Truglo tritium pro glow-in-the-dark handgun night sights for taurus pistols, suits millennium g2, 709 slim and 740 narrow fashions

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  • make certain this suits by means of coming into your model wide variety.
  • suits taurus millennium g2 (excluding g2c), 709 slim, 740 slim
  • brightness and sturdiness of our original tritium sights, however with delivered pro-stage features; tritium night sights transition from wellknown white dot attractions during the daytime, to sparkling inexperienced dots inside the the dark
  • makes use of quality swiss tritium for optimum brightness and unmatched visibility in all capturing situations 24/7; glows inside the dark with out a batteries or light resources wanted
  • the front sight features a enormously visible white recognition-lock ring surrounding the front fiber to make it even more visible, encouraging the eye to hastily focus at the the front sight for a fast and accurate sight photograph
  • compact layout maintains manufacturing facility sight radius and fits wellknown holsters; angled rear sight area for emergency one–hand operation the bullets and identify for the chosen asin are wrong and need to be updated

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truglo tritium seasoned attractions

when the lights exit, your sidearm doesn’t want to be left inside the darkish. The use of fine swiss tritium for maximum brightness, truglo tritium sights glow brilliant each day and night, making sure you have got a clean sight image. We brought all of our seasoned stage features, now which include an orange recognition-lock ring for multiplied front sight comparison.

tritium night time points of interest transition from standard white dot sights during the daytime, to glowing inexperienced dots within the dark. Tritium does no longer need batteries and does not need to be charged with mild — it simply glows!

a compact snag-loose design, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable production make sure tritium points of interest are built to handle just about anything. Well suited with multiple models and makes of guns.

product description

surely put, truglo manufactures bright ideas. While tfx pro points of interest straight away took off and received critical acclaim, we observed that the arena of tritium night attractions wished a comparable improve. Beginning with the brightness and sturdiness of our authentic tritium night sights, we brought all of our seasoned level features, now which include an orange focus-lock ring for improved the front sight assessment.

8 reviews for Truglo tritium pro glow-in-the-dark handgun night sights for taurus pistols, suits millennium g2, 709 slim and 740 narrow fashions

  1. Gary Dawson

    The TruGlo Tritium Pro sights are fantastic! I have had the Truglo TFX sights on my Glocks and the TFX I put on my G2c was shooting very low. I thought I would try the Pro and although I haven’t taken it to the range yet it is dry firing perfectly using my red training laser cartridge. I don’t like it when a front sight appears to have big gaps on each side of the rear sight posts. The Pro on the G2c fills most of the gaps of the rear sight posts and I like that. I also like the big white front dot. It fits perfectly in the “U” shaped notch of the rear sight for daylight shooting. Don’t be taken in by the fiber optic on the TFX. I have owned both and I prefer the Pro by far. The Pro is just as easy and quick to sight in the daylight. The Pro fits in the G2c very tightly but get a sight pusher. The fit is tight enough that the set screw is meaningless but I used it anyway with a little blue Locktite. I did not use grease in the dovetail like another reviewer suggested. It is not needed. Don’t go beating around on your handguns with a bunch of punches and hammers. The pusher makes it easy to dial it in too. I went too far on my initial install and had to adjust a couple more times. Come on guys! I wouldn’t even use hammers and punches one my cheapie $179 dollar Taurus let alone my new M&P 2.0 Compact! BTW the G2c is a fabulous little handgun and is very reliable. Read more

  2. james martinez

    Installed these on aTaurus pt111 g2. I recommend having a sight pusher handy when installing the rear sights. Unit came with screws for both the rear and front sight. Estimate time to install less the 30 minutes. Read more

  3. Mousegunner

    I measured the front sight of this Truglo Tritium Pro to be 0.038″ taller than the OEM sight, while the rear sight matches the height of my OEM rear sight (remember, the Taurus OEM rear sight is adjustable for elevation, so your rear sight may have different height than mine). Taller front sight with equal height rear sight can mean one thing: the gun will shoot lower. But, it also depends on how to place the front sight in your sight picture. I will update this review once I can test fire my PT-111 G2. I found that this G2 front sight can take the same screw that Truglo includes with their Glock sight. In fact, the screw for Truglo glock front sight fits better on the G2 slide and easier to work with using the Glock front sight tool compared to the sight screw that comes with this front sight that requires a small flat screw driver. The rear sight fits snug, but not too tight. I pushed it using an MGW Pro sight pusher (MGW makes an adapter for G2 slide available from MidwayUSA). I get the rear sight started from the left sight (looking down from the rear of the slide) since I can get the sight started in the dovetail from the left, but not from the right. The rear set screw is really not necessary to secure the sight. But I tightened it down anyway for good measure. Read more

  4. Gary A. Lewis

    These sights cannot be installed safely without a sight pusher. If you try a hammer and a pin punch you may damage the rear sight. Front sight install was easy. Rear sight was a bear! I used a drill press vice but would not recommed this because it can possibly damage the rear sight. Buy a sightpusher or take to gunsmith. Good luck. Read more

  5. Josh Bowen

    The front sight went on easy enough but the rear was slightly too large for my Taurus PT111 G2. I took it to a local gunsmith and they had to remove a bit of material to get it on. After some adjustment, it is accurate and very easy to see in the dark. 10/10 Read more

  6. Andrew

    These sights are great but they dont fit my taurus pt709 slim even tho it say on box fits g2 and 709 slim Read more

  7. Luv2read

    The front sight is larger than the back and I’m enjoying them because I can quickly find and focus on target at the range. For a small cost they were installed by a gun smith. I recommend these sights for everyone new to the sport and those with aging eyes like mine. Read more

  8. Peculiariam

    I can’t speak on accuracy yet and I hope I won’t have to change my rating but so far it’s a five star stamp from me! Read more

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