Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-darkish handgun night attractions for ruger pistols

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your version quantity.
  • suits ruger lc9, lc9s and lc380
  • brightness and durability of our unique tritium attractions, but with added pro-degree functions; tritium night time attractions transition from fashionable white dot sights at some stage in the sunlight hours, to glowing inexperienced dots in the the darkish
  • makes use of exceptional swiss tritium for max brightness and unmatched visibility in all capturing conditions 24/7; glows inside the dark and not using a batteries or mild sources wanted
  • the front sight features a enormously seen white awareness-lock ring surrounding the the front fiber to make it even extra visible, encouraging the eye to swiftly consciousness at the the front sight for a quick and accurate sight photo
  • compact design maintains manufacturing facility sight radius and suits preferred holsters; angled rear sight area for emergency one–hand operation
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truglo tritium seasoned attractions

when the lights exit, your sidearm doesn’t need to be left inside the dark. Using high-quality swiss tritium for maximum brightness, truglo tritium points of interest glow brilliant both day and night time, ensuring you’ve got a clean sight picture. We brought all of our pro stage capabilities, now which include an orange attention-lock ring for extended the front sight comparison.

tritium night points of interest transition from popular white dot attractions all through the daylight hours, to sparkling green dots within the dark. Tritium does no longer want batteries and does no longer want to be charged with light — it clearly glows!

a compact snag-free layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting production make sure tritium attractions are built to address just about some thing. Well matched with a couple of fashions and makes of weapons.


Ruger LC9 / 9s / 380

8 reviews for Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-darkish handgun night attractions for ruger pistols

  1. Charlie B

    These are really good sights with a large front sight for fast acquisition to your target. You will need proper tools to install these because they are not simply push-on. I am a gunsmith and have the tooling to do these kind of jobs. Minimum tools would be a small safe side file and brass punch. I used a #2 cut, very extra narrow pillar file to cut the sight and a sight pusher to install them. As I said, it can be done with some basic tools, just work slow and don’t be in a hurry. On some firearms the sights will require less work. Disclaimer: Be certain the firearm us unloaded before any work is performed. Read more

  2. TurkeyLeg

    These sights are BRIGHT! They even shine in just low light. They are a little higher then the factory sights , keep that in mind, you’ll need to adjust your point of aim as needed . They are easy to use to rack the slide one handed. I had along time Smith install them and he said they we EXTREMELY TIGHT ,but was able to get them in with no file work. I would buy these again without hesitation. They are a great upgrade! Read more

  3. do it myself

    This an addition to my EDC installed at a local gunsmith. Really a sight for sore, I mean old eyes! Check out the shots at five yards in the photo. The sights really make a difference compared to the iron sights on the gun. Highly recommend. Sorry the image is sideways; tried to rotate and paste but it did not work. Read more

  4. lawrence anthony

    These fit LC9S with precision. Nice and bright. You’ll need a sight pusher to remove rear sight. Small rubber hammer is handy too. Front can be drifted in out with hardwood dowel or brass punch. Use Scotch tape (or clear packaging tape) to protect slide from being marred. True-Glo includes a hex wrench for the rear sight. Read more

  5. Cen

    Great sight picture, but the front edge on the rear sight is WAY too sharp. It can literally cut you when racking the slide. Read more

  6. Woodrow

    These are great. High quality and excellent value. Perfect fit for my Ruger Lc9s. Use a sight pusher. Sight with a laser bore sight. Good to carry. Read more

  7. Lance Sorenson

    It’s hard to find products with real tritium, and not just “glow in the dark”. Front sight went in no problem on my LC9s. Still working on properly removing my stock rear sight, but having problems breaking the adhesive used. Read more


    The rear sight didn’t fit as it say it will . Took my Ruger LC9s to gun shop even with the installer tool fielded the sight down to make adjustment and still don’t fit . very unhappy with the product Read more

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