Utg 3x magnifier with flip-to-aspect qd mount, w/e adjustable , black

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of entering your version wide variety.
  • broadband multi-coated lens to offer crystal clear 3x image, extensive subject of view – 30% bigger than similar models from other brands. Compatible rail-picatinny/weaver.
  • windage/elevation adjustability for optimum view centering. Refer consumer guide for listing of well matched manuals
  • 42mm center top for maximum commonplace dot sight aggregate, modern flip-to-side mechanism for quick transition among 1x and 3x photograph. Goal diameter:25mm;discipline of view @ one hundred yards:45′
  • adjustable eyepiece for smooth dioptric correction, patented quick-detach lever lock mounting base
  • precision machining and anodizing for maximum power and put on resistance, completely sealed and nitrogen filled for fog/climate evidence. Eye relief: 2 inch

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  • will this sight with an eotech 512?
  • yes* *the magnifier is a superb 1/8″-1/four” taller than the eotech. You may want to crank down the elevation placing all the way to get the eotech reticle targeted. At that factor, the inner prism (i’m guessing it’s a prism) is at a unusual angle and your eyebox isn’t very good on the magnifier. I need to genuinely mash my cheek down onto the rifle inventory to definitely without a doubt see the reticle through the magnifier, otherwise it type of disappears. See less

  • will this work with with my aimpoint pro?
  • query: will this work with with my aimpoint pro? Solution: forty two mm center peak for maximum common dot sight configuration. With the aid of a seller vendor on august 26, 2016 crumble all solutions

  • has everybody with a holosun hs403a used this magnifier? Readability? Line up? Casing clearance on firing?
  • query: has all and sundry with a holosun hs403a used this magnifier? Readability? Line up? Casing clearance on firing? Answer: used with my holosun with acss reticle. Easy paintings at 270 yards, will stretch it further soon. Clarity and eye field sux, but for the money one helluva deal. By means of jon. O on september 7, 2018 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (2) fall apart all solutions

  • has everyone ran this with the utg four. 2, and still had room on their rail for tough sites?
  • i have an m&p 15 and whilst i should get each the utg magnifier and utg 4. 2 on the rail while preserving my rear sight the eye comfort is so small that my nose become touching the rate cope with… So i removed the rear mbus sight and moved the magnifier all the way to the last slot of the rail and fixed it there. Now, whilst i nonetheless must crowd up to the lens because of the crappy eye relief however as a minimum my inventory isn’t all of the manner collapsed and i’m commonly extra comfy. See much less

    8 reviews for Utg 3x magnifier with flip-to-aspect qd mount, w/e adjustable , black

    1. Antibabylon

      IF you have an absolute co-witness RDS… this isNOT what you want. I spent an hour on the phone with the Leapers/UTG service department and we could NOT find ANY combination of risers that would align this 3x magnifier with my Sig Sauer Romeo5 absolute co-witness RDS. THIS 3x magnifier is at 42mm….. designed to align with THEIR RDS. Returning it the same day it was received… unused. Read more

    2. Kindle Customer

      I bought this magnifier to go with my TRS-25 red dot. I could not pass it up at this price. I however expected to get a relatively cheap quality magnifier. Wow was I wrong. As soon as I put it in my hand I noticed the quality construction. The housing is solid. The glass is very clear. It fits and aligns behind my TRS-25 on a UTG high mount perfectly. The eye relief is much better than expected and I didn’t have to adjust my length of pull. Simply put I could not be happier! Read more

    3. Eddie

      This magnifier pairs well with the TRS25 w/ hi-rise mount. I read that some had play in them but mine locks in the up or down position. I am also able to adjust windage and elevation helping to center a red dot. It does not pair well with Magpul MBUS, I can not flip up the rear sight the way I mounted it. The MBUS is to wide on the side and hits the magnifier. Read more

    4. Sean

      Quality fit and finish appeared to be much better than expected. Clarity of glass was better than expected. The Flip-to-side function worked flawlessly. I can only presume that reviewers that complained about being difficult, didn’t read the instructions. A simple pull to the rear disengages the locking pin and it easily flips to the right. If you are using even moderate force you are doing something wrong. The center height was way too high (42mm) for my optic, even with the lower 1/3 co-witness mount on my optic, but I was willing to get a QD mount to raise my optic and get past this issue. I also had to mount it a bit far forward to clear my BUIS when flipped over. Clearance was fine when in the viewing position. However, the magnifier would hit my BUIS when trying to flip to the right. But again I was willing to work with this. The one thing I couldn’t get past was the focus. I couldn’t get a focused image beyond 5 yards or so. Diopter adjustment only made things worse. So for the price point, I was willing to make many concessions, but actually seeing a focused image was something I couldn’t get past. Unfortunately, it had to go back. Read more

    5. Jeff

      Unless you plan to use this for airsoft, then it’s pretty much useless… It is listed and advertised with a 2″ eye relief, which is low to begin with for a fast targeting system. However, the eye relief on the unit I received is closer to .75″ rendering it pretty much useless for most firearms (unless you don’t mind taking kick to the brow every time you fire). The poor eye relief forces you to mount the unit nearly all the way to the rear of your rail where it does not even clear low profile flip up irons when attempting to flip down (this renders the swivel useless unless you remove BUIS). Also, the spring lock on the swivel is extremely sturdy, stiff, and difficult to operate. It takes so much pressure to unlock that you might even break your favorite airsoft rifle trying. In conclusion, this product looks cool and is built sturdy at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. However it is not the real thing and in terms of functionality I’d give it 0 stars if I could. I guess there’s good reason that the EOTECH version costs nearlt 20x more… Save your money! Read more

    6. JT

      I rarely go out of my way to write a good review. I purchased the SightMark 3x Magnifier before this, and returned them. The clarity was fuzzy like you were looking through molded glass. Made the red dot turn into a giant blob shaped like a worm across the reticle. It was not a defect, because I bought 2 of them. So I looked at this UTG brand instead, read some other reviews of people having the same issue with the SightMark and upon switching to UTG they were much more clear. Glad I did it. The clarity and focus is crystal clear for me and it doesn’t make the red dot appear to be a huge blob. Would recommend for a low-cost solution to a high-quality platform. Read more

    7. Brian Hartford

      Added this magnifier to a BSA Red Dot Sight… alignment is near perfect. This is my first 300Blackout AR build, and I wasn’t wanting to dump a ton of $ in to optics just yet, so this combo is a great option for now at ~$110. With a 5MOA BSA Red Dot, it won’t be the most precise, but it’ll get the job done… that being said, magnification is clear and crisp, fit is solid on the rail, and it looks good. This is a long setup, so BUIS is going to be an issue. May go with 45 degree iron sights so long as the magnifier doesn’t interfere. The only concern I have is eye relief… I measured it right at 2″ to the sweet spot. With the higher recoil of 300AAC 120gr and 150gr Supers (vs 223 / 5.56), that’s a little close for comfort. Headed to the range tomorrow, so we’ll see how that plays out. All in all, this is a nice solid magnifier for a very reasonable price. It’s not a Vortex, but then again, it’s a quarter of the price. On a side note, Amazon sent me an already-opened unit. I inspected it closely and it looks like someone may have attempted to attach it to a rail as there is a small scuff inside the mount. Not cool Amazon, you should know better. Since everything appears functional and undamaged, I’m going to give it a go and see how it works out. I didn’t account for this in the product rating since this isn’t really a reflection of the product. Read more

    8. Vic K

      Nice optic, with the following caveats. Pros: 1) Magnifier when in position works as described. Cons: 1) The action to pull back and flip over is not as intuitive or smooth as the slide to flip type magnifiers. 2) More importantly, when flipping the magnifier over it does not clear most rear sights including Magpul MBUS Magpul Industries Usa Mbus Generation Ii Backup Sights Front & Rear Set , Trinity Force Trinity Force Flip Up Iron Sight Rear/front Sight Mount or TacBro Tactical Flip up NEW Tactical Flip Up Iron Sight Rear/Front Sight Mount Read more

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