Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-darkish night sights for sig sauer pistols

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your model wide variety.
  • unrivaled visibility in low light capturing conditions or complete darkness; glows in the darkish—no batteries or mild exposure required
  • at night time, sights are sparkling green dots; in daytime, sights are general vibrant white dots
  • manufactured from difficult, cnc-machined metal with a citadel finish coating for max protection
  • snag resistant design suits fashionable holsters; square-notch design is obligation confirmed
  • machined and assembled in the u. S. With nice swiss tritium for optimum brightness; 12-yr constrained ; patented
  • game kind: looking
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truglo tritium night time points of interest

when the lighting exit, your sidearm doesn’t need to be left in the dark. Using pleasant swiss tritium for optimum brightness, truglo tritium sights glow shiny each day and night, making sure you have got a clear sight image.

tritium night time points of interest transition from standard white dot attractions during the sunlight hours, to glowing inexperienced dots in the dark. Tritium does not want batteries and does no longer want to be charged with light — it absolutely glows!

a compact snag-unfastened layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable production ensure tritium sights are built to address just about something.


#6 Front, #8 Rear

8 reviews for Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-darkish night sights for sig sauer pistols

  1. AmazonCustomer135

    I got these for a SIG P226 and had them installed by a professional gunsmith. They give a good sight picture, and glow brightly. I am happy with them. But, there are a few details if you look closely that makes me wonder if I should have paid more to send my slide to SIG and have them upgrade the sights. My total cost including gunsmithing fee was about $95. If I’d sent the slide to SIG, my total cost would have been about $130. The issue with these sights is that the upper portion of both front and rear sights projects out over the slide for no apparent reason (does the tritium lamp need to be that long?). It’s very noticeable with the rear sight. You could easily put a business card between the slide and the rear sight. I suppose it doesn’t hurt anything, but it makes me wonder if dirt could get stuck there, or if the sight could get caught on a thin piece of metal and somehow pried out of the gun, for example, in a range bag. That seems unlikely, but who knows. The front sight has the same issue, but at a smaller scale. Aside from that, I am happy with them. I rated them four stars because the price is very good, particularly for the #8/#8 combination. Read more

  2. VFRAV8R

    They are a great set of sights and price. Installed on a Sig SP2022. I’m very happy Read more

  3. mimi

    They are awesome and afordable i bought the fist set for my p320 .357 sig and i like the so much that a bought a second set for my p320 .40 smith and wesson Read more

  4. DiGecko

    Used those on my FN 509. Only issue that I had was with the length of set scre, had to file it a bit as it was too long. Sights do have a gap between bottom of the sight and the slide, but so did the factory irons. Used rear sight for one handed manipulation without any issues. They Glow bright and sight picture is tighter than factory – meaning nthere is less air between front sight and u notch, which I like. For the price (got it on sale under 50) they are amazing! Setting them on FN was a bit tougher with the front post but OK with the rear. If you are not comfortable doing that – take it to your local gunsmith. After setting them I had around 500 rounds through the gun with no drift on the sights. No vertical impact shift from the factory sights. I highly recommend them! Read more

  5. Nick Irizarry

    I ordered these sights for my p320 compact (#6 front, #8 Rear). They are nice and bright in the dark and the overall quality of the sights is very good! I was not able to use my sight pusher for the front sight because the front of the slide on the p320 does not have a flat bottom. However, just using a punch to take out the stock front sight and put in the new one was very easy. I gave this a 4/5 only because I was able to push the rear sight in by hand with just a little force. It does have a set screw, but I would have liked it to be slightly tighter while being installed. With that being said, I do not think the rear sight will drift with the set screw being tightened nice and snug. Overall, give them a shot! They are half the price of all the other night sights on the market, and are definitely worth checking out! Read more

  6. James C

    Used these to replace my dim Sig P365 X-ray sights. All I can say is they are very bright and the white dots during the day are great too. The sights are very well made and the rear also has a set screw. I used a sight pusher to put these in and they were a breeze to do. I also put a set of these on my Sig P320C which didn’t come with night sights. Buy with confidence! Read more

  7. AB

    Sights are exactly as advertised. Glow bright. easy to install with simple tools. Its dark half of the day so I highly recommend. Read more

  8. Joe DIY

    I bought a set of these to replace a dead front night sight on my Sig . I also have a couple XD’s that came from the factory with sights identical to those on the Sig. I measured all of them with a dial caliper and the Sig & XD are the same dimensions. In addition they fit very close with barely a hairs gap between the slide & sight. The TruGlo product claims to be made to Sig 6/8 specs, or a copy by implication, but the front blade is .02″ wider and .04″ taller and it noticeably sits up off the slide .02″ +/-. The rear sight doesn’t look too awfully bad, but it also sits off the slide the same as the front and the gap is enough to be a catch point. The rear sight is only .02 taller than the Sig #8. There is an alignment difference compared to Sig sights. The TruGlo rear sight is .02″ lower than the front. This causes the point of impact on the target to be lower when properly aligning the sights. In addition the rear sight has a set screw that none of my Sig sights have and since my guns don’t have a hole for it to recess into, it sticks up in the rear sight notch. Overall, the TruGlo is not a bad product. It appears well made with a pleasing design and if it only fit right, would be quite acceptable. The fact that Standard Sig 6/8 sights fit both XD & Sig guns but with the TruGlo brand you have to get a different model also says something about their design standardization. It just isn’t made to the dimensional standard it implies or claims to be. Needless to say I returned these sights and will buy something that works for me. Read more

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