Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-dark handgun night sights for 1911 pistols

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  • ensure this fits by means of getting into your version variety.
  • unrivaled visibility in low-light shooting conditions or complete darkness
  • angled rear sight area for emergency one-hand operation
  • glows-in-the dark – no batteries or light publicity required
  • assembled inside the america with satisfactory swiss tritium for max brightness
  • the front sight consciousness-lock for immediate and correct capturing
  • recreation kind: hunting
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from the manufacturer

truglo tritium seasoned attractions

while the lighting go out, your sidearm doesn’t need to be left in the darkish. Using pleasant swiss tritium for optimum brightness, truglo tritium points of interest glow vivid each day and night, ensuring you have got a clear sight picture. We brought all of our seasoned stage capabilities, now together with an orange recognition-lock ring for extended the front sight evaluation.

tritium night time points of interest transition from general white dot points of interest for the duration of the sunlight hours, to glowing green dots inside the dark. Tritium does not want batteries and does no longer want to be charged with light — it really glows!

a compact snag-unfastened layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable creation make certain tritium points of interest are built to handle just about something. Compatible with more than one models and makes of guns.


270 Front / 450 Rear, 270 Front / 500 Rear

8 reviews for Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-dark handgun night sights for 1911 pistols

  1. Colt

    The product is well-made and looks as good as any of the other truglo tritium pro sights I have for my Glock and Polymer80 pistols. This one is for a 1911, and unfortunately TruGlo doesn’t offer much in sizing information and it wasn’t until I received the package that the packaging informed me these sights were for the 3” & 4.25” 1911 in 9mm/.40 cal. I have. 5” in .45 ACP… I had used the image in the listing, that contains a table of part numbers matched to descriptions and ordered the TG231N4W based off the description here. After getting the product, seeing the packaging state that it wasn’t for my firearm, I went to TryGlo’s website and confirmed they had a newer sizing table on the site. The model I need was the TG231N1W. I reached out to the seller (a 3rd party, “Trusted Sports”) and they were helpful and VERY responsive to my requests. They sent me a return label and even did some digging on my behalf, searching other sites for the model I needed. Everyone is out of stock it seems. I will keep an eye for it and would not hesitate to buy from Trusted Sports again! Read more

  2. JPG

    Same fit as my original sights on my Springfield 1911. Had to have it installed by a gunsmith since the original sights are a beast to get out (unlike a Glock which I was able to do myself). But overall fully satisfied with my purchase. Read more

  3. Aufer

    As far as the Ruger sr1911 commander. The rear sight drops right in. The front sight however will need slight modifications to fit. If you aren’t capable you should probably pay your local gunsmith to fit them so you don’t ruin the sight or your slide. It can be done at home with a knife file if you have the skills. Do not force the sight you may need to start it a couple of times to ensure clearance. The Ruger slide may need a flat or the front sight may need to be shaved to raise it above your slide. Read more

  4. KayakFisherman

    This will work in a RIA with dovetail front and rear sights, just need a file and file the sights, not the slide. Just make sure you get the right height per your pistol size. Awesome quality! Read more

  5. Gus

    Too tall… looks like the hood scoop from a 72 ‘cuda on my Les Baer stinger. Will be replacing with lower mount. The “u” notch and big dot are quick though…. if only the sat lower. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The dovetails for these sights were meant for a Commander model. This is not listed in the description so they would not fit my gun. Amazon will not accept returns on this item because of the tritium. But if you scream at them they do give you your money back… overall one star because the seller does not tell you what cut the sights are for and if you want your money back you have to become unpleasant with CS, which I do not like doing. Read more

  7. Ryan Ellsworth

    Didn’t fit my Ruger SR1911. Had to file them down quite a bit to fit. Otherwise I got em to fit with some dremel and sandpaper work. Read more

  8. J. Boice

    These did not fit my weapon, Springfield range officer Target. But they are great quality and Truglo never disappoints. Read more

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