Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-darkish night time attractions for 1911 pistols

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  • make sure this fits by using getting into your version range.
  • unrivaled visibility in low mild capturing conditions or complete darkness; glows inside the darkish—no batteries or mild publicity required
  • at night, points of interest are sparkling green dots; in daytime, points of interest are fashionable shiny white dots
  • fabricated from hard, cnc-machined metal with a castle end coating for optimum protection
  • snag resistant design fits wellknown holsters; rectangular-notch design is obligation validated
  • machined and assembled inside the u. S. With first-class swiss tritium for optimum brightness; 12-yr constrained warranty; patented
  • 1911 reduce** . 260 the front / . 450 rear (1911 five” authorities . 45 acp) ruger sr1911 fashions with fixed rear sight because of gun manufacturers’ machining tolerances, point-of-impact may additionally vary
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truglo tritium night time points of interest

while the lights exit, your sidearm doesn’t need to be left in the darkish. The usage of satisfactory swiss tritium for maximum brightness, truglo tritium attractions glow vivid both day and night time, making sure you’ve got a clean sight picture.

tritium night time points of interest transition from general white dot attractions during the daytime, to sparkling inexperienced dots within the dark. Tritium does not want batteries and does now not need to be charged with mild — it without a doubt glows!

a compact snag-unfastened layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting construction ensure tritium attractions are built to deal with just about anything.


260 Front, 450 Rear, 260 Front, 500 Rear, 270 Front, 500 Rear

8 reviews for Truglo tritium handgun glow-in-the-darkish night time attractions for 1911 pistols

  1. junkman

    Found out finding what sights were on a Ruger 9E was a puzzle (not the same as the SR9 it is based on). Has Novak cut 1911 sights, which led me to the TRUGLO 1911 sights. Picked the .270 front/.450 rear set as a best guess for a combo. Surprising fit without modification, but I could have tweaked the rear a little. Keep in mind any dovetail or Novak cut sight generally requires fitting, which can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with them. Have luxury of my own range, so went straight to range for sighting in; you must have front dead center and then tweak rear for left/right. Had to move rear slightly right and was then dead on. These sights really show in dark and even not so dark conditions, really a huge improvement on a SD pistol. Added also an LED flashlight/strobe light to front dust cover. Made a fantastic gun even better. Read more

  2. trail.biker

    This is the brightest tritium I have ever seen. I have a T100 tritium wristwatch and these sights are noticeably brighter. They are a bit tough to install, even with a sight press, but they should not move. They lost a star because it was a bit tough to figure out the right size. I was fitting a Citadel 1911 Officer’s model. The sights I initially ordered, which were labeled for 1911 officers (.260 front, .500 rear), did not fit and left the gun shooting about 14 inches high at 10 yards. UPDATE: The .260 front, .450 rear are still shooting too high. It seems like that particular gun requires a low-profile rear sight and I am looking for one. If you measure the sights, measure from the bottom of the dovetail to the top of the sight post on your existing sights and it should give you the right measurement. The flat part of the dovetail should be flat against your measuring calipers. Read more

  3. Southguy

    Ok, some word of advice here. I put an exact set on a Kimber pro carry and couldn’t be happier with the results. My latest purchase is a SA range officer champion with novak cut. I wanted to replace the front fiber optic. Looked around and almost all options were $100 plus for rear sight alone. I ordered this set as an alternative knowing i could return to Amazon without hassle. The sight is labeled Novak cut, but it is not 100% compatable with Springfield Armory products. This is not tru glows problem. SA for some reason takes liberties with their sight cuts.. not even sure a genuine Novak brand sight would fit without some alteration. That being said the front sight was a perfect fit, The rear sight was about 95%. Slide cut was off angle at the rear and slightly too deep. I tightened the set screw and you can see some light under the sight. I thought of shimming but tried lock tight as another reviewer did. That works. You got to look really close to notice the fix. They look great and fit flush with the slide with no overhang. Read more

  4. kdawg

    Have these for several of my pistols and they’re great. Replaced my factory night sights with these due to the originals getting very dim at black out. I was hesistant because Springfield likes to go a little off the path as far as sight cuts and Novak style but these ended up fitting. Awesome set of sights for the value. The originals were trijicon (10 years old) but I like these Truglos more. Read more

  5. VE

    I ordered this to replace my Rock Island Armory .45 1911-A1 FS sights. Though it did install on my gun, there is a small gap between the front sight and the upper receiver. I think sight model TG231N3 would have fit better. Read more

  6. Jerry S.

    I’ve never had to do so much fitting to get sights to fit a 1911. Standard cut sight cutouts on my 1911 slide, but I had to file these down so much that I had to also file down the underside of the rear sight flat, the part that sits on top of the slide, to get it to fit on the slide. It’s the Novak style. The front sight had to be filed down almost 1/16th of an inch before it would go in, and when it went in, it was crooked. I managed to get the front sight lined up to where it is centered while looking down the slide, but looking at it from the top it is crooked. So yes, they work now. But I’ve owned many other sights from other popular name brand companies that only took a few swirls on some 800 grit sand paper and bam! They were good to go. I was using 400 grit on these to take off all that material. I could have given it 4 stars but with the front sight going in crooked, that knocked off another star. And I’ve been fitting sights in for 20 years and never had to do this much work. I’m sure I’ll end up replacing these in the future. It works but it’s an eye-sore. Read more

  7. Travis J. Rysdam

    These are very nice night sights. They tritium vials are quite bright, just as bright as Meprolight or Trijicon sets. The white dots surrounding the vials are more than adequate for gaining a good sight picture in the day time too. These were easy to install, and only required minimal filing to fit the Novak cuts on my slide, as they should. I used a drop of blue Loc-tite under the base of the front blade, and on the screw for the rear sight, and they seem to be holding in place fine. I do not have a sight pusher, and wasn’t going to buy one to put these on, so I tapped the front sight in place with a hammer and a brass drift punch. This worked fine, and despite my less than gentle approach the sight and tritium vial remained intact. One word of advice if you install these the unsophisticated way I did, DO NOT HIT THE BLADE OF THE SIGHT. Only allow your drift/bar/punch/whatever to contact the base of the front sight. If you hit the blade, you can bend it and break the tritium vial inside. This would relegate your front sight to daytime only duty. Read more

  8. J. Paul Bouvier

    Excellent product and price. Installed on new Colt Defender for a perfect fit. &40.00 less than gun show or shop price. Read more

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