uses the brightest tritium available – cnc-machined metal production – suits standard holsters – snag-resistant layout – inexperienced the front and rear – fits the following fashions: springfield xd/xdm””

8 reviews for Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-dark night time attractions for springfield pistols, springfield xd, xdm (except 5. 25″ comp collection) and xds

  1. Rescueman

    Fit perfectly on my Springfield XDs-9, even though the packaging said it was not made for the XDs. Make sure you have a gunsmith put these on for you (cost usually $15-$25). Both the sights you’re removing and these TRUGLO sights fit very tightly and the vice your gunsmith will use is an absolute necessity. Sights are very bright. UPDATE: Less than 2 years later and the left side of the rear sight is very dim, even in complete darkness. Really expected these sights to last a little longer than that (my last set lasted over 8 years). Makes you wonder how old these sights were when they were purchased… UPDATE: My apologies to folks at Truglo–the sights are still bright. Numerous trips to the range had resulted in a significant amount of gunpowder residue on the rear sights. A Q-tip, soft toothbrush, and a small amount of solvent cleared it up completely…just like brand new. Read more

  2. AsTro

    Was looking for a set of night sights for my XD45 4”, it’s primay job in life is to do noting and wait for a bump in the night that most likely won’t happen. It goes to the range and gets fired about 300 times a year. But the factory sights have never been that impressive for me. Accurate, but in impressive and useless in low light. I have other firearms that came with or I’ve installed Trijicon or Tru Dot sights on but these Truglo were completely we for me. They arrived on time, well packed and seemed fine in the packaging. I looked around at various sources to determine the difficulty in installing. It seems Springfield XD sights tend towards the more “stuck” type and a fair amount of force is required to move them. Weighed my options and decided to have a smith do the job. Pros: Very cost effective! Flat leading surface in the rear sight Smooth no snag Metal housing Good sight picture in light They’re just as bright as Trijicon sights in the dark (see pic) the left is Springer 1911 with factory sights (year old) the tru glo’s, on the XD (on the right) are as bright and slightly bigger. Cons: These are not Trijicon sights. So if the name is important? The front sight is narrow in base width( looks odd in the dove tail.) Overall they’re nice for the price and my local smith installed easily, no marks or trauma to the slide or the sights. Very serviceable at a fair price, a great value! Read more

  3. Daniel Ruliva

    I purchased these sights for my Springfield XD and was extremely excited to take them out to the range. I had them installed by a professional gunsmith with no issues, then the same day I took my pistol out to a night range. Literally 2 shots in, the front sight stopped glowing. I heard nothing but good things about these sights, and tried to ignore the negative reviews I saw on amazon. Apparently, the shipments that come from amazon may include back stocked packages of Tru Glo night sights from up to 7 years ago. Tritium only lasts roughly 8 years anyway. This means that the sights you get are extremely likely to dim or break at anytime after purchase. In my case, it was near immediately. I’m going to contact Tru Glo and see if we can possibly remedy this problem, I’ll update as soon as I get word back. Read more

  4. BRAD

    I purchased these for a Springfield XDM according to the description they would fit. I sent the unopened package to a certified gunsmith friend of mine to have them installed. My friend said they would not fit, they were too small. When I requested to return the unopened / unused sights I received a noticed that the sights were not returnable due to being gas filled, yet I received them “gas filled”. Read more

  5. trad

    Great sights for price. Brighter than Trijicon set just installed on PPQ M2. Installed on XDS 9mm with quality but universal sight press bought here earlier this year. Have been waiting for awhile because of the “word” on how hard it was to supposed to be to remove the factory sights. I had no issue. The rear made an audible snap as it broke loose but that was all the drama. I put RemOil on them right after I placed my Prime order and they popped right out and these slid easily in. Great deal. Can’t wait to take to range and see if they change aiming but if I have to adjust so be it. You can’t tell from pics on here but the sights do have white circle around insert. Was only thing I was concerned about to order. Read more

  6. AZPaulAaron

    These are great sights whether you’re on a budget or not. Only took about 20 minutes to install with a universal sight pusher. Perfect for low light and regular lighting conditions. Definitely makes my XDS look a lot better while providing the functionality that I’ve always wanted. I highly recommend! Read more

  7. RodThaBod

    I have heard so many stories about the sights are loose or don’t fit or they won’t come off or they have to pay a gunsmith 50 bucks to put them on. Well , this is what I did. I took my XDS apart and put the slide in a vice. I had heavy cloth on the sides to not damage the slide. I put drops on Kroil on the rear sight and front sight to loosen them up. I let it sit for about a day. I used a punch to knock them out , no problem. Next up , I used that same punch with a small piece of rubber in between the sight and the punch to move the sight into place gently tapping it. Use something other than metal to metal to not damage the sight and do the same with the front sight. Then use the small allen wrench ( included ) to tighten up the back sight. I used a Digital Caliper to make sure the sights were on evenly , they were. Toke it out to shoot and it works great. Great price and very bright. Read more

  8. trippin_onlife

    Great price, but a pain to install. Even local gun shop couldn’t get their sight removal tool to push rear sight out. Finally got old sights removed by leaving slide in freezer overnight and then punching out with hammer. BTW, Springfield was very responsive to my question via Facebook…they recommend the hammer method-but be aware gun sights will get dents. Read more

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