Truglo tru-brite 30 series 1-6 x 24mm twin-colour illuminated-reticle rifle scope with mount, matte black, 1-6 x 24mm/40mm/30mm (tg8516tl)

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  • package width: eleven. 684 cm
  • bundle peak: 33. 274 cm
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truglo tru-brite 30 collection

  • 30mm tube for increased brightness and click on changes
  • scope consists of pre-calibrated bdc turrets in calibers . 223 (55 grain) and . 308 (168 grain) to interact goals as much as 800 yards away
  • extraordinarily wide discipline of view
  • scope includes reversible, offset, monolithic 30mm scope rings / mount cnc-machined from plane grade aluminum
  • shock resistant
  • water resistant / fog-proof / nitrogen fuel-filled
  • absolutely-covered lenses offer maximum brightness, clarity and comparison
  • durable leaf-spring click on modifications for windage and elevation
  • bright 24mm goal lens
  • product description

    trubrite 30 series offers the perfect aggregate of readability, precision, and speed. Featuring a 30mm tube and your desire of 1-4x or 1-6x magnification, trubrite 30 presents a vibrant photo and extraordinarily extensive discipline of view. With actual 1x magnification, shooters can utilize a really rapid sight image or even take the shot with each eyes open.

    4 reviews for Truglo tru-brite 30 series 1-6 x 24mm twin-colour illuminated-reticle rifle scope with mount, matte black, 1-6 x 24mm/40mm/30mm (tg8516tl)

    1. HD2Wheels

      I have this scope on an AK and a Kel-tec RFB. I have had them for about a year now on these rifles. I just got back today from shooting long distance, ringing steel out to 800 yards with the RFB. The glass on this scope is crystal clear. The fanboys can try to say otherwise all they want, but its every bit as clear as my Primary Arms and Vortex scopes and it’s half the price. It has held up like a tank, never knocking off zero or shifting. If you’re looking for a great quality, budget priced scope, this one is a fantastic option. Read more

    2. jitsumania

      First of all let me just state how surprised I was with this scope. Most of the time when I mount a scope on my rifle it will usually be Nikon, Vortex or Trijicon. I have a Millett 1×4 Designated Marksman Scope which I believe it is much more inferior than this scope. I was quite surprised with the clarity of the glass and the brightness of the reticle. I have been hesitant about purchasing any 1×4 or 1 x 6 scopes because of the lack of brightness of the reticle when I’m using it at 1x power and working in the sun. Trust me I have looked at many. The scope is very well constructed and very durable. I like the fact that it has an extended throw lever which makes it much quicker to operate. Lever operation is very smooth compared to my Millett scope which is like trying to move a car that has died on the road. Even though this is mounted on the 9 mm carbine I like the fact that it has turrets for both .223 and .308 ammunition. The scope can easily be moved around various platforms that I own which made it an even more desirable buy. I was able to zero my carbine very quickly. I adjusted and locked down the turrets after Zeroing the scope and then off I went. I was shooting sub MOA groups at 25 yards with holes touching holes and holes inside of holes. Shot over 200+ rounds and it maintained zero flawlessly. Since I had read the reviews prior to purchase I inspected all of the lockdown screws upon unboxing. Found two screws that weren’t completely tightened on the scope rings and two on the turret caps. And that was easily resolved with the Allen wrenches that are provided. I made sure that they were all torqued down to spec with my Wheeler Fat Wrench. I will be using blue Loctite on all screws in the coming week, time permitting. It is true that the scope is a little heavier but not enough to make a significant difference in my shooting. Also love the fact that it has both red and green options for the reticle. This scope operates at or even better as a pertains to other scopes that are designated for this type of duty for sometimes half the price. Tru Glo just needs to make sure of their quality assurance and do more detailed inspections of their products prior to leaving the factory for sale to the public. Don’t hesitate, go ahead and pull the trigger because you won’t regret it. Read more

    3. James C

      Purchased this for my Del-ton Alpha .308 MLOK rifle. Unboxing I noticed how nice the finish was on the scope. I then removed the .223 turret and replaced it with the .308 turret. The set screws were all tight and after removing them I used thread locker just in case. The adjustment clicks were audible and turrets locked tightly. Mounting on my rifle I looked over the included base and rings, they all looked very beefy. The base clamped tight to the rail. The glass on the scope is very clear with no distortion at the edges. I have owned Bushnell, primary arms and Sig optics. The optical quality of the truglo was just as good. I love the reticle and the illumination worked fine on both colors. The reticle is etched so it is always visible. The included throw lever for magnification is a nice touch as well. It moved smoothly through the magnification range. I will update this review after live fire. However what I have seen so far is a home run for the price! Update*** I moved this scope to my Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 rifle. After 200 rounds of 7.62x51mm ball ammo; the scope has kept zero. No problems with the mount or rings getting loose either. Read more

    4. Joseph J. Guccione

      I read a review, here in amazon, where a rear optical lens cover failed and it happened to me after 50 shots through a Mini-14. I was fortunate and found the hinge-pin at the range. I recommend sliding the covers off if you’ll be using this scope mounted on intermediate cartridge rifles or above; slide them back on for transport. If you’re a hunter, you may have to devise a preventive measure to secure the hinge-pin? I may try carefully staking mine or considering an aftermarket protective rear lens cap. For the sake of perspective, Leupold charges upwards of $60 per each lens cover. Beyond that little hiccup, the scope itself functioned incredibly well — especially for a scope in this price range. Update 28 Feb 2019 — I contacted TRUGLO about he lens cover and they sent me a new one in a few days with pause. I’d buy this scope again. I have a Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20mm Patrol Rifle Scope, FireDot SPR, Matte Black. I purchased it from amazon for $529.98 on January, 17, 2019 and to be really honest, I like the TRUGLO more than the VX-R. In fact, I just submitted a return on the VX-R. It may be defective? Nevertheless, as they sit now, TRUGLO is the better optic. Know this too, I have other Leupold scopes that are fantastic but they’re not like in size and design to this TRUGLO. That’s not the case with the VX-R, it is very much like in size and design. “You get what you pay for” is an old axiom. Just remember, “American Made” used to carry a lot of weight in the automobile industry. Maybe Leupold’s just resting on its name these days? The optics market is now flooded, Leupold may be struggling and sacrificing quality? Read more

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