Utg 4×32 1″ crossbow scope, pro 5-step rgb reticle, qd rings

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of getting into your model range.
  • built on robust real electricity platform with smart spherical shape(sss) to gain maximum specific and accurate – wind age/elevation adjustment and hardest recoil resistance
  • advanced exceptional precision broadband lens coating gives the brightest picture and a beneficiant discipline of view
  • top rate 0 lockable and resettable target turrets for wind age and elevation adjustment
  • game kind: looking

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  • precise seasoned 5-step red/inexperienced illuminated reticle designed for crossbows and different applications requiring variable velocity compensation
  • includes 5 horizontal traces calibrated for 300fps crossbows for quick aiming at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50-yard distances
  • facet wheel pink/green twin illumination manage for flexible makes use of in exceptional light situations

    capabilities top class zero lockable and resettable target turrets for windage and elevation adjustment

    entire with turn-open lens caps and low profile quick detach ring mounts with patented lever lock feature

    product description

    utg 4×32 1″ crossbow scope, seasoned 5-step rgb reticle, qd jewelry functions: – built on robust proper strength platform with smart spherical structure(sss) to achieve most precise and correct – wind age/elevation adjustment and hardest cringe resistance – unique pro five-step crimson/green illuminated reticle designed for crossbows and other programs requiring variable speed reimbursement, consists of 5 horizontal lines calibrated for 300fps crossbows for short aiming at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50-backyard distances – facet wheel red/green dual illumination control for versatile uses in distinctive mild conditions – superior great precision broadband lens coating gives the brightest photo and a generous field of view – top class 0 lockable and resettable goal turrets for wind age and elevation adjustment – entire with turn-open lens caps and coffee profile short detach ring mounts with patented lever lock feature – built in tact part angled critical sunshade – parallax pre-adjusted at 50 yards – fixed strength: magnification of the scope is constant includes: – % tinny or dovetail mount specs: – magnification: 4x – tube diameter: 1″ – goal diameter: 32mm – area of view @ 100 yards: 27. 2′ – eye comfort: 3. Eight” – go out scholar: 8mm – click fee @a hundred yards: 1/four” – duration: 208mm – weight: 12. 3 ounces. – parallax setting: 50yds – batteries: cr1620 3v

    4 reviews for Utg 4×32 1″ crossbow scope, pro 5-step rgb reticle, qd rings

    1. DW

      ***UPDATE*** I already gave this scope 5 stars, so I can’t go any higher. I just wanted to add that I finally got the scope mounted and sighted in and I continue to be super pleased. *Unlike some other reviews, I found this scope super easy to sight in. I sight in at 20 yards and within about 8 shots I was drilling the bullseye dead center with every shot. I then walked my block target out to a random distance, used my range finder to get the distance (which was 35 yards), placed the 40 yard crosshairs just along the bottom edge of the bullseye and drilled a dead center shot. *Some previous reviews had complained that the locking rings did not actually tighten down and locked the windage knobs in place. Now they do. Be careful not to bump your windage knobs while tightening the rings. Once the locking rings are tightened down the windage knobs are firmly held in place. I highly recommend this scope. I even recommended it to personal a friend. For the price, I don’t think this scope can be beat and I am confident that it would rival even more expensive scopes. ————————————————————————————— ORIGINAL REVIEW On first inspection the scope feels very solid and very well built. All knobs are tight without being difficult to turn. Adjustment marks are clear and easy to read. The scope covers snap closed tightly with no rattling or looseness. One thing I wanted to clear up/point out is that the reticle is actually illuminated by turning a 3rd knob. The reticle can be illuminated by either a red or green light and the brightness of the illumination is adjustable. I did not realize this when I bought the scope, so that was a pleasant surprise. Without illumination the reticle is very easy to see in daylight. Two batteries for the light are included by the manufacturer. Read more

    2. J. metcalfe

      This is a great little scope for the money. I bought it as an upgrade to the red dot sight that came with my crossbow and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I had an issue sighting it in at first, mainly because I tried to do it the easy way. For those who don’t know, the main reticle on a crossbow scope is meant to be both the 10 yard and 20 yard sight. At 10 yards the bolt is still rising up to the plane of the scope, shortly past 10 yards peaks and starts falling until it again crosses the plane of the scope at 20 yards. Technically, if you sight the main reticle at 10 or 20 yards the remaining reticles should be relatively set as well. After sighting it in at 20 yards I found the 30 yard reticle to be on target at 28 yards, the 40 reticle was on at 36 yards, and the 50 yard reticle was even worse. So, instead if sighting it in at short ranges I stretched it out to 50. After zeroing in the 50 yard reticle I moved back into 40, 30, 20, and 10 yards. At every range I was within an inch and a half of dead center. I was even hitting the four inch bullseye every shot at 60 yards. The 10 and 20 yard reticles ended up being an inch and a half high to allow the remaining reticles to be just about perfect. No complaints here. My crossbow is rated at 330 fps by the way, if yours is faster you can probably leave the main reticle dead on at 10 and 20 yards. If your crossbow is slower you may need to be 2 inches high, it’s a trade off. Or, you can spend three times as much and get a scope with adjustable bolt speed. For me this one works fine. My only real complaint is that the illumination only adjusts from bright to super bright, I would’ve preferred the option of just a slight glow. But nothing’s perfect. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I am a former Marine Corps shooting coach, and 40 years of bow hunting. First time reviewer. This scope has a lot of nice features. The eye relief is very forgiving. The lighted sight picture is like a dimmer, and is easy to adjust. The sight picture is excellent. A bit difficult to zero in, only because, 10 click of windage equals 1″, but I sight in on a thumb tack. It has quick disconnect mounts that look to be well engineered, if you travel. There are no caps to mess with to sight it in. There are friction knobs that loosen, and adjustments are made with your fingers, not a coin. This will be one of my years best buys. I would recommend this scope, and just remember that it takes a lot of clicks to walk it into dead center and hit a tack at 30 yards. Read more

    4. Peter Han

      I have a tormentor whisper 380 and at first was disappointed to read that this scope is rated for 300fps. I spent some time zeroing and couldn’t be happier with it. Easy install, the illumination works, and was pretty simple to get it dialed in. Shooting from a turkey chair I’m getting 1/2” to 1” shot groups at 20, 30, and 40 yds. If that’s all I’m off by, I’m pretty darn happy. Can’t wait till turkey season opens! Read more

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