Utg 1″/2pcs low seasoned max strength picatinny earrings, 18mm extensive

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leapers, inc. Develops, manufactures, and distributes a extensive variety of modern and technologically superior searching and shooting sport orientated products across a large number of various structures. We started out out as a storage commercial enterprise, with a 4×28 compact scope as our first product. After greater than 2 a long time of tough work, leapers is now positioned in a three-building complicated in livonia, michigan, with over one hundred fifty,000 rectangular feet in space for in-residence product design, improvement, production, and superior order achievement and distribution. Our utg logo and its sister emblem, the made-in-united states of america utg seasoned, have received extensive marketplace recognition and strong customer service throughout the globe. With manufacturing plants foreign places in addition to in michigan, plus utg europe distribution middle in germany, we keep to commit our efforts to promoting the utg satisfactory way of life and imparting clients complete and total solutions for all their searching and shooting needs. Innovation, great, price and carrier are the valuable themes of the utg brand.

8 reviews for Utg 1″/2pcs low seasoned max strength picatinny earrings, 18mm extensive

  1. Chad P.

    All things being rated on a sliding scale – this purchase, for the price, is a win. The rings have a nice look to them and the quality seems to be more than adequate (anybody that claims rings need to be sturdier apparently doesn’t understand that you shouldn’t crank down on a scope). That said, the thumb nuts used to tighten the ring-bases onto a pic rail are of *slightly* questionable durability. That said, overall, these are a great buy and do not add any unneeded bulk to your setup. Read more

  2. Jignobilis

    I like UTG for its price point and they seem pretty well made especially given the price. Obviously I may use higher quality rings for large caliber heavy recoilers, but for most typical applications these should suffice. The UTG rings I have bought all have worked without issue. They seem study and beefy. The price point is what I want to pay after spending whatever I just spent on the optic! Not a huge loss if it doesn’t work out. Try and get them for 10-15 bucks and you’re a winner! Read more

  3. hawkerpsh

    I use this on my full face modular helmet for my camera. I mounted a 3 slot aluminium rail with extra long bolts to my helmit. These mounts fit my SENA PRISM TUBE 4.0 ACTION CAMERA – PT10-01 very well! Holds it very sturdy and is much stronger then the $50. Camera mount they sell that I needed agter braking my $50 mount. I am very happy with it so far. The whole mount caust about $12 insted of $50 and seems much stronger. I am very happy with it so far. If it comes loose such as one person said I will just put some blue lock tight on it. Takes a bit more work to mount, but I would do it again Read more

  4. P. Revere

    I don’t usually write reviews but, when I do, it’s for a good reason. The rings themselves would probably be satisfactory, but the rail clamps are poorly designed and extremely weak. I purchased 2 sets of these a couple of years ago; one for a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, and another for a Ruger 10-22. The scopes and rings were installed (nuts torqued to 20 in/lb), the rifles were zeroed, and they have pretty much just sat in the safe ever since. I recently brought them out to clean and recheck zero and noticed one of the scopes was loose. I found the nuts on both clamps to be not even finger tight, which seemed rather odd to me. When I attempted to tighten the front nut by hand, the clamp broke. I then removed the scope completely and found the other clamp to also be bent and cracked. Removing it, I was able to snap it in two by hand. Checking the other gun, I found both clamps on it to be cracked and bent also. The problem is that the clamps are held apart by springs (presumably for ease of installation) and spring recesses are cast into the aluminum clamps, leaving only paper-thin webs to absorb the torque. I’m sure these clamps would be OK if there were no spring recesses, or if they were made of decent steel. I have been around guns nearly my entire life, and have mounted/dismounted scopes literally hundreds of times; this is the first time I have ever seen rail clamps fail. In my opinion, these mounts are not even suitable for airsoft use, and should certainly not be used in any critical application. I have attached pictures which will hopefully show how all of the clamps I bought have failed and the paper-thin cast aluminum webs around the spring recesses, which is the point of failure. Read more

  5. Some Useless Geek

    Monstrously large aluminum castings make these things a solid base for any optic, light, or laser designator attachment. Four screws to secure the rigid and hefty top strap. Through holes on those top strap screws. I can’t possibly see how the guy with the .308 broke one of these. Did he drop his rifle on the scope?!? Even then, how was it possible to break one of these solid mounts? I use them on my 12 gauge shotguns and my 5.56 ARs with no grief at all. In fact, I just ordered two more pairs for additional attachments. The UTG Max Strength stuff has proven to be pretty good. I’ve got reflex optics mounted on a rifle and a shotgun using the 30mm version of these mounts. Overall, I can recommend these mounts for anything short of a .50 BMG. Heh. Read more

  6. C. Andrea

    These are great – I didn’t end up using them because the profile was not as low I needed, but for what they are, it’s fantastic. I especially like the knob on the side – you can tighten by hand or little stick, etc – good idear (depending on what caliber you’re putting it on) Overall would buy again (when needed) Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not sure what happened, I have these on a few of my rifles and love them. Never had any issues. This set broke while mounting on gun. While coming up to torque on the side screw/side plate screw, the side plate split in 2. Read more

  8. mikey snapper

    A little heavy but very solid. Knob is quick enough to take scope on and out without tools if needed and cinches down good. Should be close to zero every time.The inside of the mounts has protective film that won’t mar the optic. I’m going to use these on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown and wanted something that was tough but quick for backpacking. I bought the tall see-thur model first because I wanted to be able to use the factory sights but it did not work. I could not see the sights and scope was way too high. The Tall boys actually had a slot cut out of the top of the mount to lighten up a bit but these were not the same. They make a six screw mount if these are not tough enough for you. Happy shooting. Cheers. Read more

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