Undergo x ac90a0a260 desire rd self-cocking pistol crossbow with pink dot sight three premium bolts, black, one length

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your version range.
  • compact design pistol crossbow self-cocking arm, forearm grip.
  • red dot sight – 3 top class bolts.

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the all-new bear x preference rd is the proper compact pistol crossbow. Presenting a forearm grip and self-cocking arm for ease of use and protection, the choice rd weighs only 1. 9 lbs. And has a crimson dot sight.

8 reviews for Undergo x ac90a0a260 desire rd self-cocking pistol crossbow with pink dot sight three premium bolts, black, one length

  1. Jonathan Camiolo

    Instructions for setup completely horrible. Even worse is the safety, as you can see by the pictures of my hand while trying to string this budget pistol crossbow. The pullback mechanism broke free from the base pistol crossbow and almost took a finger with it. Instead it took a piece of my palm. Unsafe, poor instructions, budget configuration. For the record I have set up many a crossbow and even a few of these pistol crossbows, I know they can be tricky and adapt as necessary, but in hindsight this was just strictly unsafe and should not be on the market as is. If nothing else the safety mechanism is not safe, stay away. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Easy to cock if you’re used to drawing any kind of real bow, stringing is a bit trickey due to the instructions lacking in clarity (install bow tips with tabs forward and place stringer loops on tabs to string). Accuracy is marginal as the bolt does not sit flush in groove but allows fins to rotate (boring 1/32 of an inch from each side would allow bolt to sit flush. Price, warranty and customer service is top level as I made a mistake in assembling mine and ruined a part, and after explaining it to customer service it was shipped (shipped today, not recieved). Read more

  3. Drew Nesmith

    Great pistol crossbow. Just came in yesterday and I enjoying it. One issue I have… the instructional piece of paper sucks !! Also, the “self cocking” is not as smooth or easy as it appears in the advertisements… Very powerful weapon … NOT A TOY! Read more

  4. Customer89

    This crossbow is impossible to string I had to go to a professional to get it hooked. Furthermore this product is not self cocking at all and it takes abnormal strength to cock this thing. The bolts are easily replaced but need to be replaced often because the sights are not accurate the scope the red dot all of that does not work and is not lined up correctly. Has a lot of power but is inconvenient cumbersome and difficult to operate Read more

  5. Michael Miller

    This crossbow looks great, sadly thats the only positive thing I can think of regarding it, she has many issues. The first of which is the stringing. Even following the (poorly written) instructions then a couple hours after atempts I watched a few Youtube videos to make sure I ead doing everything right with the stringer, which I was, so back to more attempts. Eventually I was able to get it on, I am convinced that it is the wrong size, cocking the bow takes a whole lot of effort. I am in shape and in my mid-thirties, and would guess i am in the top 5% as far as overall strength of people, I am only mentioning this to let you know I have trouble cocking this.I have to press the bow against thr ground and put my back into it, no joke. I have never had any crossbow even close to this hard to cock, and I have had 50lb and 80lb pistols/one handed up to 225lb draw, and this is at least 5 times harder than any of those. I am contacting Bear Archery today and will update my review accordingly Read more

  6. Jimbo

    Honestly I was and am really excited about the Desire RD. When it showed up at my door it looked like it had been dragged across the country, sunbleached, and crushed. When I opened the torn, rattling box I found that the crossbow was relatively unscathed. It is a quality product worth buying but don’t get it from this distributor. Go to bear archery directly and get it from a trusted source. I spent the afternoon shooting and it is a blast. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Very light weight and original sites are accurate. Red Dot site had red dot itself installed wrong. Called customers service and spoke with Greg. He gave me no problem at all. New one on the way. The 3 bolts that come with it have screw on tips. Came with most tools that i needed for the machine bolts for handle, sites and bow. Had to us a Phillips screw driver. Wife was surprised by the kick it gave. Which to me was minimal. Very low noise while firing. Bought ONE 250 pack of bolts for practice. Comes with 36 bolts for about $12.00. Used a box with two layers of about 4 inch styrofoam. Only had one bolt damaged and recovered the rest. THIS IS NOT A TOY. It will hurt or kill. Would not recommend using a wooden target to practice. Overall satisfied with this product from Bear Archery and will by more of their products. Read more

  8. Cody Willeford

    A lot of fun but it is insanely inaccurate. Very random if it shoots high or low or even left and right. Hits a 1×1 foot target consistently at 20 feet or so but where it hits is pretty random. It was also a pain to string up. Read more

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