Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-darkish handgun

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your version quantity.
  • suits walther pps
  • brightness and durability of our unique tritium sights, but with brought pro-degree capabilities; tritium night time points of interest transition from wellknown white dot attractions at some stage in the sunlight hours, to glowing inexperienced dots inside the the darkish
  • utilizes fine swiss tritium for max brightness and unmatched visibility in all capturing conditions 24/7; glows in the darkish with out a batteries or light resources wished
  • front sight features a enormously seen white consciousness-lock ring surrounding the the front fiber to make it even extra visible, encouraging the attention to rapidly attention at the front sight for a fast and accurate sight picture
  • compact design continues manufacturing facility sight radius and suits fashionable holsters; angled rear sight part for emergency one–hand operation
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truglo tritium pro sights

when the lights exit, your sidearm doesn’t want to be left in the darkish. Using excellent swiss tritium for max brightness, truglo tritium attractions glow bright both day and night time, ensuring you’ve got a clear sight image. We delivered all of our pro stage features, now along with an orange attention-lock ring for accelerated the front sight contrast.

tritium night time attractions transition from widespread white dot sights all through the sunlight hours, to glowing inexperienced dots within the darkish. Tritium does not need batteries and does no longer want to be charged with mild — it absolutely glows!

a compact snag-free design, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable construction make sure tritium attractions are constructed to handle just about whatever. Compatible with a couple of models and makes of weapons.


Orange Ring, White Ring


Walther P99 and PPQ, Walther CCP, Walther PPS

8 reviews for Truglo tritium seasoned glow-in-the-darkish handgun

  1. mynamehere

    This is an excellent product if you have a dremel and an extra five minutes of time. WIthout a dremel, you’re out of luck. The problem is that the rear adjustment screw that comes with the pistol does not fit the new sight and Truglo, inexplicably, does not include a replacement screw. Therefore, you can not install the sight without making some additional room inside the oddly shaped sight cavity to accommodate the fractional difference between the space available and the original (slightly longer) screw. Once you dremel the sight for a few seconds, it works just fine. The second reason I dinged the product is the front sight uses a flat head screw that isn’t compatible with either the original screw or the screwdriver that comes with the pistol. While they did include the new screw for the front sight it is difficult to find a screwdriver skinny enough to accommodate the incredibly tight fit, since this pistol has a piston that has to be removed before the installation, an unusual design which leaves very little wiggle room. Walther included a narrow screwdriver anticipating the problem. TRUGLO does not. Walther, in general, makes their sights extremely easy to replace without having to complicate matters with unnecessary tools. This product messes up the clean, practical and simple design. However, once installed, these sights are bright, clear and easy to pick up. The price is great, and the sight works really well, but not without a headache. Hence, the three stars, and why it’s only an okay product. Read more

  2. C. Leonard

    I’ve heard this doesn’t fit the PPS M2 so I contacted TruGlo and they told me it fits the M1 and the M2. My sights came in today and they do not fit the PPS M2, the rear sight needed lots of sanding to install, this was annoying but it eventually fit. Unfortunately the front sight is too loose so it rattles and there is nothing you can do to fix this. The sights are not returnable so I tossed $60 in the trash. I hate to say such broad sweeping things like this, but don’t buy anything from this company. I’ve read it fits the M2 so maybe it will fit yours, my PPS was manufactured in 2018, buyer beware… PS: These sights are very dim at night compared to others. Front sight looks amazing in daylight. Read more

  3. Charles E.

    You’ll need a gunsmith or armorer to do this for you a) if you don’t have a sight pushing tool for this weapon and b) if you’re not familiar with dealing with a pinned front sight, which Walther has. I know a couple guys that coulda done it but there’s a gunsmith right around the corner from my work, so I just took it there. $45 later, they were on. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Front sight is super easy to find / well defined. Read more

  4. AB1969

    Item does not fit Walther PPQ M2 – it needs a lot of sanding/fitting. It also does not use the Walther original plunger system to hold the rear sight in place. Be advised Amazon does not allow returns on this item, even if it is in the box. Read more

  5. Pompiere

    These sights do not fit the Walther PPQ M2 pistol. The rear sight on Walther’s have the traditional reverse-thread screw and plunger to hold the sight in position. These sights neither use the screw nor have a pinpoint for the plunger, thus making no way to secure the sight. But, you don’t have to worry about that, because the sight is too big to even slide into the rear sight space in the first place. It is beyond me why this is advertised to fit the PPQ so broadly. Read more

  6. Gordon in Oregon

    I bought two; one for my original PPS and one for my PPS Mod 2. The rear sight will not fit on the original PPS but did on the Mod 2. The stem of the front sight on the Mod 2 is too tall to fit snug when screwed in. They will work if you make a washer or two out of a beer/soft drink can and slip that on before screwing in the set screw on the front sight. All in all it was a hastle, but they appear to be good sights. I installed them yesterday and today and the blue Locktite will set overnight on the front sight before I actually fire the Mod 2 to see how they work. The reat sight installed with no problem whatsoever using a Universal rear sight pusher. I tried to call the Truglow company but their customer support only handles e-mail for public customers, though they have a phone number for dealers. Read more

  7. Pbar

    Very dissapointed in this product. Purchased this for my Walther CCP. The front sight has a large white dot with the tritium in the center so its easy to see in the daylight. The rear sight basically just has the tritium and no white to highlight it for daytime use. In the daylight the rear sight isnt as visable as the stock Walther sight I wanted to replace. Order fulfilled by Amazon but now I’m being told I can not return. Kind of defeats the point of purchasing from Amazon. The whole idea is no hassle returns. Read more

  8. Amazonjunky

    This is an outstanding product and fits exactly as it’s supposed to. I’ve seen a number of reviews that state these sights are loose or dont fit. This is false and inaccurate. 2 points to address here…1, the rear sight has to be installed using a sight pusher, without one it will seem as if it is to big or doesnt fit. However, with a sight pusher they can be properly pushed into place and secured using the allen set screw with the addition of loctite. Second, the front sight must be properly placed on top, then also secured with the set screw with loctite. These sights are every bit the equivalent of sights that cost twice as much but better in my opinion due to the U-notch on the rear sight as opposed to a more common square notch. The accuracy is at a premium as well. Tight groups with a firearm of this size at 10 and 15 yards. I could not be more pleased with these sights and will absolutely be purchasing them for other firearms moving forward. Read more

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