Umbro men’s checkered shorts

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  • one hundred% nylon
  • imported
  • elastic closure
  • system wash
  • actual umbro garb
  • elastic waist with inner drawcord
  • removes chaffing, most consolation
  • overall performance short
  • weave type: woven
  • recreation kind: football
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product description

umbro’s iconic checkered quick is a timeless fashion that can be worn for a game or a stroll down the road. The nylon taffeta removes chafing, maximizes comfort, and lets you carry out to the highest magnitude. Umbro의 상징적인 체크 무늬 반바지는 유행을 타지 않는 스타일로 게임이나 거리를 걸을 때 착용할 수 있습니다. 나일론 태피터는 마찰을 없애고 편안함을 극대화하며 가장 높은 단계로 운동할 수 있습니다.


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Sulphur Springs, Black Beauty/White, Navy/White, Team Gold/Black Beauty, Turkish Sea/White, Vermillion/White

8 reviews for Umbro men’s checkered shorts

  1. Christopher G

    I ordered a size larger to make sure they would fit comfortably based on other reviews. A week after my return window closes they fail. I still have a pair from the 90’s that are strong. These definitely don’t meet the premier emblem that has already faded off. If you want to order these for the nostalgic comfort that does not exist anymore I’m sorry to report this does not fit the bill. My dreams of going commando in the Jeep with no doors will not be met with this current production. Read more

  2. PackDelta

    These definitely live up to the classic 80’s-90’s soccer short styling. The nylon fabric is heavy and not that breathable. Note, these do not contain any elastic in the fabric (except the waistband). I went to Target and tried on their (almost) identical checkered shorts, but unlike in store this pair of shorts had very rigid fabric with little give/stretch. The cut was also quite strange: tight in the quads and very loose in the crotch/seat. I’m in-between sizes on some brands, but this was one of the oddest fits I’ve experienced for gym shorts. They do have pockets, which was a plus. I really wanted to like these, but ended up returning them. Read more

  3. Matthew zarzecki

    Had these about 2 months, loved em so much the first week I bought a second pair, what a mistake these things fall apart so quickly, I have other pairs of umbro shorts that are still kicking after years. Only way I’d ever buy these again if they were 10 bucks or less, use your money on a better product. I’m not even the type of person to leave reviews but I figured I’d save someone else the trouble. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    These pants are inflexible and disallow even lunging or bringing the knee up while exercising. They are worse than older pants by Umbro, so I’m not sure what happened between now and then. They are also slightly larger than expected, while somehow being constrictive. Not good shorts. Pictured here are the old and new pants, both by Umbro, side by side. These are wider and shorter. Both are size L. Read more

  5. John Urbanic

    I was happy about the opportunity to buy what were once classic shorts. But these are made with very thin material and single stitching that separated within two washes. If these are not outright counterfeit, then Umbro has sold out, and their name means nothing anymore. Update (5/19/2020): After contacting Umbro directly, they confirm that this “Umbro” seller is not them. Blatant counterfeiting. The real Umbro asked if I could alert Amazon for them, LOL! Read more

  6. cj

    Quick backstory….as a child I had this exact style of Umbro shorts and loved them. Was excited to find on Amazon. The fit and feel were great. The first pair I ordered arrived with loose “torn” stitching in the front. Amazon replaced with no questions. The 2nd pair stitching came apart on 1st use on our family vacation. I am extremely unsatisfied with the quality of Umbro products now and feel it’s a shame. $30 for a pair of shorts that just fall apart is garbage. I’ll eat my losses now and never buy Umbro again. Highly recommend you do not waste your time or money either. Read more

  7. Dave Mack

    I’ve finally found some Umbros like I used to wear when I played soccer. I’ve always loved these shorts. From what I can tell, they are the same that I used to wear for practice shorts, minus the back left pocket. I wore these at times hiking the Appalachian Trail and had other hikers stop and ask, “Are those Umbros?!? Where did you find them?” Read more

  8. Andrew M. Paxton

    Initially I was very excited to find and order these shorts. Same comfort I remember wearing these years ago. The quality is significantly lacking, after wearing these shorts only a few times, the seam just below the pocket opened up. I do not carry anything heavy in the pockets and have not participated in aggressive activities wearing these shorts that may have caused such a tear. Very disappointed in the quality. Read more

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